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Why is Novak Djokovic less popular than Federer and Nadal?

Novak Djokovic Wimbledon 2017When one looks at any hand, a couple of things usually stick out and in the case of Novak Djokovic, it's his shrewdness and the edgy, defiant quality to his personality. If one compares his hands to other tennis greats, Roger Federer for example, Federer’s hands reveal an inner vulnerability of character and a cool intellectualism with a touch of cynicism. When it comes to Rafael Nadal, it’s his cleverness, agility and immense generosity of spirit that stand out.

Coming back to Djokovic's hands, they have broad, heavy palms and short fingers and well-developed Venus, Lower Mars and Moon. His Saturn (middle) finger is a little shorter than normal and both the Jupiter (Index) and Mercury (pinky) fingers are bent. The first phalanges of Mercury and Apollo (ring) fingers are good and the thumb is good, with a normal balance of the first and second phalanges and it is likely slightly low-set. The fingertips are rounded and the headline starts a little high and then slopes down across the palm. There is a gap between the life and headlines on the right, active hand but none can be seen on the left, passive hand. There are other differences between the passive and active hand. The Girdle of Venus is well marked on his passive hand but in most photographs of the right hand, it's missing, which means there must be a fainter version on the right hand. The heartline is longer on the passive hand, the life and headlines are joined and the Moon mount is not developed. That's a lot of differences!

What do such differences between the two hands usually mean?
You can check out Novak Djokovic's right hand photo here and left hand pic here.

Broadly speaking, these changes mean that something in Djokovic's environment altered his intrinsic nature. Novak Djokovic was inherently an emotionally sensitive person with a very big heart. Today, he is warm, friendly, sensitive and loving as he always was, but his head rules. His emotional sensitiveness has reduced and his talent, creative thinking and problem-solving ability have increased. He is bolder and more sure of himself. Overall, he is a much stronger person today, with his head firmly in the lead. Well, we know how that happened. His talent was recognised early and as a result, he was required to leave home at an early age to train. A disciplined life from childhood was his lot and although he took to it, it did change him. This was not who he was meant to be. Maybe he knows this in his heart and maybe that's why he is so determined.

Novak Djokovic is different from Federer and Nadal in other ways too. While the desire for excellence and winning is present (the competitive streak), success and money matter to him more than they do to the other two and there is a tendency to take risks. He wants it all and a strong worldly ambition has been present in him from a very young age. This actually starts to reduce as he grows older.

Thinker and strategist though he may be, Novak Djokovic tends to be more of an "action" person, and this makes him less thoughtful. It would make him a very effective individual, someone who does not procrastinate. He is someone who actually does what he plans to do, at times almost immediately. 

His hand also shows very good health, a kind of robust stamina. Sure, all competitive sportspeople must have this, but this seems to be present in a greater part than in others. If he looks after himself, he could last a long time because both mentally and physically – he is very very tough.

In intimate and close relationships, he is not at his best. He can find intimacy difficult. Besides, his hands show that he tends to be controlling.

A reader asked me why Djokovic is not as popular as Federer and Nadal. After studying their hands one can see why to some extent. Federer has a sweetness to his persona that comes through. Nadal possibly comes across as someone a little confused and intense which makes him appear vulnerable, although he is not. Nadal is also a true sportsman and maybe fans see this. Djokovic comes across as a person who is all there, confident, purposeful and not always kind, although this is not intentional. His hands show a good heart and warmth and friendliness, even if less than what he could have been.

As people, if one has to compare the hands of these three, it's Rafa who is the best human being and Federer and Djokovic are both good people, even if Federer has somehow managed to portray a better image.

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  1. Hi Nita, thanks for this wonderful palmistry of novak djokovic, regards, Ananth

  2. Wow I didn't realize a person's active hand could differ so much from their passive. Great reading as always, Nita.

    1. Thanks. Actually, a lot of hands are significantly different. And small differences are the norm rather than the exception.


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