Thursday, May 19, 2011

What Anil Ambani's hands tell us

Anil Ambani Sketch
Anil Ambani is one of the most well-known businessmen in India and is from a famous business family. He used to be one of the most successful businessmen in India, widely believed to be a cunning one. His hand does show a personality with business ability, but something obviously went wrong. 

He has a broad and slightly long palm with long, thin fingers. The fingers are mostly conic, except for the Apollo (ring) finger. The first phalanges are good, and the second phalanges are long, except that of the Mercury (little) finger. The thumb is long and supple, with a conic tip. The first phalange of the thumb is a little too long. The mount of Jupiter is developed the most. The Venus mount though high at the base, is narrow. The fingers are in proportion to each other in length and most of them are slightly bent.

The lines are long, the headline slightly sloping and joined with the lifeline at the start. 

The hand signs show a man driven to succeed in business from a young age and a person with a high level of energy. While business ability is shown on his hand, as well as the understanding of money, marketing sense, plus high ambition, discipline, focus, as well as the strong desire to be rich...there is another aspect of his personality which is not common with successful businessmen at all. His hand shows impressionability and an idealistic and superstitious mindset which does not bode well for business decisions.

His hand also shows shrewdness, a controlling, manipulative nature and this hand also is of someone who is wilful and will push to get his will done. In these circumstances, he may not be open to advise. This means that if he gets his mind on something, he will do it, even if the decision is an idealistic one.

He can see the details and if other aspects were conducive, this is a very good sign as it shows thoughtfulness. His hand shows clear thinking, but not always practical. 

Anil Ambani started off well, but some wrong decisions were made and as a result, he had to declare himself bankrupt. Clearly, he still has personal wealth.

Anil Ambani is also naturally analytical and can think. His thought process is organised and clear-cut. He is a man who plans his every move. It is likely that his head is splintered into neat little compartments with each compartment functioning like clockwork. 

He is not a warm, friendly type and there is some element of secretiveness also evident. 

His hand shows leadership abilities, self-control and also the ability to see issues from a broad perspective.

The hand shows the character of a person, but it can never predict behaviour. It is clear that Anil Ambani let the more impressionable and idealistic aspect of his personality override his business decisions. 

(This post was edited in 2022)

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(The sketch is made by me on Photoshop)


  1. Thanks for this reading. Can you make out what type of married life he has?

  2. Well, the limited Venus shows a lack of warmth, but without a close look at his Heartline it is difficult to say more. However I do have a photo of his Heartline on the left hand. This shows he inherited a strong attachment to family, a love which is restricted to a few close ones. But this love is deep and long-lasting. It also shows that he would want to marry someone whom he thinks is "worthy" of him. Perhaps that is why he took so long to propose to Tina Munim! However as I have not seen the Heartline on the right hand I cannot really say what he is like today. In some pictures it appears as if his Hearline has gotten shorter, but I cannot see it clearly.

  3. Its interesting to know that he might not have been as successful if not born in a business family. I have always wondered about that!

    Destination Infinity

  4. Ha! but Rcom is in a spot. There aren't exactly doing well :)

    And what about the fights and the split with his brother?

  5. DI, I personally think environment is more important, although the seed needs to be there.

    Vishesh, About the relationship with his brother, Ambani's hand shows that for him the head rules, not the heart. This means when there is a clash between the two, the heart will take a back-seat.

  6. Dear Nita,
    Please try to get the hand reading of Jaggi Vasudev who has built dhynalingam in coimbatore. There are many controversies about him, hence the request for the benefit of all.

  7. Reading the hands of spiritual people is one of things I find fascinating, but unfortunately I cannot do it without a good photograph of the hand. I have searched for Jaggi Vasudev's hand photos but have not been successful.

  8. Did his hands show business acumen when considering his spectacular failure?

    1. The reading is about his personality, not about his past, present or future. You can have a business mindset and yet fail in business because success and failure in business is due to many factors, not just talent. Arrogance, taking faulty advise, difficult external circumstances, bad luck or simply risking too much, all of these things can make a person fail. Risk taking ability is one of the qualities of a business mindset but one can go too far. There are other reasons too why a person can fail. I don't read events on the posts here.


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