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Kiran Bedi's hand analysis

Kiran Bedi, a retired Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, and currently a social activist, has hands that all administrators should have. The shape of her hands shows her breadth of vision, common sense, pragmatism, thoughtfulness and analytical ability. Her thumb is excellent, long and well-shaped. This tells us about her strong leadership ability. The ability to control others and herself. All is not perfect about her, however, and no one knows this better than she herself. There is a certain inner
diffidence about her which may not be evident to the outside world although she may appear proud and confident. There are elements of self-doubt in her personality. 

Kiran Bedi portrait
Kiran Bedi has long fingers with long first and second phalanges and a very strong Apollo (ring) finger but the finger of Jupiter (index finger) is weaker and also curved. It is so on both hands. The thumb is long and well-shaped, and the finger of Mercury (little finger) is long too, relatively speaking. Her hand seems flexible, but her palm is not broad, although it is not too narrow either. However, the headline is not a well-etched line. The heartline is deep, but not very long.

You can check out Kiran Bedi's hand photo here.

On her left, passive hand, she has a simian line (head and heart lines as one line). The Jupiter finger on her left hand (which shows inherited qualities as Bedi is right-handed) is marginally better although her lines are better on the right hand. Her Apollo (ring) finger is very long, far too long. Although many famous people have long ring fingers, in her case, it is even longer than seen on many such hands. It is almost as long as the Saturn (middle) finger and this is seen on both her hands.

Her hand has a square, broad palm and long fingers with long first and second phalanges. The third phalanges are thin and not very developed. The thumb, as mentioned above, is long and it is also low-set and the tip is a little squarish.

If one compares both hands, it does seem as if she was not born with all the insecurities that she struggles with now. She may have tucked away these feelings deep inside her heart, but they exist. One can assume that her inner confidence could have been shaken due to disturbances in her childhood. Her inherited tendencies reveal that she had inherited strong-headedness and this could possibly have caused conflict within the family situation. Often one inherits a major personality feature from a parent, and it is likely that one of her parents shared this same trait. This would increase family conflict.

To her credit, Kiran Bedi gradually changed, due to her own efforts. She is not strong-headed or stubborn today and her personality has been on an even keel for many years now, probably ever since she was in her mid-twenties, and maybe that is one reason why she achieved what she wanted to achieve. However, her struggles with self-esteem could have left a permanent mark on her persona. Also, as her headline on her right active hand is not as strong as the heartline, it means she could make mistakes in judgement. There is a lack of objectivity clearly seen on her hand.

Even today Bedi likes to do exactly what she wants, regardless of what others think, but her hand shows a lot of flexibility as well. She can adapt and more than anything, her hand shows that she is a very smart and shrewd woman who can back off when cornered even if she believes that she is right. Self-interest and survival are foremost on her mind. She is willing to see reality and make compromises. 

Her thumb shows extraordinary administrative ability and pragmatism. She tends to be a little intellectual but has executive ability as well. She has a strong quest for excellence and perfection. Actually, people such as her don’t see their jobs as just work, they like to take their jobs to a higher level. 

Another positive aspect of her character is that Kiran Bedi is very good at understanding people and possesses a shrewdness that enhances her leadership ability. This ability of hers is remarkable - the ability to manage and control people. She is quite manipulative and control others with ease. She can be blunt, but the truth is that this woman can be quite diplomatic when she wants to get something out of somebody. She may not be very expressive but she knows how to get round people.

She is driven by a need for recognition and this is an inherited quality. This desire for renown increased as she grew older. This intense desire of hers for fame and attention probably got her into trouble in her life. She is the kind who will take risks if the stakes are high, and she is likely to go by her feelings which can compromise objectivity She could go too far at times and can become boastful and overestimate herself.

Kiran Bedi's hands show that she may not be an easy person to live with. She also has a temper, although she is not overtly aggressive.

If one has to summarise her personality one can say is that she is not what she appears to be. She is eminently capable, yes, but she has vulnerabilities that she hides very well.

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  1. She speaks really well :)

    Isn't over coming our inner weakness the most important thing? Especially when people are creative/intelligent- your mind is the only one that can hold you back..

  2. Vishesh, yeah I agree. She is a tough lady. However I think that creative and intelligent people find it easier than dense ones. Its only when you have an imagination that you can even imagine that you can change!

  3. hey NIta., do u believe or read astological profiles of people.
    according to kiran bedi's birth chart she has a scorpion moon sign which suggest that the native will be full of will power and a never ending fighting spirit.
    also kiran bedi is born on 9th which neumeroligically makes her a natural fighter.
    your opinions on dat

  4. Mr. Curious you seem to know a lot about these other fields. But I do not. I am an expert only in Palmistry. What I like about Palmistry is that it is accurate a hundred percent of the time if one follows the principles. I do not know enough about the other fields, but to my knowledge they do not have principles that work a hundred percent of the time on everyone. However as I do not know enough about these fields I cannot really tell.


  6. Thanks to the links to Lalu's hand. You reminded me that I need to read his hands! Will surely do so, as pics of his hands are available. My next reading is that of an international personality and after that I will read this guy's hand.

  7. @Nita ur right, palmistry is very accurate on Kiran's part.its bcoz every person on this earth has his own strengths and weaknesses. bcoz kiran is great there's nothing like she should not have weaknesses:)
    i agree with this palmistry :)
    plz reply me back abt this

  8. @ nita i agree with u, palmistry is very accurate. every person on this earth has his own strengths and weaknesses. its not that bcoz kiran is great she doesn't have any weaknesses right.
    i mean to say dat if v want to follow her v need to follow her positive traits not the negative ones.

    i agree with u :)
    plz reply me back quickly

  9. Hullo Shanti,
    Thank you for your comment. Yes, everyone has his/her positive side and a negative side and all we can do is try and control the negative side and develop the positive side.

  10. Now that Mrs.Bedi has joined BJP for contesting Delhi elections, What does her palm tell us about her capabilities as a politician to counter Arvind Kejriwal?

  11. It is well known that she is a very capable administrator and there is nothing on her hand to show otherwise. Such people can do well anywhere, they just need to want to. And it looks like she does want to. Flexibility is present with her. If you read the analysis again you will notice that I have said she is a very shrewd lady. She will survive anywhere.


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