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Priyanka Gandhi's hand analysis

Priyanka Gandhi ias an independent minded and compassionate woman but she is not all that she appears to be. She is no wimp! Narendra Modi called her “gudiya” once and he couldn’t be more wrong. This woman is no doll. She is nowhere on India’s political scene at the moment but the truth is that she is an heir of the Nehru family and knowing how dynastic we Indians are, one never knows when this Gandhi scion might enter politics, that too straight at the top! But is she good for India? Scion or not, if she is right for the job then she deserves a chance. But is she suited to politics? That is the question.

Priyanka is independent minded, but not so much so as to make her too individualistic and that's a good thing. Her thumb is in fact an extraordinary one, and one cannot help but think that it must be an inheritance of the Gandhi family, although I have not seen such a thumb either on Rajiv's or Rahul Gandhi’s hand. Jawaharlal Nehru did not possess this kind of thumb either. It is possible that either Kamala Nehru or Indira Gandhi had this type of thumb but I cannot say until I see a clear picture of the hands of these women.

Check out a photograph of Priyanka Gandhi's hand here.

What is so extraordinary about Priyanka’s thumb?

Her thumb is the kind which gives her great generosity, sympathy, understanding and the love for liberty. It also tells us that she has the kind of will which is strong and directed towards a specific goal, and that she can use it to help others. She genuinely feels for others. It is a thumb which shows strong determination, the kind that leaders need.

It is not at all surprising that Priyanka Gandhi forgave her father’s assassin. When I read about this I felt it was some sort of publicity stunt, but after seeing Priyanka’s hand I know it wasn’t. She has this ability to forgive terrible wounds that have been inflicted on her. This trait is all the more admirable as Priyanka is more sensitive that the average person.

It is also quite clear as to why she stepped aside and let her brother Rahul enter politics. She probably knows that she has better leadership qualities than Rahul, and if she had entered politics it would have been difficult for Rahul to make a mark. I am sure that there are other instances where her deeply generous nature is revealed. She also lacks inner self esteem although it is difficult to understand why.

The underside
However, there are negative qualities and these cannot compensate for the good side.

Priyanka’s Jupiter and Apollo fingers tell us that she loves power, attention and fame, and if she gets power she is likely to become authoritarian. In fact that would be her style of management: Authoritarian. Specially as she likes to be independent and does what she likes. She is likely to be quite manipulative and pushy in the achievement of her goals.

Sure, she loves honour and has a belief in a higher cause. But then she is likely to justify any unusual action on this very basis. She will believe that she is doing it for that higher cause. Priyanka probably does love India, and it is not just her Jupiter finger that tells us this, but also the placement of her thumb and the tips of her fingers, which are mostly conic. This shows idealism, but again not a good sign in anyone who intends to be a politician. It shows someone who believes in an “ideal” state, an “ideal” government and “ideal” behavior. Politicians on the other hand need to have their nose to the ground. It also takes the person away from reality.

What is disturbing to know is that Priyanka is capable of doing just about anything in her power to achieve the  “ideal” and she will roughshod over opposition. She can be unscrupulous as well as there is a certain element of ruthlessness in her personality. And her Apollo finger also tells us that she invariably overestimates not just herself, but also the outcome of her actions. Moreover, Priyanka is not a deep thinker and nor is she studious.

She is not always practical. This is evident from the shape of her hand, the tips of her fingers and also from whatever little I could see of her Headline.

She will however set some high standards for herself (her own standards) and will in fact behave in a righteous way. Her righteous behavior will not brook interference from others. In fact she would stick to some principle or the other even if it is obviously impractical to others. Being independent minded, she thinks for herself, and therefore it would not be easy to convince her that what she is doing may not work.

Plus, the shape of Priyanka’s Saturn finger as well as her Lower Mount of Moon tells us that she can dislike others intensely. In fact she often sees others in a negative and cynical light, being quite sure that it is she who is right, and above the others. Even when she forgives she believes it is her own goodness that is making her do it. She can be quite malevolent towards those who oppose her.

Coming to her good side, she can make quite a splash personally and impress others with her seeming brilliance.

She would be moved by ideas and noble thoughts. However there is a strong element of hypocrisy here, because the shape of her hand as well as her Mercury finger shows that she believes the end is what matters, not the means.

Priyanka’s hands show that she is not suited to a politician’s life. This is my opinion, based on reading her hands. This is  because she would find it difficult to handle opposition (politics is all about opposition) in a democratic way. She is far too idealistic and lacks executive ability, which means she will depend on others to fulfill her wishes. Nor does she believe in the system and is therefore likely to break rules. Plus, she is not that practical, is sensitive and even a little laid back. She also is not straightforward and is likely to do something if she is sure she will not be found out.

True, she has the ability to do great good, and she has the will and personality to command others but she is the kind who will surround herself with sycophants and become removed from reality.

(There is no photograph of Priyanka Gandhi on this post as I could not find a copyright-free image)

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  1. I agree with your reading from my assessment of her character. Actually, she hogged the limelight during the last elections, more than Rahul G. Some one tole me that she paid heavy sums to Outlook magazine and ND TV for the converage.

  2. Well, if she did that it wouldn't be surprising. She loves attention and fame and it would have been humiliating for her to be ignored.

  3. Very interested to see Shah Rukh's reading. He is so good at making money and selling himself. But how far will he go to achieve that?

  4. purpler, that is an interesting question. About his ethics and scruples. That always intrigued me about him. I like to think of him as an ethical person, but only his hand will reveal the truth!

  5. With the kind of lurid stuff that one reads of Robert Vadra, it would be very interesting to see his hand analysis

  6. I will check out if there are enough photos of his hand. If you have any you can send them. Thanks.

  7. Heres a good one of both his hands:


  8. That's not a bad one, but I need at least 2-3 photos of his hands facing the camera directly not at an angle. Even if the photos are of a low resolution it doesn't matter. the main thing is to get the correct shape of hand and fingers.

  9. OK, here are 2 more:



  10. Thanks Anonymous. One of the photos is okay but I need more of that type. 2-3 are preferable. One cannot go just by one photo as angles can make the hand and fingers look different. I will keep vadra in mind, and whenever there is some news item, usually photos turn up.


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