Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Will Pranab Mukherjee make a good President?

Pranab Mukherjee, India’s finance minister and a veteran politician is set to become India's new President and luckily I was not short of photos of his hand. His intelligence, balanced and logical thinking, pragmatism and reasoning abilities are all clearly marked on his hand, not just on his Headline, but also revealed by his long, well-shaped, well-set Thumb and the length of the phalanges. However, there is evidence of fixed and set
views. Check out a hand photo of his here.

Surprisingly, Pranab Mukherjee’s hand does not show political cunning (Mercury finger shape and setting plus shape of other fingers), a quality one would expect he had developed after so many years in office. Despite the Mercury Mount being good, Mukherjee has a certain naiveté. He is no doubt a strong personality, evident from the quality of lines on the hand, the Thumb and developed Mars mounts, but this does not necessarily translate into astuteness. 

The fact that Mukherjee tends to speak his mind and does not sugar-coat his views (Thumb and Mercury shape) adds to the problem. As Mukherjee is also an independent thinker (finger setting) and quite likely to do as he pleases if he thinks it's correct (whatever others think) this compounds the problem. This can result in some unusual ideas and actions, although not necessarily progressive, as his views tend to be fixed, even narrow. He may not always take into account the broad picture or get involved with larger issues unless he feels it's his duty. These characteristics do not make him an easy person to get along with. He is certainly not a pliable person, but he is not egoistic. 

While Pranab Mukherjee cannot be pushed easily, he can possibly be manipulated. This becomes even more of a possibility as he is not easy with others, and his imagination which is well developed (Moon mounts) can be used to make him believe the worst. 

What has got Mukherjee to the high echelons of power is not just his mind, but his superior executive and organizational ability, and excellent management skills, not to mention the strong personality with individualistic views and high ambition. Although Mukherjee likes power, he is an inherently straightforward man, not a crook. However he can act in unfathomable ways due to his (at times) prejudiced thinking. 

He will no doubt make a good President, and there is really no comparison with the present one, Pratibha Patil who is an ordinary woman. If the hand readings of other senior senior politicians (links given below) are checked out, it is easy to see why Pranab Mukherjee stands tall.

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  1. Do you think that Pranab Mukherjee would have made a better PM than Manmohan Singh, based on their hand reading I mean.

  2. That is very difficult to say TN. Both have something the other doesn't. Manmohan's hand shows a much higher intelligence, perhaps brilliance but Pranab Mukherjee is a stronger man. However I am not sure how objective Mukherjee is capable of being.

  3. I wonder how you say that he is an independent thinker and does what pleases him/what he thinks is correct. If he was like that (only), its difficult to have reached the heights he has. Can people make an exception to their basic character? Can they be different with certain people?

    Destination Infinity

  4. Ofcourse people are different with different people. And people have many layers. Also if you notice I said he has some fixed views, but he is also an independent thinker. You didn't bring this out, but both can be true. One can have some fixed views about certain issues, but also have some independent ideas. And yes he tends to do what he thinks is correct, but that is his personality and it doesn't mean he is able to. Other people may oppose him, and then he won't be able to. If he can, he will. That's what I mean. He needs to have the power and he will not listen to others. For example, if he had been made PM, he would not have been a pliant PM, like our present PM is.
    Also, there are some who will rough shod over others and very stubborn etc, but Mukherjee is far from that.

  5. Interesting. He could have been made PM instead of President, then.

    Destination Infinity


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