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Johnny Depp's hand analysis

Johnny Depp is known to be somewhat of a eccentric personality but there is nothing in his hands which shows him up to be one. Depp's hand simply shows that he is talented and creative. Sure, there are aspects of his personality (as revealed by his hand) that are not perfectly balanced, but then very few people are truly balanced.

Reasons for his phenomenal success
There are several signs on Johnny Depp’s hands which tell us why he became so successful. The lines on his palm are not clear from photographs, but it was possible to see that his headline is
fine and long, he has slim upper phalanges, and his hand is of the practical type with a broad palm, finely textured, and shortish fingers with slim and long first phalanges but thick third phalanges. The fingers are mostly straight and the thumb is quite long and low-set. All these signs show not just his intelligence but also common sense and pragmatism, as well as a broad, unselfish perspective on life and a desire for excellence. 

Johnny Depp Graphic from movie Pirates

The Moon mount on his hand is well-developed as is the Venus mount. 

Depp has a strong creative and imaginative side but if he managed to create magic because of his talent, it is probably because he has amazing willpower and determination. 

Although is likely to be something of a loner, his hand shows that he is at heart a very loving and sympathetic man. He very possibly has a magnetic personality and this is a great asset to any actor. He very likely has a musical bent of mind as well.

Check out his hand photograph here and here. (The photo above is a free photo from Pixabay.)

There is some element of rawness of personality that is seen on his hand and it is not in tandem with his overall refinement. There is some element of morbid thinking and it is likely that in certain circumstances this side of his nature will rear its head. The base side of his nature is lurking underneath the loving exterior.

In addition, he can be wilful and strong-headed. This means that he can become quite difficult, although he is not an egoistic man. Even if Depp has a deep sense of sympathy for others, he may not always have the ability to bond with them. Maybe it is the melancholic and brooding aspect of his personality which creates the issue.

Perfection and excellence are something that he seeks, even in himself.

There have been reports of drug abuse in his earlier years as well as his attempts to hurt himself. Unfortunately, without a clear look at the lines on his hand, it is difficult to pinpoint the reason for his behaviour but one can guess it is to do with his imagination, his intrinsic loner mentality and morbid thinking. The fact that it all comes in a sophisticated package and is controlled by a strong mind and will is quite intriguing.

He has a strong materialistic side, likes to enjoy the comforts of life and status symbols matter to Depp. However, his unselfish disposition and philanthropic nature more than compensate for this.

Overall though his hand tells us that he is a straightforward and honest man. At times too straightforward and trusting. 

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  1. I've always thought Johnny Depp was kinda mysterious and publicity shy. From what I've read about him, he seems to be a very serious person and has been in a live-in relationship with his girl friend for many years now. From the acting point of view, I'm not always impressed - however, he does pick creative roles and cannot be stereotyped. As for his looks, I don't find him very sexy although he's been voted the sexiest actor several times.

  2. He certainly is a shy man, his hand does point to that although without a good photo of his lines one cannot be sure of it. Even I wonder why he has been called sexy! Though I like him as an actor I do not find him sexy at all!

  3. He is one of fav. actors..and I some how can identify myself with his acting style..

  4. Yes, he is quite muted isn't he. Sort of goes into to the role completely. That betrays his constant seeking of excellence and perfection.

  5. Maybe he seeks excellence there..that is what makes him admirable..a natural perfection perhaps?

  6. True, I admire him too for that very reason.

  7. Was waiting for a reading of Johnny Depp, Thanks! He's a great actor.

  8. Thanks for visiting purpler. Yeah, I agree, he is a superb actor and a very interesting person as well.


    better prints,

    He is sexy according to me :) He is very bold, I like that. independent headliner, air hand. long fingers, long first phalanges of fingers,
    yes true materialistic to the core!

  10. Thanks Dinika for that photo. It is indeed better than the ones I found on Picapp. And I agree with you about his attractiveness. :)

  11. Is there any truth in this? And I honestly believe that Johnny Depp is one of the best actors alive. A friend and I often bicker back and forth as to who is the best actor. Johnny Depp or Crispin Glover. Johnny Depp all the way!

  12. Anonymous, I am sure that Depp is one of the best actors alive. It is difficult to read his hand comprehensively without the lines, but there is no doubt that the shape of the hand reveals overall personality trends quite well. As for palmistry being true or not, it is a hundred percent true. The right reading depends a lot on the ability of the palmist however.

  13. I am very pleased positive reading this say about JOHNNY, I think he is not only a good actor,nice man,etc... in my respect ..he has a mysterious soul...this is evident in his eyes...thanks...sory for english


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