Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sarah Palin's hand reading

Sarah Palin's hands show her to possess useful politician qualities, although nothing spectacular. Certainly, her hand tells us that she is an active, energetic personality, fully engaged in life. Someone who has the organisational ability, is action-oriented, efficient, quick, and concerned with getting jobs done. 

The main features of her hand are her slightly short fingers with a low-set mercury finger, and a supple and waisted thumb. The fingers are bent except for the Apollo (ring) finger. The Venus mount on her hand is average and the palm is broad and pink. The fingers are neither too long nor too short and are of normal length. 

She has a strong heartline, an even, medium length slightly sloping headline, and the Jupiter mount is the most developed on her hand and the Jupiter (index) finger is a little high-set. Overall, the mounts on her hand are not too developed, although the Moon mount is developed to some extent.

Palin may not be an intellectual, but she is sharp and practical, even if a little impulsive. 

Sarah Palin portrait
No doubt Sarah Palin is a highly ambitious woman, confident and purposeful. The issue with her is likely to be that her hand shows her up to be of a manipulative and controlling disposition and not entirely straightforward. She is far too ambitious for her own good. Thus, although she is a clear thinker, and also has a stable, sensible mind, she is likely to do things she does not believe in, so as to push forward her agenda.

Not does her hand show her to be truly people-oriented. Love and sympathy she may have, but more on a personal level. In fact, her hands reveal a lack of true warmth for people. The love she has is not all-encompassing as is necessary for a politician and therefore this is a serious limitation. She would not appear genuine. Sarah Palin's hands do not belong to someone who can inspire large masses of people for any sustained length of time. It is also unlikely that she would arouse long-term loyalty among colleagues either.

And additionally, her hand shows that ego is present and this higher-than-normal self-esteem or ego will tempt her to treat people whom she considers her inferiors indifferently or badly. 

Check out photos of her hands here.

Her hand shows an odd combination of naivety and guile. She can be devious and innocent, trusting but manipulative. One cannot take her at her word. In fact, it's best not to. At the same time, she can be diplomatic and very smooth, with the ability to get out of sticky situations with panache.

Her hand does show executive ability, the ability to get things done, but it does show strategic thinking. She may be idealistic in some ways, but she is likely to compromise her ideals. In other words, she could change her mind about important issues. But flexibility is not necessarily a bad quality and will be useful to her as a politician.

Her personality is not a particularly strong, determined one, and neither is charisma shown. Besides, her feelings tend to dominate and she is impulsive as well and this takes away from her determination.These are the greatest drawbacks for Sarah the politician. 

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(Free photo by Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)


  1. I think she appeared for a TV show in India recently and people's comments were - 'Not that bad'! The image that is being portrayed of her is not all that good and I think many people in US don't like her. At least they are clear about what kind of politicians they want. Here, we let anyone become a politician and there is no critical review/ performance at all!

    "Devious but innocent, trusting but manipulative" sums it up, I guess.

    Destination Infinity

  2. I wonder how Indians would react to Sarah Palin type of person being a politician here? Somehow I think she is more like our politicians (but not corrupt)than other American politicians! :)


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