Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The hand reading of Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is always smiling in her photos, but her hands show that she is a very serious personality. Roberts is serious without being cynical, and that is a good balance of character. She is also grounded in reality and is a hard-working and dependable person. Her hand does not show too much inner self-confidence, however.

She has a longish palm and medium-length fingers and the thumb is long and possibly a little low-set though it's held close to her hand. The most developed mount on her hand is the mount of Jupiter and Moon is a little developed too. Her lines are deeply etched and the head and heart lines are a little curved. 
The tips of her fingers are a mix of conic, rounded and square and the Jupiter (index) finger is curved and possibly a little short, and the Mercury (little) finger is low-set. The first and second phalanges of her fingers are long. The first phalange of her thumb is long and the second is slim.

You can check out her hand photo here and here. (The picture published below is a free photograph).

Julia Roberts photo
Her hand tells us that Julia is a loving person, although not extroverted or too warm when one meets her in person. She can be reserved and likes her privacy. Her innate cautiousness, thoughtfulness, secretiveness and suspiciousness prevent her from wearing her heart on her sleeve. She is the type who is likely to develop a public persona which is quite different from her private one. She would guard her privacy as much as she can.

However, she is very loyal and has a deep capacity for love. Her hand shows she is a humanitarian.

An interesting personality trait of Roberts' is that while she can be diplomatic, and smooth, she can use this ability to get her way. She is quite wilful and can push to get things done. Yes, she wants her way most of the time and can be controlling and also manipulative. Once she decides on something, she would go after it and it can rub people the wrong way. This may make her a little hard to get along with and there are issues with intimacy shown on her hand as well. However, this go-getting attitude is probably one of the traits which brought her success. 

She can be quite naive at times, although she is a sensitive person and particularly sensitive to her environment. She can be moody but the good thing is that Julia Roberts is not an attention-seeker like so many celebs, and is not the type to ever get addicted to fame.

A lot of talent is shown on her hand, and her dedication to her craft, intelligence, and sensitivity to the environment and to others all add to it. Julia Roberts is an introspective person and a thinker. An actress with a strong mind and personality.

She is known to be a converted Hindu and her hand does show some religiosity, but not to an extreme. 

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  1. I did not know that Julia Roberts is a Hindu. If she is not religious, then I think it explains why she converted! In Hinduism there is no pressure to go to temples or to perform rituals. As a good Hindu you can be an agnostic and still remain within its fold. Even Buddhism is something similar. In fact in Buddhism you can be atheist.

  2. I know what you mean. One is quite free in Hinduism. I wonder if that is why she converted.

  3. Looks like a very positive hand-reading! Such people will be mostly stable and will not break down even after they age. It's good for her.

    Destination Infinity

  4. Yeah that's true, she will be happy even after the fame has ended.

  5. Julia is analysed as an infp. i sam also sure bout that too in me. When i read bout her, she is as much as me. I think it is not introverted. It is ambivert. I am studying homeopathy. It is very sure we both having tubercular miasm.


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