Tuesday, September 4, 2012

David Beckham's hand reading

David Beckham graphic colour
David Beckham may have inherited great health and physical robustness but when it comes to his intelligence and talent, he has developed these personality traits through sheer hard work and dedication. That's what Palmistry tells us.

Beckham’s right active hand is better than his left, passive hand. The active hand tells us about one's current personality and the passive hand tells us about one inherited or subconscious self.

David has long head and heart lines and the latter curves up to in between his first two fingers, right till the edge. His lifeline is also deeply etched and the fate or Saturn line is as strong as the main lines which is not that common, not even many famous people. All his lines are better on his active hand. His palm and fingers are well balanced which means that his palm is neither too long nor too short and the fingers are medium length. The phalanges of his fingers (the partitions on the inside of the fingers) are also well-balanced with each other. The fingers are all a little curved, especially the Saturn (middle) finger. The Moon and Jupiter mounts are the most developed. The knots at the back of his fingers are most pronounced. He has a long, low-set thumb, with a good balance of its first and second phalanges. This is not seen on his passive hand.

Check out a photo of David Beckham's right hand here and the left hand here.

His hands show that David Beckham enhanced not only his intelligence from what he inherited but also his concentration, and focus. His health and robustness also show great improvement. And then with hard work and great ambition and a creative mindset, he managed to improve on quickness and skill. His hand shows thoughtfulness and a superior ability to plan, think and strategise. He likes to plan his every move. With the qualities of the mind, he could direct his energy sensibly and channel it into something that resulted in great success.

David Beckham is a self-made man and his hand shows that he will be able to remain in the limelight till about his mid-fifties. His mind and personality will continue to reinvent itself over the years, ensuring that he continues to be successful. One of the reasons for long-term success is Beckham’s superior planning skills and shrewdness. 

After the mid-fifties, he is likely to become more introspective and materialism is likely to take a back seat, when he probably decides to reap the rewards of his the life he created for himself.

He tends to be a bit cynical and controlling but his hand also shows extraordinary compassion, kindness, broad thinking, sympathy and humanitarianism, the way he is today. 

His hand shows a very high sex drive. Such men find it very difficult to be physically faithful to their partners. 

(David Beckham (1975 born) is an English footballer who is ranked #8 in the 2012 list of Forbes World's Highest-Paid Athletes).

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  1. That was interesting Nita. I always enjoy reading about sportspeople. You should have more readings of famous sportspeople.

  2. Thx TN. Yeah, I was thinking the same. More sportspeople need to be done! However, it is not always possible to get good photos of their hands. Actors and politicians are the easiest as they wave their hands the most!

  3. I have always wondered why these popular footballers are paid so much money! I guess it should be an extremely competitive sport. But I do wonder how he can be in the limelight till 55? Perhaps, he will be involved in non-playing activities that will keep him in fame.

    It is my personal opinion that fame is a severe addiction and becoming famous is a negative thing.

    Destination Infinity

  4. I was wondering the same thing! If you look at the Forbes list it has more footballers than other sports. I thought perhaps as the rich countries play it, they must be getting the sponsors for ads etc. And yeah, I guess Beckham remains in the limelight because of his non-sport related activities Or perhaps because of his hairstyles?? :)
    I guess being famous has its negative side. But still people want it or rather they crave it. But as you say once you get it, you want more and more!


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