Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ratan Tata's hand analysis

Ratan Tata, who is presently the chairman of the Tata Group, has always been somewhat of an enigma. Very little is known about Ratan Tata the person. His hands tell us that while he has some very good qualities, there is something about his personality that would make him a difficult man to live with on a daily basis.

The shape of his hand from palmistry’s point of view is good, as it shows breadth of vision and intelligence. It shows him to be an energetic and goal-oriented person. The most interesting aspect of his character
is shown by his Apollo finger. It shows
a very high risk taking ability, a sign of a speculator, of a person who has a well developed money-making talent. This is collaborated by his Saturn and Mercury fingers which indicate that Ratan Tata is a person who understands money.  Check out a photo of his hand here.

Environment has enhanced his business ability
His talent for making money and speculative abilities, which were good to begin with, have been developed and honed to a high degree, much higher than what he was born with. So has his prudence and caution when it comes to money. In fact he has become far more prudent when it comes to his actions than when he was a young man.
(As he is left handed (writes with his left hand) it is left hand that has been taken into consideration for his current state of mind.)

He likes power
However much of a shrewd businessman he is, for Ratan Tata it is power that he enjoys the most. His Jupiter and Mercury qualities are strong, evident from the mounts and fingers. He has always had a strong ambition to lead, to gain power, and his mind is always on the go, always thinking up some deal or scheme which will add to his empire. He likes control, and tends to be arrogant, even vain. His hand shows that he had these qualities even when he was younger.

His thumb and Mercury tells us that he can be very tactful when he wants to be, and very persuasive and manipulative as well. He likes to get his way and if tact, persuasion, and manipulation doesn’t work, he can become very argumentative, even pugnacious, and finally, very aggressive indeed.

He does usually get his way as he is aggressive (Mars) and has temper as well. Although his will power per se is average (sufficient), it is his ability to push things to happen and his ability to command others which is far above average. In fact he can get to be quite a bully at times.

Softening qualities
He does have softening qualities. His high intelligence as shown by headline as well as the shape of his thumb tells us that Ratan Tata can be influenced, and does listen to others if approached in the right manner. He has the ability to listen to another's point of view.

But what is the method to get one’s way with him? It's simple. The right way!

Principles and ideals are a strong part of his personality. Although two of his square tips and the shape of his hand tell us of his practical nature, his thumb points us in the direction of a certain idealism. This is collaborated by his little finger, which isn’t so little! The Mercury finger not only collaborates the strong business ability that he possesses but also speaks of his straightforwardness and integrity.

Another thing that softens his rather strong will is his excellent Mount of Venus. It shows his love and compassion and is an excellent sign to have in a leader. He will always be guided by the intention to do good to the flock he leads. Add to this the streak of idealism in his personality and his honesty, and it tells us of a man who will want always aim to do right by his people and be fair and be just. He may love to rule, but he will be a warm and just leader. Plus he has a strong heart line. His decisions, whatever they may be, will always take into account the human factor.

His personal life
There has been some speculation about Ratan Tata's sexual orientation and a reader has written to me asking me whether I can tell of a tendency to be gay from a hand. Well, sexual orientation by itself cannot be told from a hand, but sexual passion and interest can be. And he has that in normal amounts. Sensualism is present in a stronger degree. The Jupiter finger also shows that he likes to enjoy life and is a sensual man. This is collaborated by the third phalanges of his fingers.

And as to the question whether he is gay or not, even if he is, Ratan Tata is too private a person to make it everybody’s business.

The reason one knows little about him is that he is rather secretive and closed about his personal life and can be difficult to approach at a personal level.

If one has to conclude one could say that even though his personality may not be perfectly balanced, mainly because of his tendency to be aggressive and controlling, it is these very qualities which have been beneficial to him as a business leader. The most important thing is that he is a good and principled man.

(Sketch is by me on photoshop)


  1. guess you need all that to head such a big company... :) it's always interesting to read about such people :)

  2. A very well written analysis.It tallies with what I have known of him professionally.
    Good show.
    Sudhir Jatar

  3. vishesh, thats true, one cannot help but be interested in these people, and what it is that has made them successful. For me it is quite a thrill to discover them through their hands.

    Sudhir, thanks.

  4. From the pic, i can see a slight bent in the index finger. Is that good for the confidence......

  5. Harsh, no, the slight bent in the finger has nothing to do with the confidence level of the person. However it can show arrogance but not always. In his case it does, in combination with other signs.


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