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The difference between Indira Gandhi and Margaret Thatcher

Indira Gandhi thoughtful
Indira Gandhi was called India's Iron Lady by none other than her British counterpart, Margaret Thatcher, who was known as Britain's Iron Lady! The two strong personalities bonded when they met, have been compared to each other and were believed to share some similarities.

These two ladies were quite different, however, with distinctly different characters. They were almost as dissimilar as their politics. That is what their hands tells us. 

Margaret Thatcher’s hand shows her to be bold, arrogant, aggressive and stubborn. Indira Gandhi had a similar image, but oddly enough her hand does not bear it out.

Margaret Thatcher photo
Margaret Thatcher has a high-set and dominant Jupiter finger, a pronounced lower Mars development, slightly bent fingers, a high-set thumb held closely to her palm with a dominant first phalange, long first phalanges of the fingers, a curved heartline, sloping headline and a gap between the head and lifelines.

Check out a hand photograph of Margaret Thatcher's here and here.

Indira Gandhi has none of these hand characteristics. Gandhi has in fact fairly straight fingers (although her little or Mercury finger is bent, and long as well) with average first phalanges, the thumb held slightly apart and not as thick as Thatcher’s. Nor is it as high-set. And while Indira Gandhi’s Jupiter (index) finger is okay, it is not dominant and her thumb is good but not high-set. The mounts of Jupiter and Moon on her hand are developed. The tips of Gandhi’s fingers are almost all conic (unlike Thatcher’s) and it is possible that the Jupiter finger has a pointed tip. Her heart and head lines are more or less straight with the head and life lines set slightly apart.

Here is Indira Gandhi's hand photo.

These signs reveal two distinctly different personalities. Indira Gandhi’s hand tells us that she was at heart a self-effacing person, not arrogant, and in fact even demure to some extent, although she did not lack self-esteem. Intellectually she was clearly inferior to Thatcher, but what she lacked here she gained in other aspects. She did not have the narcissistic qualities that many successful politicians (including Thatcher) possess, although high ambition is shown. Though aggressive, Gandhi was not obviously so, and nor was she self-centred. Her stubbornness was more of strong inner strength and determination to override what she perceived as threats and obstacles, and not wilfulness.

What stands out quite starkly on India’s ex-PM’s hand is her extreme idealism, righteousness, and superstitious attitude, something entirely missing on Thatcher’s hand. Thatcher’s ideas would be based more on rational thought and well, that makes sense as she was a thinker. Gandhi was not. In fact, there is nothing on Gandhi's hand to suggest that she was a great leader, and it is unlikely that she would have been India's PM, if she had not been born to Nehru.

An interesting sign on Indira Gandhi’s hand is the broken lifeline. Such large over-lapping breaks are believed to show a distinct change in the life of the person at the time of the break. In Gandhi’s case, this is very likely that there was a marked difference between her early (more reclusive) life and later public life.

(Indira Gandhi, India's third PM, was India's Prime Minister for 15 years)

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(Photo credits: Indira Gandhi By Defense Department, US government in public domain; Free Photo of Margaret Thatcher By derivative work by Begoon - This file was derived from: Margaret Thatcher stock portrait.tif, Copyrighted free use


  1. Another great reading! Indira Gandhi was perceived as a despotic leader by many. There are rumors about her being involved in Sanjay Gandhi's apparent crash . But like every other conjectures , the truth remains a mystery.

    I do believe that she was idealistic but talking of self esteem , she did suffer from inferiority complex if observed in her biographies. Indeed , she was one woman who quite changed the face of India. :)

    1. truely she gave power to india to confront selfish world

  2. Thanks Swati.
    Inferiority complex is a strong word. It is likely that she felt some type of complex when she was with those who were intellectually superior, but she did not lack self esteem. There is a difference between self worth (esteem) and self confidence. She had a strong sense of self-worth, at least that is what is seen on her hand.

  3. Someone like Indira Gandhi might be useful to Indian politics at this juncture. Some level of conviction and determination is required while forming policies. Can you guess if Narendra Modi will become the next PM, based on his hands?

  4. Indira Gandhi was a strong leader but she also had a socialist mindset. When it comes to Narendra Modi I do not have a clear enough picture of his hands so that I can make that judgment. If he shows me his hands, I will be able to make out as the event is very near.

  5. Nita, Can you predict the accidents that are going to happen in the future through palmistry ? Cause once you said you saw the hands of sinbad or some sailor boy who would die from a terrible accident in future.

    Alright I'm going to be straight can you see anything regarding the assassination ? Much appreciated analysis.:)

  6. Threats to life can be seen, although they cannot be said to lead to certain danger because danger can be averted. If one knows of it consciously, one can avert it. One has to find out what the cause is, and then it becomes possible to avert it.
    I am quite sure there will be a sign indicating Indira Gandhi's violent death on her hand. It could be a deep bar, a deep dot, or star or cross or some other sign, perhaps even a grille or deep redness of a line. However I need a clear picture of her hand, a picture taken not more than 1-2 years before her death.
    Her intuition about her death proves the basic theory of hand reading...that our subconscious mind knows before our conscious mind that something terrible is about to happen. She managed to let this intuition surface, possibly because it was so near. There is no doubt that there was an indication on her hand. And it is very likely that the sign appeared after she attacked the Golden Temple.

  7. though..i dont doubt ur credentials as a an expert in your be able to detect signs of someone's death on the hand.. tho plausible is a little far fetched claim specially coming from you enthusiast in this field can you tell me..what has compelled you to draw this conclusion...because..a.sign can mean understanding of this science has changed a lot over the for interpretation of a broken life line on someone's hand..used to be of someone with severe health related issues(if you consider the general physical aspect)...but later on..i saw that even people with have this of lines...which kind of told me that a life just not telling you about the life quality of a has a more deeper reference to someone's outlook on his /her life..people who suffer from severe mental anxieties...depression long periods of confusion..exhibit it..even tho on the outside they might seem to generally fine..but obviously that's not what i am trying to ask you..what i really want to know is have you ever been able to cross instance where the subject in concern actually died..on that exact moment..assuming u can map time accurately on the life line..which is a little difficult..because u wrote about it before before as well ..when someone asked u about rajiv gandhi's my understanding the subconscious...does not always show trends everyone's hand..depending on how conscious the person is of his/her existence...

  8. That one can see signs of danger (I have said clearly and that too in the comment section and not in the main post) is not at all far-fetched or implausible. One can definitely see signs of threats to life. If any hand reader says otherwise I am afraid he knows little about hand reading or palmistry. However the signs are only of danger, at times imminent, not certain death. The certain death can be assumed only after death only as in the case of Indira Gandhi. The signs of death would be expressed differently in different hands depending on how they died and their own psyche. Fearful people for example could have many signs that indicate danger and these signs may go away, and such an incident may not come to pass. That is the reason one should never ever predict death and I never do.
    And no, a sign cannot "mean anything." There are negative signs and there are positive signs. Ofcourse it is not easy to decipher which signs indicate health issues and which indicate a mental issue, and that is where the skill of the hand reader comes into play. Signs indicating negative health issues are not necessarily shown only on the lifeline. They can be seen anywhere.
    And yes a broken life line does not mean death and I have very clearly mentioned that in my post.
    And yes ofcourse I have seen death indicated in hands because I have hand prints with me which I took 30 years ago! And some which my father took, as long as 50 years ago! It is great research material. My cousin for example had a dark red mark like a bar or cross at the end of his lifeline which btw ended one thirds of the way down although now after so many years I mostly remember my reaction to it rather than the actual sign. When I saw it (I was 14) I was shocked but never said a word to him as I did not want to believe it. I had started to learn palmistry by then. He died in a massive explosion on a boat the year after, at the age of 17 years. This does not mean that everyone with this sign will die at that age and that is why I never ever predict. In any case no hand reader should ever predict death even if he is sure as it is not right and can have a damaging effect. My telling my cousin would have been unable to avoid the death as he was not mature enough to take it seriously (he had joined the merchant navy) or take action. It would have simply disturbed him.
    And you are right about the fact that death may not be seen on everyone's hand. The main reason for this is that it may be many years in the future or it is hidden somewhere and cannot be easily seen. But yes, if the subconscious knows, the signs of death will be there. At times these signs appear a few months before death.


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