Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rihanna's hand reading

Palmistry can tell us a lot about a person's character, and Rihanna's hand reveals that she is a smart, capable woman, driven strongly by worldly ambitions. However, she is of an idealistic disposition as well, and this makes her a little complex and contrary.

The main features of Rihanna’s hand are her long head and heart lines. The headline is straightish, although it is a little wavy as well. The heartline ends in between her first two fingers. In addition, there is a wide gap between her head and heart lines as also between her life and head lines. The lifeline sweeps across the Venus mount and is broken. Her headline too seems to have tiny breaks, giving it that wavy appearance. She also has a Mercury line, and also the Girdle of Venus. Her fingers are long and tapering and the Mercury (pinky) finger is low-set. The other fingers are of normal length. The thumb is also long and tapering and held close to the hand. The mounts of Venus and Jupiter are the most well-developed mounts. The mount of Moon also seems developed, being more high than wide.

An image of Rihanna's hand is here. To read hands, I usually check out scores of photos but give links to only a few.

Rihanna is idealistic, maybe a little too much and thus will not like to compromise even when something is in her own interest. It is not as if she expects too much from people or puts people on a pedestal, it’s just that she has certain principles that she swears by, particularly in relation to her work.

When it comes to talent, Rihanna’s hand shows above-average talent. Her greatest asset is her bold and confident personality which is well suited to the stage and to the entertainment industry. Her hand also shows charisma and sex appeal, a rare quality any star would consider an asset. By itself, this quality would enable her to hog the limelight.

Rihanna has some inner demons that are likely to trouble her. Her intense emotional sensitiveness, secretiveness, idealism, are not that great a combination for peace of mind although she has a stable and sensible approach to things mostly. 

Her hands show her to be a compassionate human being, and people-oriented, but she is not that easy to approach. She could be a little difficult to live with. Her hypersensitiveness and moody nature along with her cynicism would be hard to handle. Being critical and dissatisfied is another quality that would make it difficult to understand her. There is a tendency of jealousy towards those more talented than her, one of the several reasons for her dissatisfaction.

Her hand shows periods of intense stress in the childhood and teens and also later. Every time she bounces back. 

After the first break, the headline continues strong, showing a good recovery. She is likely to have several crises in her life but our future is not fixed and Rihanna can take some basic precautions.

She has to be careful while taking decisions as some of them might be sudden and rash. She may not listen to advice. Besides,  emotions play a big part in her decision-making. There is also a certain naivety in her personality that exacerbates the situation. She needs to set the over-confidence aside, keep her emotions under control, keep a cool head, and not make any decisions unless they are well thought out. In this way, she can avoid any impending crisis.

But does the future really change? That is what a reader who firmly believes in fate asked me. My answer is that yes, a hundred per cent of the time! We are the master of our own fates. However, if we continue with faulty driving, we will not avoid accidents. The worst thing is to say it is "written" in my hand or birth chart and therefore it will happen. If someone tells you that if you don't drive carefully you will have an accident, you don't say oh no, I'm going to continue to drive rashly because whether I have an accident or not has nothing to do with my driving, it's written is my Destiny! 

We are lucky that our hands show us the pot-holes along the way if only we pay attention to them.

(Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a popular 23-year-old singer from North America. She is originally from Barbados).

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  1. I believe faith is something deeply rooted in us and the fact is that noone really knows the truth about this. I have a strong feeling though that if you dont follow your faith/way you WILL pay sooner or way or the other and you will be forced to your right way, unless yoy block yourself and become bitter and depressed for the rest of your life...btw, I admire your work :)

  2. Thanks J.
    I guess faith is something that is individual to all of us and if we are not true to ourselves I think we do land up being unhappy.

  3. You say that at 30 years or so, there is a crisis in her professional career, based on her hand reading. But you also say that if she takes appropriate steps, she can avoid it.

    Let us assume that she does, and the crisis is averted. But the hand line is still going to give the same reading! Don't you think this is a bit conflicting?

    Destination Infinity

  4. DI, lines change. That is what I mean. Breaks, weak spots, islands, all of them can go away. Only if they go away is the danger averted!

  5. Why just lines, even the shape of the fingers change as we grow older and perhaps more bitter, more cynical, more controlling, or the opposite! Lines and signs and shapes can change within a few months and new supporting lines, overlapping lines and so on can appear. Lines can also disappear. But ofcourse in people who do not change and are of a fixed mentality and also lead a routine life (traumatic or sudden events can change one's personality in some ways) their lines are extremely unlikely to change. But this does not change the basic premise, that character is destiny.

  6. Love your image of hand as map of avoidable pot holes! Still working to interpret the map you made for me this summer and figure out my own detours. Take care, Nita.

  7. Thanks for the comment Sinthea. Take care and be happy.

  8. though being a firm believer in fate...i do believe that character shapes our destiny as well especially who have a deep rooted understanding of people...thus being aware of the subtle workings of the human mind...only then could one consciously understand others or themselves...u culd only be born with such wisdom may be gandhi had it...osho had it...ironically in both of the cases they were doomed to witness events in their lives eventually howsoever tragic or glorifying it seemed to be.. isn't that fate? else culd u explain people like sachin tendulkar ,shahrukh,dhoni,obama to be where they are..they were destined for the lives they lead..not taking anything away from them..but sometimes some things are supposed to happen and they will...the invisible circle of fate has thrown empires ,demons.genuises..since so long..not being poetic or anything..but i think i have a point.

  9. If a person is not aware of the consequences of his/her action because of some inability, then that proves that character is destiny. Those who are better at understanding are better at controlling their future. Also the celebs you mentioned have got there through genius which is 99% perspiration and that too from a young age. Sachin started playing cricket when he was 7 or 8 years old for instance. You are certainly taking credit away from them by saying that its destiny. But ofcourse ability is not everything. They also had other qualities like mental strength, understanding of people and so on. As for some types of godmen, they are evil and even evil people can become celebs due to their evil genius.

  10. when i said i dont want to take anything away from them i mean i appreciate and acknowledge their efforts as well...leaving the success portion aside the significance of someone like a einstein for example is so tremendous that it just makes me feel that their birth was not a fluke..these people are born for a reason...that's were fate comes in..shahrukh himself described his success in one of his interviews as something he was born for...yes he is hardworking and yes he deserves it..but sometimes even the best get baffled by the boundaries of fate...i hope i dont start a debate now.

  11. hi nita, you could tell the breaks in her line just from that photograph? im genuinely curious and dont mean to be offensive

  12. anonymous, i do not see that as an offensive comment. however if you were a regular follower of the blog you will know that i have mentioned several times that i need dozens of photos of the hand from different angles. I cannot read a hand of a celeb from just one photo because none of them are very clear.

  13. Hello, can you do a reading on whitney houston's hand?

  14. She seems like she has found inner happiness nowadays. The look in her eyes is of a gentle beautiful soul. I really admire her.


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