Wednesday, May 19, 2010

David Cameron's hand reading

It is interesting to compare the hand of David Cameron, the new Prime Minister of Britain, with that of the ex-PM, Gordon Brown. If one compares them as human beings, if one compares their character, then Gordon Brown wins.

Cameron's personality is more controlling and manipulative than Brown (shape of his Jupiter (index) finger, Mars Mounts and the shape of his hand), although to be fair to Cameron, both he and Brown are control freaks. Brown is however quite pugnacious and argumentative, and this can grate on people’s nerves. Cameron on the other hand is
pretty smooth, and may not appear to be as controlling as he actually is.

His Saturn finger reveals that he is over-critical and can find it difficult to see the good side even if it is staring him in the face. He can be quite a mean customer if need be. However, his meanness is not worn on his sleeve. He is far too sophisticated and refined for that.

Check out his hand photo here. The photo below is a free photo.

Although his Venus does show passion, it does not show warmth and love for humanity. Cameron is in fact not overly fond of people, and when this is combined with the setting of his thumb he can be cold, distant, and selfish.

David Cameron’s thumb tells us that he is a stronger leader than Gordon Brown, although less reasonable. He is the kind who would like to push through an agenda and can become quite a bully. Brown is pushy and aggressive as well, but Cameron is more so. The good thing is that Cameron does not just control people effectively, he controls himself as well.

Cameron has a tendency to be impulsive, a trait he was not born with.

It is lucky though that Cameron is open and flexible, sophisticated and refined (revealed by his thumb, hand texture, quality of the lines) because otherwise, he would be quite obnoxious. Openness is an important quality in a leader, a quality that Brown lacked.

Cameron is a shrewd speaker who can carry people along with him.

It is difficult to get a more detailed picture of Cameron's personality as hardly any photos of his left hand are available on the net (he writes with his left hand and therefore this hand reveals his current state of mind).

I personally believe that those who care about people should get into politics because that is their job. To do things for the public. Good people do things for others even if it doesn’t directly benefit them and from this angle, Brown was the better candidate.

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Perhaps you want to know what makes the Politicians of the world tick. Or what lies behind those smiling Royal faces. Are the Royals super nice or just humans like us, stuck behind masks because of their privileged status?

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