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Robert Pattinson's hand analysis

A cursory look at Robert Pattinson’s hands makes us believe that he has a great personality! A balanced and talented artistic persona, and capable and intelligent to boot. In fact, one feels that nothing can quite disturb the seeming equilibrium of his character. However, deeper into the reading one realises that Robert Pattinson does have his weaknesses, like all of us do, whether famous or not.

Robert Pattinson has large hands, and the palm is large too, and the fingers are relatively short, as compared to the palm. The fingers seem quite supple, and the thumb is long, supple, and medium set (neither too high nor too low on the hand) and it is also held a little close to the hand. The thumb is well-shaped, with a slim second phalange, and a good balance of its first and second phalanges. The lines on his hand are long and straightish and the quadrangle broad (the space between the head and heart lines). The Moon mount is the most developed, and so is the Jupiter mount. The first and second phalanges of his fingers are a good  length, and the fingertips are rounded and slim. The first knots at the back of his hand, on his fingers, are not very developed.

The Mercury (little) finger on Robert Pattinson's hand is quite low-set. Although his fingers seem to be of normal length, the Jupiter (index finger) is high-set. The Jupiter and Mercury finger both seem to be a little bent.

Check out a hand photo of his here

His hand shows a stable mentality and practical thinking although at times he can be headstrong. He is also flexible, but not a very open person. He is more introverted than extroverted, and not very people-oriented. He likes his privacy and may not come across as a warm, friendly person. He would veer in the direction of being a bit of a loner. He is open to new ideas, however, is able to see things from different perspectives, and is open to other points of view. He is a liberal thinker, and quite cool-headed. His head is in control most of the time. This makes him pleasant and amiable.  

Impressionable and flexible as he is, he is liable to be influenced. He also may not give deep thought before he acts. He is action-oriented, and likes to get things done well and efficiently, but does not always plan his moves. At times he might do things in haste. His solitariness makes him vulnerable.

Robert Pattinson Premiere of The Lost City of Z at Zoo Palast Berlinale 2017 02He likes his food and comfort, but status symbols as such do not mean much to him. Robert Pattinson has a lot of self-control so he can always keep himself on an even keel and not go to excess.

Robert's hand shows issues with intimacy and this characteristic is often seen in people who have low-set Mercury fingers. One of the reasons is a kind of lack of trust in intimate relationships which can give rise to misunderstandings. He can also be controlling.

Overall, Robert's hand shows that he prefers the society of a few people with whom bonds closely. He has intense feelings and will do anything for his loved ones. He tends to expect a lot too. He can be romantic and devoted to his partner and might put her on a pedestal. 

Balancing qualities
Robert Pattinson is highly intelligent and has strong willpower, excellent reasoning ability, and common sense. Neither his head nor his heart rules, which gives him a balance of personality and prevents extreme thinking of any kind. He is an objective thinker.

Overall, he would have an unselfish approach to love, and to life in general, and deep compassion for those less fortunate than him. Honour is important to him although he is not idealistic as such. 

He has good powers of expression and is usually diplomatic. 

He can be quite cautious and this balances out his tendency to be impulsive.

One of his good qualities is that he has the pragmatism to see his own faults and can make a determined effort to change. He is not stubborn. 

And of course, he is talented – imaginative and creative and he cares about excellence. He is also restless. It is important for him to get over the introversion and for many people in public life, it gradually does.

(Photo of Robert Pattinson is a free photo from the wiki: Maximilian Bühn [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)])

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  1. it was really interesting to read his hand! its heartening to know hes a good person in real life.


  2. Oh yeah, that he is. In fact his hand is very impressive because it shows an intelligence of a kind I have not seen in the actors' hands. And as a person is a nice person, again something i have not seen the hands of celebrities whose hands I have read.

  3. AWESOME!! way to go Robert!

    I know, he is different cos of his heartline going soooo long toward jupiter finger Idealistic to the core.

    Thankyou Nita.

  4. That's right Dinnie. He is very idealistic in matters of love.

  5. Hi there Nita, I was wondering if u could do a hand reading of Stephen King. About Rob Patt being an introvert seems quite true. He also seems shy while acting in the Twilight movies.

  6. Hi there Nita, I was wondering if u could a palm reading of the author Stephen King. About Rob Patt being shy seems quite true judging by the way he acts in the Twilight movies.

  7. Hi Nisar, Stephen King is an author I have read, and I would love to read his hands, if the photos are available. Will surely check.

  8. Wondering:
    You write: His Mercury tells us that he has good powers of expression even though he is not always diplomatic: Isn't his mercury finger shorter/ and or low set. Wouldn't this make for difficulty in self expression, or powers of expression?

  9. True, his Mercury finger is low-set, but it's not shorter than normal. Actually the most difficult thing while reading a hand is evaluating the strength of a finger. What to do if a finger is low-set, but long, or high-set but short? In these circumstances one has to take into account all aspects,including finger tips and other signs on the hands. I will be explaining this in detail in the book I am writing.


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