Sunday, March 28, 2021

The hands of Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s hands were not a surprise but it never fails to amaze me when a hand fits so well into what is already known about the person. Yes, sometimes, hidden personality traits are revealed by the hand. Maybe that’s the case here too, at least to some extent, but largely this hand fits him. It’s a typical hand of a true inventor. However, his emotional self (as revealed by the hand) is not typical. There is a tendency to stereotype inventors as perhaps not people-oriented or with not-so-great social skills. Elon Musk is not like this. 

Elon Musk dark background

He has large, broad palms with developed mounts of Moon (particularly Upper Moon) and Venus. The other mounts are developed in moderation. Both knots on his fingers are developed and the palm and the fingers are balanced in size/length. He has fine, long lines with a slight gap between the head and life lines. The phalanges of the fingers are normal in length. His finger of Saturn (middle finger) is possibly very slightly curved and also a little short, the Jupiter (Index) finger is low-set and curved, the Apollo (ring) finger is long and straight and the Mercury (little/pinkie) finger is also quite straight, a good length but low-set. Both the Apollo and Saturn fingers have spatulate tips. 

The heartline is curved and ends high into the Jupiter mount and there is a fork near the end although the lower branch of the fork dips down towards the headline. On the left, passive hand, however, the heartline does not go deep into Jupiter. The headline is good on both hands, although it is possibly a little more curved on the right active hand, and ends on the mount of Upper Moon. Elon has a Line of Mars, a line that is parallel to the lifeline on the inside. 

You can check out a photo of his right hand here and left hand here.

What is interesting about this man’s hands is that they show him to be a person who can enjoy life as well as work. He is not an esoteric intellectual but is friendly and sociable, able to connect with others and maybe even animals. He also has the ability to smell the roses. 

There is another aspect of his character: money is not his driving force and nor is fame. He does not seek these things even if he enjoys them. 

He is not an egotist. If anything, he can be rather humble. He is certainly helpful and generous. 

That Elon Musk’s thinking is original, diverse and inventive is a well-known fact but not everyone with this kind of ability becomes successful. Talent and intelligence are never enough. There is always that X factor that comes into play and it is not luck. In the case of Elon Musk, there are three factors that must have contributed to his success. One: incredible energy. Two: an unconventional, rebellious mindset. Three: the ability to connect with people. 

Elon is the type of person who would feel uncomfortable with rules and regulations and possibly refuses to accept his limitations and that of society. He is likely to get carried away in the moment, and there is his tendency to be overconfident and over-optimistic, many a time. This edgy quality that he has can cause him stress and would stress those around him as well. However, this quality tends to enhance a person’s creative potential and adds to the drive.

His hand shows romantic idealism. This is a developed personality characteristic, not inherited. There is a tendency to be emotional and sentimental and a desire for a partner whom he can admire. He would likely put his partner on a pedestal. Love itself can become an ideal and it can become difficult to live up to his expectations. Add his controlling nature to the mix and he is set up for relationship difficulties.

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(The photo of Elon Musk on this post is a free image by Tumisu from Pixabay)


  1. ANOTHER AWESOME READING. Great insight. In regards to the last paragraph he also has his sun in Cancer and it's you described his Cancerian traits.

    He has also been controversial as he once made a false accusation on a fisherman who was able to easily solve a problem Elon couldn't and then Elon accussed that poor guy of being a pedophile though he later on apolgized!

    Is it just me or all the fingers low-set so these decrease the power of those fingers/mounts considerably or just to a low extent?

    And his emotionally volatile nature is maybe the reason he married an average looking woman in the end while his previous girlfriends were stunning though yes beauty is subjective.

    I am not surprised at him being eccentric like smoking weed during an interview etc but that false accusation was so out of nowhere or maybe it is a trait inherent in his overall personality.

  2. Thanks.
    You know a lot about him! Well, I think if he made those comments about the fisherman it must be because he jumped to some conclusion.
    Low set fingers do reduce the power of the finger but finally it depends on the length and how low set it is. If a finger is a good length then maybe being a little low-set is good because it reduces any extreme qualities shown by the finger. From what I know of the average hand, all fingers are a little low-set and only the saturn finger is high set. This is considered normal. High-set fingers are not the norm. However it depends on how low-set the finger is. If it is very low-set then the area of the mount also decreases and certainly decreases the power of that mount and finger.
    About him marrying an average looking woman, from what I saw on his hand, he will marry someone he admires. Looks will be less important than the achievements of the woman. He is not the type to marry a woman for her looks because he needs to look up to her. Though of course if he gets both looks and brains then it will be perfect! Considering that he himself is good looking it stands to reason that he would want someone decent looking.

    1. That is the finest explanation on the fingers setting I have ever read! Haha yes I've been watching a lot of billioanire speeches recently so he seemed an eccentric character.

    2. Also Nita I am in the USA right now. Will be purchasing the Kindle version of your first novel soon. Will leave a review on Goodreads for sure. :)

    3. Thanks. And I would love to know what you think of my book. :)

  3. Yes I'm planning to do a video review on it on my YouTube channel. Will email you the link as soon as it goes live.:)

  4. What irks me is that I would have read it on the first day of release but sadly Amazon Pakistan does not exist... Also another suggestion. Shiv Nadar. Self-made Indian billionaire. I think there are clear palm pictures of his available on the web. So whenever you get the time and if you have enough info please do a reading on him as well. :)

    1. Yes sure. Why not. Shiv Nadar sounds interesting. About my book, it's a murder mystery set in Mumbai. Hope you like it! :)

  5. "He is certainly helpful and generous" But the news says opposite. How is that possible? For example;


    1. This post is about he is in his personal life. People can be ruthless businessmen or they can be so obsessed with their work that they don't really care that much but they can also be good people at the same time. This is not to condone any unacceptable behavior on his part. But as I have said many times on this website, the hand does not show behavior. Good people can also do questionable things. A good person can also commit murder. I suggest you read this post which will explain a little better what palmistry is about:


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