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Tom Cruise's hand reading

Tom Cruise movie star
If there was a single personality characteristic that one had to pick as a reason for Tom Cruise’s success, a quality without which he would never have made it, then it would have to be charisma. That is what his hands show, what palmistry tells us. He has charisma and this gives him a persona that can charm, persuade and hypnotise. Several signs on his hand like the heavily developed Venus, the strong Moon mount, the position of the head and heart lines and the open thumb point towards this reading. Tom has the boldness and confidence necessary 
for a successful actor. Everything about acting is not about emoting, it is also about personality and screen presence and the latter two things Tom has in plenty. He has the ability to perform without being self-conscious. This is not to say he does not have acting talent. He does, it's just that the other aspects of his character is what he has used to the hilt as they have got him where he is today.

Tom Cruise has a broad palm, fingers which are on the shorter side with square tips and the Venus, Lower Mars and Jupiter mounts are fairly well developed. There is a gap between his head and life lines and it's not too much, nor not too little. The lines on his ha,nd are fine, and well-etched and medium-length. The headline starts from the Jupiter mount and slopes down in a curve while the heartline is relatively straight.

His Mercury (little) finger is long and the Jupiter (index) finger is bent.

Check out Tom's hand photos here. (The picture published in this post is a free photograph.)

These and other signs tell us that this is a good guy! A person with a warm heart and a friendly nature, quite people-oriented.

Tom likely began his life in a very ambitious mode with a strong desire to accumulate wealth and fame, but as early as his thirties, he probably started to change and materialism began to take a back seat. By the early forties, the materialism was almost gone. 

Such major changes in thinking in the span of a few years do not show emotional stability. Indeed, Tom can become moody and excitable and he is also aggressive and can be short-tempered.

Despite this outward strength, he needs emotional support and one cannot help but wonder whether this is the reason he took to Scientology. His relationships haven't worked out in the long term.

He can only be truly happy with someone who is available, and who is there to emotionally support him. Someone who is encouraging and supportive at all times because of an inherent weakness of character. Nicole Kidman could not have made him happy but by nature, she was emotionally distant, and not available to him at all times.

His hand shows creativity and skill. He certainly is talented. Talent, looks, plus an outgoing, bold and friendly personality are a good combination.

A lot has been said about Tom's affiliation with Scientology, but his hand does not show religious extremism. What his hands show is some moderate idealism, but not blind belief. Perhaps because Tom is moody and tends to wear his heart on his sleeve, people misunderstand him. Besides, his warm and affectionate nature would predispose him to expose his vulnerable side.

Sure, Tom has negative traits. There is a streak of stubbornness in his personality and he can be very controlling and manipulative when he wants something. That is probably his worst trait. In intimate relationships, he could be difficult to trust as he has got a scheming side to him. He is in fact always scheming and plotting. This is an odd thing for someone who has so much going for him.

This combined with his moodiness would not make him an easy man to live with. However, his good qualities could well overshadow these personality traits. If you want the same thing as Tom, he can be a very nice guy!

(Tom Cruise is a Hollywood star)

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  1. Needing emotional support is something that I did not expect. But I guess his personality is more on the positive side than negative.

    One question: Is it possible to judge someone by looking at their face/ mannerisms? Does that influence your hand reading at times?

    Destination Infintiy

  2. A lot of people ask me related questions like these, for example whether my personal view of the person affects the reading. I guess it is but human to be influenced, but if I have an opinion of the person whose hand I am reading the most it can influence me is to look for the signs proving that. If the signs are not there, I don't write it. For example I had a very good impression of Mahendra Singh Dhoni when I read his hand and looked desperately for some signs that he was a good strategist, but found none. I wrote many months ago that he was poor at strategy and it has been proved now!
    When it comes to Tom Cruise I had an impression that he was a religious extremist, a cult follower. But his hand has proved otherwise. I had no idea whether he was a good person or not, all I felt was that he was crazy! That is what the western media had portrayed, but it is far from the truth.

    1. Dhoni not being a strategist according to his hand reading, is interesting! We can verify a few things because of your hand-reading about them :)

      Destination Infinity

  3. He looks pretty old in the latest MI. Somehow, the old charm is missing...

  4. I guess he is a fading star now.

  5. Palm print of Tom cruise indicating the fine theory of brain line with a fine gradual drooping with a dramatic gap between headline and lifeline.The brain line as a deviation between imaginary and materialistic plane opt for a dreamy affectionate disposition suitable as a scientist actor by his date of birth June3.With a small spatulate bottom shows creative intelligence.Fate line is hardly visible.But he will never be satisfied with his achievement ,aways craving for something just beyond.He will be generous in money matters inclined to deplete your resources by giving to benevolent institutions and helping his relatives.and those his by marriage.Mentally extremely versatile.
    Sankaravelayudhan Nandakumar,Oxford astrogenetist,your fan

  6. Thank you for your analysis Sankaravelaudhan although I am unsure as to how you reached it.

  7. Who's better overall Srk or Mr. Cruise

    1. Interesting question! I think neither of them is a great actor but Tom Cruise is better – at least when it comes to looks! I personally think he is a better actor. He also does his own stunts.


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