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Robert Pattinson's hand analysis

A cursory look at Robert Pattinson’s hands makes us believe that he is quite perfect in every way! A balanced and talented artiste, very capable and intelligent. Reasonable and honourable. In fact, one feels that nothing can disturb the seeming equilibrium of his personality. However, deeper into the reading one realises that Robert Pattinson does have his weaknesses, like all of us do, whether famous or not.

His personality
Robert Pattinson needs to be wary about the flexibility of his nature (suppleness of hand). It's a good quality not so much when combined with his openness to new ideas (quadrangle shape, thumb placement) which gives him the ability to be too quick and amiable. This again is not a bad thing in itself, but Pattinson is not always an independent thinker (finger setting). This means that it would be fairly easy for him to be influenced by another person’s ideas, especially someone he admires. Impressionability is also shown by the shape of his thumb, and this means that he could get carried away, get impressed. His smooth fingers add to the problem. They show a person who often does things in haste and again this by itself is not bad. Usually, it is the combination of signs that point to a quality that is a little intense and create a flaw in personality. 

Check out a hand photo of his here

Robert Pattinson Premiere of The Lost City of Z at Zoo Palast Berlinale 2017 02His hand also shows a love for the good times, as well as sensualism (finger shape and Heartline). This personality characteristic is fine if found on a hand which shows self-control. Does Robert Pattinson have self-control? Yes, his hand shows it, and it's evident from the shape of his Headline and thumb.

Not a people's person
Robert Pattinson is more introverted than extroverted, and he is a serious person (Saturn finger and Mount) and also moody, and at times melancholy (Mount of Moon). This makes him vulnerable definitely, especially if one takes into account the qualities mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Robert does not trust people easily and could, therefore, misunderstand someone’s good intentions. His headline shows him to be quite headstrong.

Overall, Robert's hand shows that he prefers the society of a few people with whom bonds closely. He is not a social type. In his case, being dependent on close and intense relationships goes with thinking a little less of a lot of people whom he is not close to or does not know. The unfortunate thing is that he could become too dependent on close relationships, and that makes him vulnerable because it is easier for him to break.

The smooth fingers suggest that he is not very particular about tidiness and this means personal tidiness as well as also any kind of detailed planning about the future.

Balancing qualities
Robert Pattinson has plenty of balancing qualities. He is very intelligent and capable for one thing, has strong will power, excellent reasoning ability and common sense (visible from his thumb and whatever little is visible of his Headline). Neither his head nor his heart rules, which gives him a balance of personality and prevents extreme thinking of any kind.

His thumb shows that he has an unselfish approach to his work and life and dear ones and has compassion for those less fortunate than him. From his Jupiter, we can make out that honour, fairness and integrity are very important to him and he can be idealistic in this aspect. His Mercury tells us that he has good powers of expression even though he is not always diplomatic, and from his Saturn finger we can make out that he is trustworthy and dependable. He will use his will power with a purpose and goal in mind and would not like to fritter away his life.

His thumb further tells us that he is not impulsive, and can, in fact, be very cautious and conservative before taking any action. This balances out his tendency to be influenced, and when it comes to what he perceives as big decisions in his life he will be careful.

One of his great qualities is that he has the ability to see his own faults and makes a determined effort to change. He is not stubborn. All of the above, and mainly his thumb and Jupiter tell us that Robert Pattinson has leadership qualities. It is not always that one finds such fine character in the field that he is in, which is acting. He is much more than an artist, he can become a leader.

Even though there is a balance of personality, Robert needs to keep in check his restlessness and try and reach out more to people. His Mount of Venus shows average development, and it is very likely that he becomes more introverted as he passes the age of 35-40. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but as I cannot see his lines clearly I cannot say how this will affect his future or why he changes.

(Photo of Robert Pattinson is a free photo from the wiki: Maximilian Bühn [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)])

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  1. it was really interesting to read his hand! its heartening to know hes a good person in real life.


  2. Oh yeah, that he is. In fact his hand is very impressive because it shows an intelligence of a kind I have not seen in the actors' hands. And as a person is a nice person, again something i have not seen the hands of celebrities whose hands I have read.

  3. AWESOME!! way to go Robert!

    I know, he is different cos of his heartline going soooo long toward jupiter finger Idealistic to the core.

    Thankyou Nita.

  4. That's right Dinnie. He is very idealistic in matters of love.

  5. Hi there Nita, I was wondering if u could do a hand reading of Stephen King. About Rob Patt being an introvert seems quite true. He also seems shy while acting in the Twilight movies.

  6. Hi there Nita, I was wondering if u could a palm reading of the author Stephen King. About Rob Patt being shy seems quite true judging by the way he acts in the Twilight movies.

  7. Hi Nisar, Stephen King is an author I have read, and I would love to read his hands, if the photos are available. Will surely check.

  8. Wondering:
    You write: His Mercury tells us that he has good powers of expression even though he is not always diplomatic: Isn't his mercury finger shorter/ and or low set. Wouldn't this make for difficulty in self expression, or powers of expression?

  9. True, his Mercury finger is low-set, but it's not shorter than normal. Actually the most difficult thing while reading a hand is evaluating the strength of a finger. What to do if a finger is low-set, but long, or high-set but short? In these circumstances one has to take into account all aspects,including finger tips and other signs on the hands. I will be explaining this in detail in the book I am writing.


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