Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The hand reading of Mike Pence

Mike Pence, the Vice President of the U.S., has a fairly good hand. It's large, broad, with clear, balanced lines. However, he is well-known to have some deeply conservative and controversial views on certain sections of society and is also known to be quite religious. That was why I was a little surprised to see that his hand did not reveal religious idealism nor narrow views. Not in an extreme way. So what's the real story? Read on…

Mike Pence’s palm and fingers are fairly well balanced with each other, and the fingers are knotty with good first phalanges, slightly short second phalanges, distinctly waisted and supple thumb, a good mercury (little) finger, low-set Jupiter finger, and most important (for a politician) a well developed Venus mount. Lower Mars is developed too, but the plain of Mars, Upper Mars, and the Lunar mount are not as well developed.

What all this shows is that while he is likely to have a staunch belief system,
it is not one with extreme views. Overall the hand shape and fingertips point to a practical person, willing to compromise if reality demands it. His hand is also that of a thinker, someone in control of his emotions, diplomatic, and savvy when it comes to evaluating and sizing up people and situations. Just the right personality characteristics for a successful career politician.

Check out a hand photograph of his here and here.

His hands also show that he would not be too strong on the implementation of his ideas. This is despite his pushiness, and the ability to go doggedly after something if he put his mind to it. What would come in the way is that his hands do not show him to a hands-on type of person. That's one aspect of it. The more important aspect is that his aggressiveness is more bark than bite. If faced with strong opposition, he could back down. But politicians often win with words, don't they?

The good thing is that he genuinely likes people, and is likely to be a nice guy. He has compassion and is not selfish or self-serving although his hands show a lack of imagination. This as well as the fact that he does not have too much mental strength could actually disqualify him from a top job. 

Interestingly, Mike Pence's wife's hands show a much stronger idealism, and considerable secretiveness as well. Her strong heartline points to a person with strong emotions and her love for family would be deep.

The decision to study her hands came after it became evident that the VP’s hands did not show the conservativeness that he is known for. The only explanation lay in the spouse because two people in a strong marriage invariably influence each other. It was not too surprising to read this article, which mentions that she is a major influence on her husband and that they have a good marriage.

Check out a hand photo of them both, here.

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Free photo: D. Myles Cullen, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


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