Monday, November 2, 2009

Mamata Banerjee's hands tell us about her character

Is Mamata right for West Bengal? What type of personality does she have? This is what her hands tell us:

The hand reading of Mamata Banerjee

Mamata's hand and in particular her phalanges tell us a lot about her inner self. She is not a strategist, nor much of a
reader or deep thinker. Combined with other signs like her Headline, the shape and texture of the hand, it is doubtful that abstract concepts or ideas would appeal to her. This implies that she would not be good at long-term strategy. Check out her hand photo here.

She may not be a superior strategist, but she is a smart and clever woman, and has plenty of common sense and sufficient intelligence to enable her to thrive. Mamata is also fairly manipulative and shrewd. She has a strong Mercury (Mount and finger) which gives her this cleverness and also some mercurial qualities like quick thinking, eloquence, as well as restlessness and a high amount of activity.

Power is her mantra
Her belief in a higher cause is limited which is surprising considering that she champions the cause of human rights. She does have idealism, but has a penchant for compromising the ideals. Mamata is extremely ambitious, and this is her driving force. She craves for fame and power, and will do anything to achieve her goal. These desires rule her life. Even if this means going against principles and ideals…she will do it.

All of the above is evident from various signs on her hand. The shape of her Jupiter finger, its position, her Mount of Jupiter, and also her Head line, which starts at the base of the mount, almost touching it.

Intimidating leader
Her Jupiter finger tells us that she is a proud and controlling person despite her modest persona. She may not be overtly domineering, but she uses manipulation to achieve her goals. She is also very independent and does what she feels is right, and does not care what others think.

She is not unreasonable though. Her thumb and Headline shows her to be a pragmatic person, ready to compromise and listen to reason. However her ability to understand logic is somewhat limited and if she doesn’t agree she tends to very outspoken and direct about her disagreement (thumb). She is rather aggressive (lower mount of Mars developed) and this tendency is aggravated because of her basic nature, which borders on the unrefined.

A doer and leader
Mamta Banerjee has the amazing quality of being able to carry people along with her, a leadership quality. She can draw people to her and maybe it is magnetism or charisma of a sort. It is important to note that her finger of Jupiter is longer than normal and her thumb is long too. In combination these signs show pride, dogmatism and the ability to influence and control others.

She usually has concrete plans for the future and is a strong determined leader with excellent will-power. It is her head which guides her at all times. She does not like to waste time in useless things, and is focused on her goals. People like her are likely to succeed in any venture they undertake. That is probably why her people put faith in her. They know that she is going somewhere, that she is going to do something. Although she lacks warmth and tends to keep people at arm’s length, she does want to do good for the flock she leads. She makes promises, and she likes to deliver.

Although Mamata can be impulsive, most of the time she is cautious and plans out her actions carefully. She will not ruffle the wrong feathers and knows how to keep on the right side of the right people.

Cynicism and bitterness
One of Mamata’s strongly negative traits is her pessimism and complaining nature. Her Saturn finger tells us this and a person such as her would find it very difficult to enter into the married state and it is not surprising that she is unmarried. Not only is she the complaining and bitter type of person, she also lacks the passion and warmth necessary to keep a marriage alive. She is also stingy and has a tendency to be strongly jealous of people.

Note: Mamata Banerjee (popularly known as Didi) is the leader of the political party (Trinamool Congress). 


  1. Seems like beyond their variety, politicians do have some common waiting for Ronaldo :D :D :D

  2. As a student of the Indian political environment, I largely agree with Nita. My major comment, not from hand-reading, but from my assessment of Mamata's character is that she is most unreliable and would let down if cultivating the persons or party does not serve her personal ambitions. She has done that to the NDA and also to her deputy, who resigned a couple of years ago.

  3. Vishesh, true, although the degree of their behavior differs. Some are worse than the others!
    And me too looking forward to reading Ronaldo's hand as I am curious about sports stars. Lets see what his hands reveal!

    Sudhir, thanks I never had too much respect for Mamata, and she is one politician I think over which I prefer the Communists and you know my view on the communists!

  4. Hi nita,
    Very interesting blog and a very good analysis! Kind of matches with her real life persona too.
    But I don't know if she'll be worse than the commies!

    Will check your other posts and comment in detail when time permits. Keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks! And if you have any request for any particular celebrity, do let me know. The only condition is that I find various photos of the person on the net and so if you give several names of popular well photographed people, I should be able to manage. Right now I am doing one western and one Indian alternatively.
    Thanks for the encouragement.

  6. Nita, if Mamata cannot become the CM, do you think Left will continue? Mamta could be worse but continuing with the Left could be suicidal for Bengal. Have you analysed Budha babu's hand?

  7. Hmm, it is question of the devil and deep blue sea! I think you can guess who I think the devil is! :) Well, it took 25 years for the Left to ruin Bengal, I think Mamta could have done it in five! Some ideology is better than none and I am saying that even though I detest commies. But then, that is my opinion. Somehow I do not like that lady Mamta.
    I have not seen Budha's hand, and maybe one of these days I will. Will keep that in mind.


  9. Shyamal, actually you are right about her. She is fairly honest if one compares her to other politicians in India and yes she is a doer.


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