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Cristiano Ronaldo's personality and characteristics as shown by his hands

I wish I knew Cristiano Ronaldo. No, not because he's handsome, which he is, or famous, which he undoubtedly is, but because his hands show him to be a real nice guy! His hands tell us that as a person he is reasonable, refined, straightforward, truthful and trusting, as well as charming and devoid of pettiness and meanness. A simple guy at heart, although his personality shows moodiness as well. He also has a broad-minded and understanding nature.

And when it comes to his talent, it's not an ordinary talent because it has the force of a powerful and brilliant imagination behind it. Ronaldo has a strong ability to do
things in new ways, think up novel ideas to beat his opponent. And he can do it because it’s almost as if he can sense what the other will do. Perhaps it's a kind of intuition.

The very shape of Ronaldo's hand, it’s broadness, the shape of his fingers, their tips, and of course the strength of his three mounts – Jupiter, Mercury and Moon - tell us this about him. Check out a hand photo of his here.

If one has to find character flaws, there are a couple that are obvious from his hand.

Ronaldo’s fingers, which are on the shorter side (although not too short), his longish Mercury finger and flexible thumb, all tell us that his disposition is that of a quick thinker and a doer as well. As the texture of his hand shows boundless, even excessive energy and good health, and his mounts show restlessness, the action-oriented qualities are emphasized. Add to it impulsiveness, moodiness, hot-headness, temper, impatience, and aggressiveness (Mars to be noted) and it can bring him grief.

Oops, that’s not all. He has rather an argumentative and pugnacious temperament, often arguing for the sake of it. The broad nails add to this reading.

By themselves none of these qualities are bad, but combined together they can make a person difficult to handle…once he gets a bee in his bonnet. A person with a hand such as Ronaldo’s is likely to go after what he wants aggressively. He will be impatient with hurdles, and is likely to attack the problem with zealousness and even anger. What’s more, he is likely to see his plans through right to the end as he has plenty of energy, perhaps even excess of it.

If you are thinking what I am thinking: wow, what an excellent quality for a sports person! then yes you are right. However, this quality can make itself evident off the field as well and cause him to rub people the wrong way.

Balancing characteristics
But didn’t I say that Ronaldo is a real nice guy? Well, it's not as if he is always aggressive! His excellent finger of Saturn gives wisdom and balance to his personality, and his thumb gives him plenty of reason. His square tips and the beginnings of his Head and Lifelines confirm that he has the qualities of prudence and cautiousness. Note how he holds his fingers too.

Ronaldo is not stubborn, and in fact, often gives way if pushed. Neither is he a dominating or overbearing person. Ronaldo’s Jupiter finger tells us that he often struggles with self-doubt and perhaps this is the reason why he backs down if he perceives too much opposition to his plans. Public opinion matters to him.

This finger tells us something else, that Ronaldo does not like too much responsibility although once thrust upon him he does a fairly good job.

Money is important
Cristiano Ronaldo is one of those who likes to plan for his future. Maybe it is because in his heart of hearts he is insecure about money but well, money is important to him. This is confirmed by various signs on his hand. The long mercury finger is a major sign. The third phalanges of his other fingers, the way he holds his fingers, his mounts, and his headline all confirm this reading.

Other qualities
As his finger knots show, Ronaldo likes to keep his physical surroundings organized and he likes to dress well. From his Sun finger and its phalanges, one gets the impression that Ronaldo can be quite flashy, even a bit of a show-off at times when it comes to his appearance and other items which are status symbols.

Ronaldo has a conservative streak and a desire for formality and correctness. This might surprise some.

Overall though his exuberance and hotheadedness can cause people to misunderstand him. It becomes difficult for them to see the real Ronaldo.

If you are reading this Cristiano, I have just one piece of advice to give you. Be careful of your health. After forty there is a decline in robustness, and this is because of what you are doing now. Burning yourself out. So don't just plan out your future from the money angle, look at what you are doing to your body.

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  1. I guess you have dealt with what confuses most of us :) But then again as foorball fans, the main critique he gets is that he "disappears" in big games...

    his energy we know about it, for all we make fun of him, we do know he is a great player...

  2. I didn't know that the lines on our hands can change. What scares me about palmistry is that unscrupulous people (not you, of course) use their pretend knowledge to manipulate people. Anyway, it's great to see another aspect of your life unfold on the internet, Nita. And thanks for continuing our association. I will continue blogging during the times I don't have research papers due!

  3. vishesh, I know very little about football and even less about Ronaldo so I am not sure what you mean by "disappear" but Ronaldo is certainly temperamental and this could explain it?

    Christine, hi and nice to see you. :) And that is exactly what scares me too, but it is the palmists that scare me, rather than palmistry itself. Palmists have given palmistry a bad name because of their false and inept readings. The truth is that one's life is one's own hands and your lines change as you change. I hope this palmistry blog will restore some credibility to palmistry.

  4. vishesh, I asked someone I knew about Ronaldo and he explained that at times, sometimes at crucial moments Ronaldo doesn't perform. The explanation is very clear from his hands and I am quoting what I have written above:
    "In fact Ronaldo’s Jupiter finger tells us that he often struggles with self doubt and perhaps this is the reason why he backs down if he perceives too much opposition to his plans..."
    I have used the word "opposition" but that is a general word and for a sports person the meaning would be entirely different. So if he perceives that the opposition is too strong, his defense can collapse. This quality of his is clearly evident, the main sign being that while his plain of mars is strong and so is his lower mount mount of mars, his upper mount is not very developed.

  5. Ha surprising isn't it? for someone so talented?
    The real moment was in May, when ManU lost To Barca(I support Barca, my second fav team :P ) the opening few mins, he played really well but then a quick counter saw barca take the lead...

    It was also portrayed as a match between Messi and him..and before that he made statements such as I am the world's best player etc etc..Of course football is serious business...And he has been in many controversies, including one where the FIFA president called the likes of him as "Modern Slaves" ( because he wasn't allowed to move during the previous summer transfer to Real)

  6. You will be surprised to know that a lot of people have this trait, of buckling down. To have the quality of "resistance" and "persistance" in the face of opposition is not a common quality and sometimes people succeed if they have this quality, and with far less talent than what Ronaldo has. A lot of average people come up in life, not just in sports, and they often have a very highly developed "resistance" and "persistence." But this is not to say that talented people don't have it. They do, and if they do then we can expect nothing less than brilliance from them, and that too for many years.

  7. True :) And I think it is left to the moulding/the way they are brought up too..but then again what can be inspiring for one, can be demotivating for another...

  8. It's so nice to read these things about Cristiano, the media sometimes paints a terrible image of him and it always makes me frustrated because I don't think the mean things they say about Cristiano are true... and this palm reading confirms that, that he is a genuinely nice guy. It's amazing how easy it is to talk and judge about someone you don't even know; I admit, I have done so many times about famous people.

  9. True, we just see the outside, not the reasons for the person's behavior. Not that this excuses the person's behavior, if it is rude, but at least we understand it better.

  10. Yes, of course. But unfortunately a lot that is said about Cristiano (and other people in football, and famous people in general I'd assume) is based off of lies written about them in the press... scandals about footballers, whether true or untrue, are written about them in the tabloids all the time. The British tabloid press, especially, is notorious for making up stories--they will even directly quote people they haven't even spoken to!

  11. True, I think when it comes to tabloid reporting, there is definitely smoke without fire.

  12. Indeed :)
    (unfortunately some people will still believe all their stories)

  13. ok what are the indication which shows that his robustness will declines after forty .....

  14. That can be seen from the weakening of his life line. However if the person has a strong mercury line, mars line or a supporting line to the life line this may not be so. I do not see these supporting lines on his hand and therefore that conclusion.

  15. Nita you are genius !

    I can't believe things such as these (Personality, Characteristic traits,Future trends etc You name it) Can be seen from just looking at our hands.

    And about the mercury line many palmist say that mercury line is unfavorable sign to have contrary to what you have written is that true ? What is a strong mercury line ? by your standard I mean where it starts, Where it ends, its quality(riddled with Islands and cross or a single deep cut line) Can you please give us some insight on this subject considering your mastery over palmistry.

    Amazing blog loved reading all your analysis.:D

  16. The Mercury line is not an unfavourable sign. True, there are different approaches to hand reading, but I do not know of any palmist who says the Mercury Line is unfavourable.
    About what is a good Mercury line applies to all lines. A clean well etched line is better than one which is shallow, weak or islanded.
    About where the Mercury line is supposed to end - it is supposed to end on the Mount of Mercury and the starting point can be anywhere near the base of the hand. If it is heading in the direction of Mercury it is the Mercury line.

    1. Thank you so much for your speedy reply.:P


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