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Nitish Kumar's Hand Reading

Nitish Kumar photo
Nitish Kumar’s hand (currently Chief Minister of Bihar) is one of the better hands among Indian politicians. Hand Reading did not reveal any serious flaw in the personality of Nitish Kumar. He is certainly more than worthy of the chair he holds…and more. 

His hands are on the larger side with an even length and long fingers slightly tapering at the end, and the palm is
fairly broad although it is rectangular in shape. The fingers are curved and the Saturn (middle) finger is long and all the fingers are conic-tipped.The Jupiter and Venus mounts are developed. Both the heart and head lines are curved and there is a gap between the head and lifelines. The headline starts at the base of the Jupiter mount or perhaps on it.

These signs show a person with a cool head and a balanced personality, some wise and serious. The excellent thumb (long, and well-shaped) is another great asset of this man, showing strong willpower, focus, and leadership qualities. The thumb tip and the balance of the phalanges show executive ability and the strong presence of reason and judgment.

(Check out a photo of his hand here).

What a balance of personality means is that such a person does not go to extremes in his desires. Such a person will not crave or want something so much that he will be willing to compromise. Or he will not want something which he knows he does not deserve. This attitude usually makes the person make the right decisions.

Nitish Kumar’s hand does show that he is very ambitious, and he enjoys money too (although more so in the first half of his life) but he does not crave for the limelight, power or money. This means that at all times he will exercise good judgment and will not be blinded by personal greed or gain.

His hand also shows an innate seriousness of personality. Such people achieve much due to their focus and ambition. He is likely to be superstitious and possibly religious.

He has strong ideals and beliefs, but not so strong that it distorts his perception of reality. Although he is shrewd and cunning and can be manipulative, he is not a selfish man. He is in fact a compassionate man.

His hand shows idealism and a love for beautiful things as well as an artistic sensibility. His hands show that he is more refined than many famous people whose hands I have read on this website.

He may not be great at execution because of his impressionability and the fact that he can be pushed and convinced. Bold as he is, he is likely to back down if it came to the crunch and this means that it will always be a struggle for him to achieve anything significant. 

He tends to use some fanciful words at times, but his power of expression is an asset to him.

So yes, Nitish Kumar has his weaknesses but he is a good man. One wonders however whether he is suitable for politics. He is certainly not suited to play an important role on the national stage.

(Nitish Kumar is an Indian politician currently serving as Chief Minister of Bihar, a state in Northern India)

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Photo credit: Government of Bihar, India, GODL-India, via Wikimedia Commons


  1. That was a surprise. Did not expect such a positive review for him. Not that I know much about North Indian politicians anyway! But good to know that one chief minister has a hand with desirable characteristics for this position.

    Destination Infinity

  2. DI, he has an amazing hand if one compares it to other politicians of India!

  3. Can you elaborate on this? - "The gap between his Head Line and Life Line could be a little more than it should be, but it is still not excessive. This shows boldness of personality without the rashness"

    I have a gap between my head line and Life line too. And I don't see it very often on other's hands.

    I am just curious!

  4. This gap is a good sign if it is not too much. What is too much or not has to be judged by two things, how large the gap is and also other signs. This is because the gap itself shows the qualities of boldness and independence which can be contained or reduced or even enhanced, by other signs on the hand, like from the setting and shape of the fingers and thumb, shape of the thumb, shape of the hand etc. Finally palmistry is an art, how one puts all the signs together and reads. Human beings are complicated and the variations are infinite.

  5. Apologise for the late reply..

    Thank you! Will send you my hand scans 'soon' :)

    take care

  6. hi!'ma.I am self teaching myself the art of palmistry.Although i 've learnt many laws of this bt i'm still not perfect in it.I would like to know ,"How can we determine from ones hand whether he/she 'll be/is a politician or not?

  7. Hi!ma'am.I am self teaching myself palmistry.I just 've a question for you,"How can be determine whether a person is/'ll be a politician from his hand?"
    Do you have mystic cross or ring of solomon on your hand?
    Do we always read left hand of woman?

  8. Sudhananda, You can never determine whether a person will be a politician or not for the simple reason that not everyone with the qualities of a politician becomes a politician. On the other hand, many people with no talent for politics (like Rahul Gandhi) become politicians. There it is not possible to know. What one can know is one's talents and capabilities. Please read my post on palmistry myths and this will answer your question better.
    I have a ring of solomon on my hand but not the mystic cross.
    No, we do not read the left hand of women. That is because both men and women are the same species for sure. You read the right hand of a right handed person and the left hand of a left handed person.

  9. However one should ideally read both hands because the passive hand shows the dormant or inherited side and the active hand shows the current state.


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