Thursday, May 16, 2013

Why is Leonardo DiCaprio unmarried?

Most Hollywood stars marry once or twice, if not thrice. However, Leonardo DiCaprio is a known player. He doesn't seem to want to marry. What makes him different from his famous colleagues in Hollywood? Reading his hand was the nearest I could get to for an answer.

The dominant mount on Leonardo’s hand is the Moon mount, and that imbues the owner with a certain amount of self-centeredness, restlessness, and
moodiness. There is also an enjoyment of solitude, sensitivity (enhanced by the sensitive tips on the fingertips) and at times an imagination that can border on the morbid. Check out a hand photo of Leonardo Dicaprio's here and here.

His Upper Moon mount is also developed and the thumb is a little low-set. The fingertips are a mix of conic and rounded.

Many people with a dominant Moon mount do marry, however, even if they do not make the best partners. They often remain kind of 'autonomous'. Very successful people, on the other hand, are unlikely to succumb to societal pressures when it comes to their personal life.

There are other reasons why Leonardo could be a commitment-phobe. Leo's
headline and fingers show that he is a practical man, but his heartline shows that he tends to be sensual and sexual rather than romantic and idealistic when it comes to his loved one. Such people usually do not have a huge problem moving on in relationships.

Other features of his hand are a fleshy palm with slightly thick and bent fingers and developed lower phalanges, particularly that of Apollo (ring finger) and Saturn (middle finger). All this shows the love of luxury, attachment to status symbols and the good life. It also shows that he can be mean at times.

This does not mean that Leonardo Dicaprio is mentally cold, because even though his Venus mount is not heavily developed, it is normal. The heartline does not suggest coldness, although manipulative and at times mean behaviour is possible. Mars would give him sufficient fire of temperament, although this is different from sexual passion.

The development of the Upper Moon Mount is only positive, revealing extraordinary ability. His pragmatism, common sense and willpower (seen from the headline, fingertips and thumb), all adds to the success quotient, as does his manipulative ability. The sensitiveness which tends to make him hyper-aware of his surroundings and the vivid imagination would be an asset in the profession he is in.

Although he has a materialistic outlook, philanthropy is shown on his hand. This points to a good human being, despite his known fickleness when it comes to love. And perhaps one day Leonardo’s pragmatism could make him commit. He would be happy with someone as autonomous as him, someone not demanding, and someone who will give him plenty of creative space.

(Leonardo DiCaprio is a well known Hollywood actor. Although American, his ethnicity is half German, part Italian and part Russian)

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  1. I think society does not like people being autonomous and sensible. It invents systems like 'marriage' to control them. Certain people think that they are too clever, but Karma will catch up with them eventually, anyway.

    Destination Infinity

  2. the heart line ends on mount of saturn....i think that makes him cold and selfish.Am i right?

  3. Rajesh, thanks for your comment.

    Cynic,one sign cannot be taken to mean something, specially something as serious as you have mentioned.
    And remember that being cold and selfish are two very different characteristics. They can be found separately in a person, one without the other. In fact they usually are.

    And when the Heartline ends on saturn, it does not mean selfish. This characteristic is not shown by the Heartline ending on Saturn.
    At times coldness can be shown by a very short, thin and weak heartline, and by short I mean barely reaching saturn. Even this has to be confirmed by other signs.

    Secondly, although Leonardo's heartline does appear to fade away after reaching the mount of Saturn, we cannot be a hundred percent sure unless we see a clear print of the hand.

  4. Dear Nita, when there is a triangle on/in the sun line then what does it indicate for the possessor? Some call it flag sign and many mistake it for an island. Does it indicate a public scandal or an international recognition? kindly elaborate

  5. There is no such thing as a flag sign and even a triangle on the hand is uncommon. However rough shapes like squares and triangles are often formed by criss-crossing of lines (none of which are main lines). One needs to examine whether these crossing lines harm the Sunline, and how deep they are before arriving at any conclusion. The state of the Sunline afterwards is also to be looked into. But very generally speaking, if it is indeed a rough triangle (not formed by the main lines) and one which does not harm the Sunline in anyway it would be considered a positive sign.

  6. Complete absence of marriage line.This also happens when line of marriage curves up

  7. Sankaravelyudhan, thanks for your comment. However, let me remind you that the these "marriage lines" are fairly inaccurate. For example I know people with two of these lines with one happy marriage, and others with the same lines not ever having being married. I also know someone very well who has a line curving upward who is happy married for many years.

  8. Absence of marriage line is noticed and no influence line joining the fateline indicating a lone ranger

  9. Mr Nandakar, Thank you for your inputs. However the presence or absence of the marriage lines does not indicate marriage/no marriage. Please do read this post:

  10. Could you do a reading of Michael Fassbender and Joaquin Phoenix? Thanks

    1. Interesting people...yes of course I will keep them in mind. Need to get hand photos...I need at least a dozen palm and hand photos before I can proceed.

  11. In acting field what ill be in the palmistry plz describe


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