Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hand analysis of Lal Krishna Advani

It is difficult to get hold of the handprints of famous people but their hands are often widely photographed, particularly at rallies. Although the lines are not clearly visible, the shape of the hand and fingers are, and they can reveal something about the personality. In this case, about the personality of Lal Krishna Advani.

Advani has slightly thick fingers, with plump third phalanges, particularly the third phalange of Apollo or the ring finger. The palm is long, the mounts are developed, particularly that of Moon and Mars. The fingers are of medium length. The Jupiter (index) finger seems to be slightly bent and the thumb is supple, held close to the hand and a little high-set, although the thumb phalanges are fairly well balanced. The first phalanges are long and the heartline clearly dominates the headline and the Mercury (little finger) is long. All this tells us a story about who LK Advani really is.

Check out his hand photo here and here.

No doubt he has a good heart, but this heart would rather dominate his head, which means that the decisions he takes would be based more on feelings rather than reason. His innate nature may be warm and sympathetic, but the hand shows that it is likely to be a selfish kind of love, because his basic instinct is geared towards the love of the self. So if he would care for near and dear ones, but his hand does not show the all-encompassing love towards his fellow human beings.

Idealism is shown though, and this means he would have noble thoughts and ideas, and would tend to have a strong belief system but executive ability is not shown in his hand. This means that he is more of a thinker rather than a doer.

As a leader, he is likely to be hard to approach and secretive, an undesirable character trait in a leader. He is also the type to believe in conspiracy theories.

He is not of a rigid disposition. He can be amenable to reason and can be quite flexible in his decision-making but there is the matter of his impulsivity and impressionability. He could get carried away, and influenced by others, especially when his feelings are aroused.

As a politician, he is fairly canny and manipulative, but far less than most of his kind, and this too is a developed trait.

He is not materialistic but he likes his comforts and definitely, the status symbols are of primary importance to him.

He is shrewd but not always tactful although he has a good understanding of people and situations. Overall, if he can keep a check on his emotions, he can be a fairly logical and reasonable man. He is fairly straightforward, trustworthy and dependable and honest, even if self-centred.

(Note: This reading has been made from some images of Advani's hand that I got from the internet. I have never met him and never seen his hand in person.

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  1. Wow! Now this is an aspect of you, I wasnt aware of.

    I have always been fascinated by the lines on the hands... Will read more of your work now.

  2. Thanks Nova, I guess you came here from Axinia's blog. Hope to see you here again. :)


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