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Roger Federer and Mirka - compatibility analysis from the shape of their hands

Roger Federer and his wife Mirka (Miroslava Vavrinec) are great together. From the analysis of their hands it is clear why they were attracted to each other and why they are still together after eight years. Their hands show that they are mentally and temperamentally compatible even though their relationship is not a smooth one. No relationship is. The problems they could face are explained
later on in the post.

The most important aspect of any relationship is getting along, being good friends. For this two people need to be on the same mental level and this is where Roger Federer and Mirka score. This is shown by the similarity of their first phalanges (except Jupiter).

Check out hand photographs of Roger's here and Mirka's here.

Their Jupiter second phalanges are different, but this is unlikely to lead to a personality clash. It seems to have helped them. The phalanges show that Roger is consumed with his game, his actual work, and money or managing money is secondary to him. However, money matters are very important for Mirka. And from what is known about the couple, it is clear that they work as a team. Although both are analytical, thoughtful people, it is Mirka who is better able to get things done and it is not surprising that she is occupied with day to day matters.

It is evident from Mirka’s thumb that she has executive ability and Roger much less of it. In fact Roger's thumb shows impressionability and idealism as well as a lack of interest in mundane matters. He is a bit of a dreamer, but Mirka has her feet solidly on the ground.

Roger is a willful character and can be very aggressive (Lower Mount of Mars in addition to thumb) but he has met his match in Mirka. She too is willful and strong, but luckily not as wilful as Roger and certainly not as aggressive. However, she is the kind who would stand her ground. A weaker and less confident person could have been overwhelmed by Roger and the relationship would not have lasted. Mirka has more resistance and mental strength (upper mars) as compared to Roger and this also means that she could be a source of support to him mentally. That is what he needs in a partner as he is not this strong inwardly.

Any friction?
Like in all relationships, this couple too have their arguments. These would arise because (from the point of view of Roger) Mirka has a narrow approach to issues (shape of palm). Although her head is firmly on her shoulders, he may not always see it that way. Both are articulate and it is likely that they would argue a great deal. Mirka’s hands show that despite her sensible nature, is not a cool person. She may not be overly aggressive but she has a short fuse (plain of Mars) and Roger would have to face the music. Roger is a sensitive person who could withdraw into himself. He can be quite moody.

She is moody too although less sensitive. Both of them have a strong Mount of Moon but the difference is that Mirka's imagination is not always a healthy one. She tends to be more morbid and suspicious, and he tends to be more solitary, more cynical, more negative, and worse, can get depressed. (Saturn finger). He is more vulnerable than her.

In overall personality balance Mirka wins. She is a strong woman who can hold her own. She does not get easily discouraged, sees the positive in life more easily, and is not as hard on herself as Roger is. She is also more flexible and is willing to change and adjust. She is straightforward in her relationships and is not manipulative. Roger may not be overly dominating, but he can certainly be controlling and aggressive.

This does not mean that Mirka is easy to live with. The development of her mounts show that she can be quite volatile. She can be quite direct, unlike Roger. Although his hands show him to the smooth type, he can be quite unreasonable at times. His faults of character are less obvious, but they exist.

Although both are disciplined individuals, Mirka is more laid back if one compares her to Roger. Roger expects the world from himself and drives himself accordingly.

In terms of sexuality, the shape of the Mount of Venus shows that Roger has more sex drive amongst the two. He is also warmer, more passionate, loving and is also a very generous person.

They could very likely argue about money. She likes to save while to him money does not mean that much. He has a philanthropic streak in him but she doesn’t seem to have it, at least not as much as Roger. However she (like him) is not interested in spending money for status symbols. She wants security though.

These two are very lucky to have found each other. Not only are they on the same wavelength, they seem to be able to compensate for each other's weaknesses. At one level they are similar - both thoughtful, imaginative people who are disciplined, controlled and focused. They are likely to be able to understand each other.

(This compatibility analysis is on the request of a reader)

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  1. nice :) She looks pretty as well :)

  2. Nita it seems that they are two different people,I don`t mean by analise their hands, it`s about how do they look like.even weight category?

  3. Vishesh, I too think she is very pretty and has a kind face too. Roger doesn't have a kind face. Something tells me he can be quite nasty. I saw it in his hand, but did not write it as I was not very sure.

    Arin, It is not surprising that they are different in the weight category. By nature Roger is more disciplined and controlled. She is not as much. Her lowest Mount of Jupiter is thicker than Roger's, her thumb is shorter, more high set, her will phalange shorter, and her mounts more developed. Roger is controlled enough to be like a machine almost! In this respect they are different.

  4. I just came across this.While I've never given much thought to palmistry this sounds interesting.
    I'm a huge Federer fan and have followed him since the beginning of his career.He's absolutely adorable.So sweet,so talented-and cries like a baby even when he wins.;).Watching him play is well worth one's time and money.Always comes across as incredibly nice.Has to be one of the most revered personalities in tennis.
    I can't say much about Mirka since I only see he on television and while she was a pro her carrer ended much earlier than she would've liked so I haven't really followed her as such.But this is certainly interesting .

  5. Anonymous, thanks for commenting. Always nice to intrigue roger fans.

  6. can u plz plz read the hands of SELENA GOMEZ N MILEY CYRUS.I also deeply rqst u to read megan fox's hands too just curious about the relations of her will,logic with her her clubbed thumbs .i too have clubbed thumbs which are def not inherited(not at all).i always read ur post and highly appreciate ur work.amazing work there

  7. sn, I shall certainly try to locate the photos of these two people. If I find them sufficient I will read their hands.


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