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Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's hand reading

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan* was a towering personality and this is all too evident from his hand, which is in fact, awe-inspiring. The long, deep, headline plunging into the Moon mount is often found on the hands of intellectuals and well-known authors and poets. A headline like that can show a high level of intelligence, imagination and brilliance in the character (as in the case of Dr Radhakrishnan) as long as it is a balanced one. But one has to read this sign with caution. In palmistry, the quality and strength of the headline as well as its overall balance
is of critical importance and so is the hand on which this type of headline is found. Finally, intelligence has to be seen in the context of the kind of person to whom it belongs and how it is used. Brilliance is brilliance only if it exists within the right personality framework and is used to achieve something positive. Brilliance is genius when it is of the cerebral variety and does not restrict itself to a skill, either mental or physical.

Besides the headline, the significant features of Dr Radhakrishnan’s hand are that the other lines too are dark and well-etched, on a large palm. The headline is forked at the end, and the upper fork ends on Upper Mars. The Apollo (Sun) and Saturn (Fate) lines are also well marked. The heartline is long and ends on the Jupiter mount. The fingers are well-shaped, with well-balanced finger phalanges. The thumb is long and the mounts of Jupiter, Mercury, Moon and Upper and Lower Mars are strong. 

The palm is a little long, and the fingers are on the shorter side relatively speaking, the Mercury (little) finger is long, although low-set. The fingers are straight and conic, with the Jupiter (index) finger almost pointed, but interestingly the thumb tip is not conic. The first phalange of the thumb is prominent. All these signs show personality traits which provide a fertile ground for high intelligence to flourish. The intelligence is supported by other good qualities and used in a productive manner.

For one thing, an extraordinary will is shown, as also an ethical, idealistic and humane mindset which enabled the owner to use his abilities for productive work and the betterment of humankind.

The imaginative disposition is clearly shown on the hand but it is not just his mind, but also his temperament, which was crucial to what he achieved. His hand shows that he was a strong, stubborn. man, with not just persistence in the face of obstacles, but also tremendous mental strength, self-control and resistance, a quality quite essential if a person is imaginative and idealistic. Besides, he was also a doer, not just a thinker and had leadership qualities. There was versatility in this thinking, he was not just a purely imaginative type. He had a strong pragmatic side, a side which could see reality and act on it. This combination of personality traits is something quite awesome and provided personality with the balance it needed.

No wonder that Dr Radhakrishnan was the President of India, although he had the brilliance of an author.

His hand and the lines show that the success he achieved was the result of his own tremendous effort (Dr Radhakrishnan was born in a poor family and managed to study entirely on academic scholarships and borrowed books). This is quite rare and it is unfortunate that famous people today do not show this. I have not seen this type of hand anywhere. Is it because people who are from poor backgrounds are not getting the opportunities to rise? or that people of the mettle of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan are just not being born today?

*Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (1888 -1975) was a was an Indian philosopher, statesman and author. He was the first Vice-President of India (1952–1962) and then later the second President of India.

(The photograph of Dr Radhakrishnan's hand was taken from a newspaper cutting which was preserved in a file for many years by my father. I have several such photographs. Dr Radhakrishnan believed in hand reading and the proof of that is that he gave my father his palm impression when he met him, which I have with me. I am not publishing it here as I intend to use it in my book.)

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  1. Very interesting to read about Dr. Radhakrishnan. He is one of the historical figures I admire the most. Thanks.

  2. This man's interpretation of our national flag is one of the best I have read. truely a remarkable person. And his hand shows this up. So the sun compensates for the fate?

  3. Not very familiar with Dr. Radhakrishnan. But its good to see that such talented people became Presidents back then and more recently with Abdul Kalam. Nita, have you written about Abdul Kalam's hand analysis - If not, why not write about him? BTW, your father was also a Palmist? Good to know that...

    Destination Infinity

  4. TN, Thanks.

    Anil, that's an interesting question because often it does. However Dr. R's hand has a very strong fate line as well, and even his sun line is an offshoot of his fate line. The strong fate line is in keeping with the temperament of Dr.R, as it shows well developed saturnian qualities like wisdom and seriousness.

    DI, That was the thought going through my mind when I was looking at his hand. How the quality has gone down. I was looking at Pratibha Patil's hand and it is so bad that I did not feel like reading it! Maybe I will though, one of these days. When it comes to Kalam, yes, he is on the list.
    About my father, palmistry has been a hobby with him. He has been studying palmistry for a long time, since he was in college. He never took it up professionally but he is well known in our own social circles for his amazing talent. My interest in palmistry started because of him and I have also learnt quite a bit from him and the records he has kept over the years.

  5. A beaututiful fateline starting from mount of luna,reinforced by curving headline towrads lunar mount with trishool at the saturn mount in case of sarvapalli Radhakrishan ,his imginative analysing ability entering into politics at his last days confirming the truthness in palmistry,along with continous sun line

  6. Indicating very strong fate line starting from mount luna going towards Jupiter mount indicating his ambitious career finally to President of India.Headline separated from life life line curving towards mount of moon indicating his strong literary contribution in philosophy with fertile imagination


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