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Hand Analysis of Sonia Gandhi

This analysis is of Sonia Gandhi, the Italian born woman who is the President of the Congress party, a party which is currently in power.

Common sense
If one goes by the overall shape of her hand, and whatever little is visible of her headline, then it shows that Sonia Gandhi is not an unintelligent woman as many accuse her of being. She may not be a scholar but she has an average intelligence and plenty of common sense.

She has well-balanced views about life and is overall a pragmatic person.

Her Sun finger shows that she has taken risks in her life and it has stood her in good stead so far. But these risks were taken not because she is bold and
fearless but because she had a kind of casual attitude to life, a carefree attitude. This has changed over the years.

For a picture of her hand see here.

Strong character
She has a good upper Mars which shows her determination and ability to withstand and tolerate a lot of pain and hardship, and yet not become bitter and mean as a result.

Her Plain of Mars mount and also slightly flat mounts overall show that she is of a calm disposition and is not excitable.

The relative strength of herHeadlinee as compared to her other lines shows that she is guided by her head. This itself makes her a natural leader, someone others look up to. However, her thumb is not that of a leader and she lacks a strong will and leadership qualities to achieve her goals.

Inherently not suited to public life
From the way she holds her fingers and thumb it is clear why she was not keen to enter politics. Sonia Gandhi is an intensely private person and inward looking, reserved to the point of being unresponsive to people’s friendship and warmth. You might think that this is a fact known to everybody but well, her hand collaborates it. Such people always keep their own counsel. She finds it difficult to get along with people.

But no, she is not the cold woman that she appears or is believed to be. She is actually a woman who feels very deeply indeed, as is evident from both her heart line and mount of Venus. Her deep heart line without branches shows her reserved nature. Perhaps it is because she feels so deeply that she prefers to keep these feelings hidden, out of the public eye. In fac,t she is the kind who would throw herself into family life and sacrifice her own comfort and happiness for the sake of her loved ones. It is not surprising why she was Indira Gandhi’s favourite daughter-in-law! It is also not surprising that she has taken on the leadership of the Congress party although she is temperamentally not suited to this profession. She is doing it for her children as she is completely devoted to them.

I do not think that her deep love extends to India. The shape of her hand indicates this, but unless I see her lines I cannot be sure. She does have a tendency to see things in a slightly narrow way, which means she would be more family-centric, the interests of the family always paramount. Howeve,r her common sense and practical nature could keep her on the India path.

Sonia Gandhi has good reasoning powers, but she is not diplomatic and often rubs people the wrong way for minor things. But she is not cunning, in fact she may be a bit of a simpleton. All this from her thumb and her low-set Mercury finger.

Not a leader
The way she holds her fingers reveal more about her nature. She is conservative in many ways and sadly, lacks the ability to have her own ideas. She is no visionary. Even in her action,s she is not independent in the sense that she is not the kind of person who will do what she thinks is right and to hell with everybody. She doesn't have that kind of courage. Howeve,r she is self-reliant or likes to be.

She is also stingy, and likes to make every penny count. She has a desire for wealth and to hoard it, but she is not the kind who will try to get wealth at any cost. She has scruples.

Something to worry about
The development of her lower mount of moon tells us about an unpleasant aspect of her personality. Her imagination is not a healthy one. For one thin,g she is sensitive to slights but what makes it worse is that she often imagines that people are worse than they are. This can cause her much internal distress. Her hand shows some element of a morbid imagination. Her hand also shows ego.

She is a very strong woman, and someone who will stand like a rock during a crises. It is possible that her husband Rajiv depended on her for her strength.

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  1. Hi Nita

    Interesting read. There is a popular perception that Sonia Gandhi is still in India (and in politics) because of the power and money..Though I believe in the contrary, does her hand say something about this?

  2. Anand, that is the general perception but the hand does not bear it out. The hand does show that she has little interest in politics and that she lacks a nationalistic fervour or even a feeling of a strong belonging towards India. But money and power is not her thing. It is her family. She will not leave India because of her children. They are her life. Her hand bears this out.
    However others (Congress) have certainly gravitated towards her because of the Congress money, to which I am sure she holds the key.


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