Friday, November 4, 2011

Pratibha Patil's hand reading

One wonders whether the public's disappointment with Pratibha Patil is more because she succeeds the eminent scientist Abdul J Kalam, or whether the Indian public is right in thinking her wanting? What do Patil's hands reveal?

Patil's hands show some good personality traits. Her hand reveals very good analytical ability (shape of fingers and phalanges) which will enable her to perform the nitty gritties of tasks really well. Small things will not escape her notice. This type of ability is useful for academic work. However, at the same time it must be mentioned that her hand shows
 that she is an ordinary woman when it comes to intellectual ability (Headline and finger phalanges), and also a person who is not concerned with intellectual matters. These two things can be different because even people of average intelligence often strive to better themselves (intellectually) by reading and pursuing mental/intellectual pursuits. A person with average intelligence but a interest in growing intellectually often has a better perspective on life and it helps him/her on the job. A lack of interest in matters intellectual is a disadvantage for anyone in an important position because such people are not interested in going into the depth of anything.

Patil's hands also show business ability (Mercury mount and finger) as well fine diplomacy (Thumb and Mercury) and this is probably one of the contributory factors in Patil's success. I say this because she has not developed any particular mental skill or ability/expertise (Apollo finger) although earlier in her life she could have. However she is street-smart, and also very shrewd and manipulative (Jupiter and Mercury fingers). She is also secretive (finger setting) and this type of personality is ideal for a politician in India.

She has ambitions, but they are more of the materialistic type, and not in the realm of ideals. Not the best thing for a politician but common in this profession. People whose hands show a lack of strong ideals are  pragmatic when it comes to loyalties, and self-interest is the main criteria taken into consideration. Although Patil is a strong woman, she will not stand up for a cause, but not because she can't.

In the political office that she holds now there are high expectations as the President is supposed to possess high moral authority but her hand is not one that can inspire anyone.

(Pratibha Patil is the current President of India)

Note: The sketch of Pratibha Patil has been made by me on Photoshop

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  1. Can she even come close to the charisma and imagination that Abdul Kalam had? If he were to represent India in other countries, we could be proud. Appointing him as the president was one of the best / most daring things that Vajpayee administration did. He was the kind of person who could walk with Bill Gates and exchange ideas or make a stirring speech in United Nations conferences. India sorely missed the chance of giving the best President it ever had, a second chance.

    Destination Infinity

  2. I know what you mean. Its a sore point with all of us, isn't it.

  3. She looks more like a 'housewife' type of person than a president, not that one is going by looks. I don't think expectations are high or that she's going to do something really amazing...

  4. I think the amazing and shocking thing is that this lady became President of India! :)


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