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Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's personality characteristics

Dr Manmohan Singh’s hand is that of an intellectual but his hand also shows that he is not that great a leader. This is an accusation that is often hurled at him by many. However, his hand shows that he has willpower, thinking prowess and determination. So what is it about him that makes him fall prey to manipulation? Is he really a weak man? His hand can give us an idea as to who Dr Manmohan Singh really is.

He has a broad palm, with shortish fingers which are conic in shape with long first phalanges. He has a strong thumb, with a balance of both the will and logic phalanges. His headline

Dr Manmohan Singh Indian PM

is broken, but deep and well-etched in the first half. Unfortunately, it is weaker in the second half. He doesn't have too many lines, and the mounts of Moon, Mercury and lower Mars are well developed, but upper Mars is less developed, although not flat. The highly developed Mercury mount is significant. 

His palm and fingers are balanced with each other and his Jupiter (index) and Saturn (middle) fingers are of a good length. Overall he has straight fingers which are balanced with each other in length.

Check out the hand photos of Dr Manmohan Singh here.

These hand features show him to be broadminded, and intellectual, with a practical mindset but also with strong ideals. Far too much idealism in fact. He has willpower and is aggressive too, but it is unlikely that he can stand up to anyone formidable. His thinking is likely to waver, and he does not have mental resistance to stand up to his ideals and he is likely to back down because he lacks staying power and mental strength. He is not the kind to face the enemy on the battlefield. He will back down.

Yes, Dr Manmohan Singh is capable and has the ability to achieve what he sets out to do, but only as long as there is not too much resistance, the environment is conducive to it and he is given a free hand. His pragmatic outlook can become a disadvantage because he could give in to what he sees as inevitable. He is not a fighter. Therefore his good qualities do not work in a leader. 

His finger knots, the stiffness of his hand and the thumb together tell a story. They tell us of his conservatism, his determination and steadfastness. He is a thinking type and will plan and deliberate. Meticulous planning and scheduling are an intrinsic part of his personality. He can be organised and analytical to an extreme. He likes to pick things to pieces, study them, and make evaluations. This quality along with his excellent reasoning powers, strong concentration and memory (more so in his younger days) is a powerful potion for academic success. 

The hand texture shows sensitiveness and refinement. Such a characteristic is a desired quality. To such people, coarseness and crassness can cause actual pain and they will do anything to avoid it. The sensitiveness and refinement are probably one of the reasons which prevented Dr Manmohan Singh from being a strong leader. It kept a check on his outward aggression. Aggression has no meaning unless you can withstand opposition. So if this means that he is weak, he is. But actually, it is because of his refinement, and ideals which tended to prevent him from fighting. He is not the type to dirty his hands.

Manmohan Singh’s hands show that he has good judgment, and the ability to see another’s point of view. There is a lack of stubbornness. He is honourable and religious.

Overall his hand tells us that he is a straightforward, simple and honest man. It makes us wonder what a man like him is doing in the murky world of Indian politics!

But we already know that he was made the Prime Minister because those who knew him were aware that he was trusting, decent, and not hungry for power. The kind of man who would hate to make a scene or get into a shouting match. A man they would find easy to manipulate.

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(The photo published on this post is a free photo from the wiki and attribution is here: World Economic Forum, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons) 


  1. he does come across as a soft person. Sort of tough to imagine him standing shoulder to shoulder with the lalus and goondas of the world and shouting...maybe that's why he doesn't contest Lok Sabha polls :)

  2. True, I think one of the reasons he doesn't contest is that he doesn't want to do the murky stuff which could come with it. Also I am quite sure he fears losing. If I am not mistaken, he had lost once.

  3. His thumb is long and shows success and a solid personality. What worries me his bent top phalanges of the index finger and flabby lower phalanges.

  4. Sudhir, in this photo his thumb seems long, but in actual fact it is just of average length, plus his will phalange is not strong. The top phalange of his Jupiter finger is not bent. I too thought it was at first but after examining several photographs I found out that that his first knots are highly developed so as to give this impression.
    Yes, his lower phalanges are a little flabby and that is not a good sign, but the good thing is that his lower phalanges are shorter than normal, if one compares them to his first and second phalanges. This reduces the reading of the lower phalanges. Normal third phalanges are the longest of all phalanges and his are shorter than this.

  5. In my reading I have said he has a strong thumb but that is because a good thumb with an average will phalange is strong. But unfortunately he has some softening influences which weaken it. He needed an extra strong thumb to counter his weakness, which in his case is strong idealism and sense of delicacy.

  6. I am personally very fond of Dr Manmohan Singh and I am happy to read your observation.
    Congress can use your post in their election campaign :)

  7. Thanks for your comment Prerna. I think the Congress will avoid my blog because of my analysis of the Gandhis!! :)

  8. The picture you have given is that from famous for it's satires. I laughed when i saw the picture. May be the picture is photoshopped and you have analysed the wrong hand...

  9. Ramanuj,
    Thanks for letting me know, I have provided another link.
    However if you have been reading my blog you would know that I do not read hands from just one picture. I read hands from at least a dozen or so pictures as public photos are usually not of the right resolution and not always at the right angle. After I finish reading the hand, I pick up a picture from the net and give a link, and this was done in this case.
    If you read the post carefully you will notice that the characteristics mentioned in the post about the hand do not match the picture so it is quite clear that I have not read Dr. Manmohan's Singh's hand from that picture from unrealtimes.
    Anyway, now the correction has been made, and once again, thanks.

  10. Nita man
    I have two head lines in both palms.can u say something.

    1. shikha, to explain two headlines one has to see their shape, quality and position. Also headlines have to be read in context of the hand shape, and in relation to the other lines. It is a mistake to read any line in isolation.

    2. Mam how can I show u my palm images.I searched for contact information like e mail but couldn't find.plz reply.I want you to see my palm.humble request.

    3. Shikha, my email id is there on the right side bar. However, I am giving it again. blog (dot) nita (at) gmail (dot) com.
      You can write to me and I will send you my hand reading charges. Thanks.

    4. Mam I have to send front image of both the palms.n back also??.may I know the charges mam .thank you.shikha.

    5. shikha, please write to me and I will let you know. My email id is given here and also on the right side bar. Thanks.


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