Tuesday, September 4, 2012

David Beckham's hand reading

David Beckham may have inherited great health and physical robustness but when it comes to his intelligence and talent, he has developed these personality traits by sheer hard work and dedication. Beckham’s Headline is longer and better in the right active hand and this shows that he managed to enhance his intelligence, concentration, and focus.

His Lifeline and shape of hand show energy, quickness, and skill, and while this is inherited, it is nowhere near enough to make oneself into the kind of sports superstar that Beckham is all about. On the other hand,
without this kind of physical inheritance, it is difficult to succeed in sports. But by itself, it means nothing because unless a person directs the energy sensibly it does not result in success. A long clear and well-etched Headline is almost a prerequisite for super success, more so if it is not going to be a flash in the pan type of success.

Check out a handprint of his here and here.

David Beckham is a self-made man and his hand shows that he will be able to remain in the limelight till about the mid-fifties, and this is very long for a sports person. His mind and personality will continue to re-invent itself over the years, ensuring that he continues to be successful. One of the reasons for long-term success are Beckham’s superior planning skills and shrewdness. After the mid-fifties, he is likely to become more introspective and materialism is likely to take a back seat.

His hand shows extraordinary compassion, kindness, broad thinking, sympathy and humanitarianism, and this is seen by the shape of his hand, the setting of his thumb and also his heartline.

His hand shows a very high sex drive. Such men find it very difficult to be physically faithful to their partners, at least when they are in the prime of their life and when it is coupled with unrealistic idealism when it comes to one’s partner it usually results in unfaithfulness. Interestingly, as he grows older, into his thirties, the idealism is almost gone, and this would help him stick to a partner.

However, the idealistic approach would still continue to tint his beliefs regarding other issues in his life and work.

(David Beckham (1975 born) is an English  footballer who is ranked #8 in the 2012 list of the Forbes World's Highest-Paid Athletes).

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  1. That was interesting Nita. I always enjoy reading about sportspeople. You should have more readings of famous sportspeople.

  2. Thx TN. Yeah, I was thinking the same. More sportspeople need to be done! However, it is not always possible to get good photos of their hands. Actors and politicians are the easiest as they wave their hands the most!

  3. I have always wondered why these popular footballers are paid so much money! I guess it should be an extremely competitive sport. But I do wonder how he can be in the limelight till 55? Perhaps, he will be involved in non-playing activities that will keep him in fame.

    It is my personal opinion that fame is a severe addiction and becoming famous is a negative thing.

    Destination Infinity

  4. I was wondering the same thing! If you look at the Forbes list it has more footballers than other sports. I thought perhaps as the rich countries play it, they must be getting the sponsors for ads etc. And yeah, I guess Beckham remains in the limelight because of his non-sport related activities Or perhaps because of his hairstyles?? :)
    I guess being famous has its negative side. But still people want it or rather they crave it. But as you say once you get it, you want more and more!


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