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Steve Jobs' hands speak to us about his inner self and his success

Businesspeople succeed for different reasons. Steve Jobs's hands remind us of exactly this. In Jobs’ case, his creativity and search for excellence were the major factors that catapulted him into the position in which he is today. His imagination and creativity is evident in the development of the Mount of Moon and is confirmed by his excellent Head Line.

One of the first things that one notices from the overall shape of his hand is that he is

a deep and creative thinker. In addition, his Saturn finger tells us of his superior analytical ability and his penchant for getting into the details. The overall shape of his fingers tells us of his curious inquiring mind, a mind usually in an investigative mode. He is mentally organised. The shape of his fingers reveals the discipline and control he has over his mind and body.

Check out his hand photos here and here.

Restless and critical
The above reading, if studied in combination with the  Mount of Moon and Saturn finger, tells us of a restless nature, of a disposition always seeking something better, to the extent of being dissatisfied with the present state of affairs. In addition, the nails and Saturn Finger show a critical and suspicious bent of mind. Jobs also has a tendency to become serious to the point of becoming depressed.

One of the causes for his seriousness and melancholy is shown by his Jupiter and Saturn fingers, as well as his Mount of Moon. The first two Jupiter finger phalanges, as well as the tip, show a spiritual bent of mind, of a person who is always seeking answers, a person not obsessed with success of the material kind. It tells us of an idealist who seeks something high-minded. Simply amassing money through a business career would be quite repugnant to him. Building a huge empire would not be on his agenda. One could call him a visionary if one wishes, but what he is certainly not is a hardcore businessman. This is not to say that he did not have business sense. He did, but just that he was not driven by money. He is the type who would always want to be known for something meaningful. And in his own internal world, he would seek a deeper meaning to Life.

Inner tension
His Jupiter finger shows issues with self-esteem. On his left hand, the Jupiter finger is normal which means that he was born a very proud and confident human being, a person who wanted not just to create, but also dominate and do. He changed into a person who was a little unsure of himself and what he wanted in life, and this could turn his insecurity outwards as well as inwards. His strong imagination would accentuate the dissatisfaction and restlessness. It could make him changeable, self-centred and critical.

If one has to pick one quality of his that enabled him to be tremendously successful in the business world, then it would be his superior intelligence and creativity and secondly, his need to excel. His hand does not show true business sense, the kind that is present in the hands of Bill Gates and Ratan Tata, and one of the reasons for this could be because making money is not what is on his mind most of the time.

He does have an excellent risk-taking ability, however, which is shown by his Sun finger and all brilliant business people have this. This is an inherited quality. Bill Gates has this same sign although when it comes to actual money-making and a practical business sense, he is better than Jobs.

Interestingly, when it comes to strong executive ability, Jobs' hands show that he did not inherit this quality, and in his early years would quite likely have been a bit of an idealistic dreamer.

Other qualities
He has good powers of expression (Mercury and Moon), sees things from a broad perspective, and is a refined and sensitive man (hand texture and flexibility, Head Line,) who does not hold extreme views.

He is not easily approachable (thumb), and tends to hold his cards close to his chest. He can be quite secretive when he wants to be.

(Note: Steven Paul "Steve" Jobs is today the co-founder and chief executive officer of Apple Inc. Jobs previously served as CEO of Pixar Animation Studios and is now a member of the Walt Disney Company's Board of Directors.)

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(The graphic of Steve Jobs is a copyright-free photo)


  1. Nita, my daughter swears by Apple and does not use Microsoft. I've always thought of Steve Jobs and the Apple group as perfectionists and extremely creative folks since they lead the way for others to follow, including Microsoft. It's interesting that you mention creativity as part of his profile - I believe it shapes his overall personality and touches everything that he does. Nice post - keep them coming!

  2. Thanks Padmini. Steve Jobs is indeed quite an interesting character, specially as he does not have the hand of a typical businessman. He truly believes in creating the best. All the best to him!

  3. again, I wonder why he quit college :)

  4. Vishesh, hmm, he did that did he. Well, I guess he was too restless a person! Far too intelligent for a classroom, haha!


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