Wednesday, June 29, 2016

What Boris Johnson's hand says about him

Boris Johnson, one of the key campaigners for Brexit (the Leave EU Campaign) is a potential prime ministerial candidate for Britain. However, his personality as revealed by his hands does not show him to be prime ministerial material.

He has a broad palm, and short fingers with the mounts of Moon and Lower Mars very highly developed. Venus is good too, and the fingers of Jupiter (index) and Mercury (little) are slightly bent and the finger of Apollo is quite strong. The Saturn (middle) finger is a little short, and the lines on the hand are light. The heartline is a good length and the headline is slightly bow-shaped and 

Check out his hand photos here and here. The photo below is a free photo in the public domain.

Boris Johnson image graffiti
Nothing terribly bad of course at least from the point of view of hand reading. In fact, some signs are actually quite good, but when we talk of a prime minister, one thinks of someone cool-headed, pragmatic, serious, and consistent, and Boris Johnson’s hands show him to be none of that.

His hands actually show him to be an ordinary man, but with charisma and a good heart. He has more mental energy and drive than he knows what to do with, and certainly, there would be an issue of how to channelise it productively. The large fleshy hand with short fingers does not show leadership. Probably it’s Johnson’s charisma and people orientation which propelled him to where he is today. His charisma is not just due to his pushy, aggressive, cheerful, optimistic and excitable personality, but also due to his genuine love for people. That is his best quality. 

Unfortunately, his hand also shows that he has a rebellious and edgy quality to his personality, and it belongs to someone who doesn’t like rules, and there is a reluctance to accept his own limitations and that of society/world. And there can be a lack of seriousness and consistency and also limited self-control. Tenacity of purpose towards a specific goal may be a little difficult for him. Boris Johnson's hand shows that he thinks with his heart, and his imagination. And his ability is average and this is the crucial part of why becoming PM is not what he deserves.

Manipulation is shown on the hand but this is seen on the hand of many successful politicians. While  Boris Johnson may not be entirely straightforward, his hand does not show him to be an outright liar either. 

Boris Johnson has been compared to Donald Trump, but except for the hairstyle, there is no comparison, especially when it comes to capability. The latter is more capable.

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  1. And maybe that charisma is what has led him to become a PM after all after a twist of fate. From my perspective, he is charismatc but also quite lazy.


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