Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Prince William is not like his father Prince Charles

A cursory glance at Prince William’s hand tells us that his personality resembles his father’s, rather than his mother’s. The major features of William’s hand (which he shares with Prince Charles) are the large, broad palm with the developed mounts of Moon and Jupiter and to some extent, Mercury and Lower Mars to a lesser extent. This means that like his father, Prince William is a good human being, fairly unselfish and broadminded, and also healthy, active and mildly aggressive. There is restlessness in their personalities and a penchant for travel.

However, Prince William’s hand is only superficially like his father’s. Prince Charles’ hands show that he goes to an extreme
in whatever he does but Prince William is not like this. 

The mounts on Prince William’s hands are less developed comparatively, although the Venus mount is heavy. Additionally, Prince William has a slightly sloping, fine headline, and it is better than either of his parents. The heartline is long and curving and goes up to in between his first two fingers. The thumb is good, and although the first phalange is a bit too long, this is seen on his right passive hand, and it has reduced on the left, active hand, though not entirely. The fingers are a bit broad too, and the Mercury (pink) finger is long. The Saturn (middle) finger is a bit short and bent as well.

Prince William sketch
Check out William's hand photo here and his left hand here and here. (Prince William is left-handed)

This hand shows that Prince William has a fairly controlled personality and also has a sensible and open-minded approach to issues. He is a good thinker, smart and is calmer than King Charles but possibly more vulnerable. He is a warm, affectionate person, particularly to his loved ones. As to the public, he is able to reach out to people, and basically likes people but there is some kind of holding back. 

Prince William also a keen and sharp mind which can quickly and accurately evaluate situations and people. No doubt he has a fine intelligence and good judgment. William's stubborn will (likely inherited from his father and could possibly be a Windsor trait) is mellowed in his current personality. However, he can be quite pushy when he wants to be and can be stubborn. His hand shows ambition as well.

His hand shows a difficulty in seeing another point of view and this is an inherited trait which mellows as he grows older. 

There are other ways in which William has changed. He had inherited a controlling nature (yes, like his father’s) but this aspect of his character has been diluted considerably. The cynicism, and critical attitude, again inherited, is present in his current disposition. One is not sure why some of personality traits were altered, but very possibly it was entirely due to William’s own efforts.

Prince William is also more articulate than his parents. He did not inherit his expressive ability from either of his parents and must have developed this trait purely on his own steam.

What did not change in his temperament, is a lack of tenacity of purpose, and more of a casual and carefree attitude to life. King Charles is similar. Princess Diana did not have this quality in her personality. She was more serious.

It’s not as if William did not inherit any personality characteristics from his mother. He appears to have inherited her highly passionate nature, and sex appeal. He also inherited some amount of business ability from Diana, but this trait is not evident in his active hand.

(The sketch of Prince William's hand is made by me)

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  1. I don't understand the concept of having a kingdom, prince and princess in a full fledged democracy with a Prime Minister and Parliament! :)

    Destination Infinity

  2. :) Yeah, I know what you mean. But apparently they did some poll and found that the British public wanted it and so the taxpayers are continuing to pay for propping up these people who are actually quite ordinary in every way.

  3. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/10/02/3027767.htm

    very necessary to know.

  4. Mr. Curious, I would love to read Osama's hand. I have seen that picture earlier but that seems to be the only decent picture of his hands. To read hands I need the shape of the fingers and their relative length (minimum requirement)but seeing the hand only from one angle does not give me that. Finger lengths and shapes look different from different angles and I would probably make a mistake if I tried to read his hand. Even the lines are blurred, so I cannot read anything much. In a blurred photo the dark lines show up but the minor lines don't and often the dark lines have extensions which are fainter which are not visible in blurred photos. That is why I have not read Osama's hand till now.

  5. Nice reading,
    I want to ask you a simple question
    If you work hard towards your goal , the one thing you need badly...are you assured of the success?

  6. Anonymous, it depends if what you want matches the capabilities in your hand. Capability + hard work + right goal = success.

  7. hey hi ,,,,Nita i really like ur reading. i mean the way u read the hand... analysis the hand,,,really very nice ....hey if u mind pls i want u to read the hand of osama ..pls..i am very fund of palmistry ,,,pls do reply ,,,, :)

  8. Thanks Zaineb. I would really like to read Osama's hand too. But if you read my reply to Mr. Curious you will understand why I cannot. To get the shape of the fingers one needs to see the hands from different angles (even if the lines are not clear it is alright). I also need to sure about which hand he writes with (a picture of him writing) as his writing hand shows his current state of mind.

  9. Hmm, that will come up one of these days. I don't want to bore readers with too many royals! :)

  10. Well said that about the royals., why should we even be bothered by what they do, We Indians are hardly affected by that in anyway.


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