Monday, April 30, 2012

Is Justin Beiber as innocent as he looks?

Looking at Justin Beiber’s cherubic and innocent face makes one believe that he is an innocent. His hand shows otherwise. It takes awhile for a personality to become etched on the face, and in Justin’s case, it will take another decade or so. It was a little odd to see that Justin's sweet grin hides a deep seriousness of personality.
What strikes one when looking at his hand is
the uneven darkness of the lines on his palm, a waisted and supple thumb, pronounced pads on fingertips, developed Jupiter and Moon mounts, strong Saturn finger, and slightly conic Jupiter (index) and Mercury (little) fingers. Check out a hand photo here.

What his hand shows is an intense and sensitive nature. So sensitive in fact that he is keenly alive to his surroundings, and can get easily hurt or affected by slighting treatment and criticism. He is the kind that would suffer inwardly (partly driven by the imagination) and in fact has a fine, delicately balanced nervous system.

He has talent and drive, but this drive/talent does not have strong enough pathways to run for long periods of time without exhaustion. In this sense Justin reminds me a little of Michael Jackson but Michael was stronger.

Even when everything is going well Justin is likely to have some inner issues, but when things go wrong (as they do in everyone’s life), Justin is likely to retreat into a world of cynicism and could perceive everything in a negative manner. He could suffer from feelings of jealousy and moodiness. In this aspect of his personality he reminds me a little of Kurt Cobain (Nirvana), although Kurt was in a worse place in terms of moodiness, cynicism and melancholy.

Unlike the two greats mentioned above, Justin’s fingers show a very highly developed love of fame, almost like an addiction. It shows a great need for attention, more than what is good for him. Kurt Cobain did not have this quality at all, and Michael Jackson had this trait in a moderate amount, if at all. Also, Justin’s hand shows that he can be fairly manipulative and while Kurt’s hand shows a similar disposition (manipulation), Michael’s doesn’t.

If one has to compare, then Michael was the true innocent, although this was not evident in his face, perhaps because of the innumerable plastic surgeries.

One thing seems clear from Justin's hands. He is talented, but needs to harness the talent by taking sufficient breaks. He also needs to see fame in a more realistic manner, as something ephemeral, and not see it as the only path to happiness or even an indicator of his talent. As his hand shows that he is not always straightforward, he  needs to keep in mind that if there are scandals, then fame can become a double edged sword.

(Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer who began his professional career on YouTube)

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  1. LOL @ 'He has high levels of talent" :)

    Destination Infinity

  2. Ha! You don't think he is talented huh? Well, I have never heard him sing, but his hand does show talent. It is of a high level, although not touching the greatness of say Kurt Cobain.

  3. Hi Nita. I saw DI referring your blog in his comments.
    My small daughter referred Justin Beiber's name when I asked her for a famous singer. She probably heard it in school.
    I listened to some downloads of Justin Bieber and I liked them very much.

  4. Hi Kirtivasan, I guess Justin Beiber's singing appeals more to the younger generation. I am planning to listen to him sometime soon because my daughter tells me he is very popular.

  5. i'm glad you still posting out more new reading of famous people. they are interesting to read as always. i was wondering if you could do the reading of robert rodriguez. his hand shows and unusual balance to his character.

    his palm pictures are here

  6. Thanks for the links Anonymous. One of the photos is a good one although I need more than one to make a reading. I shall keep Robert Rodriquez in mind and look out for more photos of his hands. Thanks again.


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