Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hand Reading of Jennifer Lopez

Before I checked Jennifer Lopez's hand I believed that the rumours about her being a Diva were totally untrue. The hand has a story to tell however, and not all of it was great. But all said and done I still have a soft spot for Jennifer Lopez as compared to many other celebs. I always thought of her as a hardworking and talented woman and the hand does not contradict this part.

Jennifer's thumb is long and well shaped, showing will-power and determination. Talent is present in a good amount, with several signs pointing to it. The shape of the Mount of Moon, the developed Mount of Mercury, long Mercury finger and her gently sloping, good quality balanced headline. Her talent may not put in the genius league (shape of the Mount of Moon and finger phalanges) but it is of the kind that makes her money.

There are distinct signs on her hand which point to her being controlling and
manipulative. The shape of her Jupiter finger is one of the strongest signs. This finger stands for the Self. It has to be balanced, the right length, and also straight, if the Self has to be in balance with the rest of the personality. If it is not, it shows ego and the desire for attention. Jennifer's will phalange (of the thumb) is also a little too long, and this shows that she likes to have her way. She stops short of becoming a bully though. She has the ability to reason and the ability to back-off when required. She is also not overtly crass or pushy.

You can check out a photograph of her hands here.

The ego could make maintenance of intimate personal relationships difficult. It is an inherited trait. Unfortunately her hand also shows limited empathy and awareness, visible from her limited Mount of Venus  and this is corroborated by the Heartline. She had inherited a strong physically passionate nature but she has controlled this aspect. My guess is that she believed that this could make her lose control, and she hates to lose control.

At heart Jennifer is a good person. She can be easy to get along with as she is a fairly calm person. However her imagination can at times give rise to some conspiracy theories in her mind (Mount of Moon and Saturn). As her Mercury finger shows that she is not particularly articulate, and can be also quite forthright in communication, this could increase misunderstandings, and could possibly make it difficult for others to understand her. More so as she is very independent in her actions and thoughts. She will do what she wants, and doesnt really care about what others think. Jennifer is also fairly secretive and hard to approach, which is seen from both her Venus mount and the position of her thumb.

Being in the limelight is important to Lopez, but she has to think of what will happen when the lights go out. Hopefully she will maintain her energy levels and continue to entertain her fans. I say hopefully because I cannot see her lines clearly enough to comment on future trends.

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  1. All heroines/ actresses/ singers become lonely in later life - except Kamal Hassan and Amithab Bacchan - people who can always hog the limelight! Actually, they don't become as much lonely but their relative drop in the stardom and admiration hits them hard. And that's one reason I love this life - there is a strange sense of justice, which cannot be manipulated by money, power or cosmetics!

    Destination Infinity

  2. DI, I guess few people manage stardom well. Many stars mix it up with their self-esteem and happiness, and when the stardom goes all that stays are their tantrums and the feeling of emptiness. It can happen to ordinary retired people too, the feeling of loss I mean, if they do not have their retirement planned. But at least ordinary people mostly lack the quality of narcissism and manage to develop satisfying relationships.

  3. 24 the born Jennnifer lopez as per the numerology must excel in music,art,literature,as goddlecturer ,as well as eloquent speaker may be suitable as an actress with jupiter finge elevated leadeship quality.I can not predict much in the absence of a clear palmprint on marraige lines,line of influence and the general apperance of herat line.But surprisings the numerlogical intepretation can not hide certain facts.She will have strong magnetism ,be most attractive to her opposite sex ,but an under current of fatalistic which will make her a considerable love for mystical things ,but generally will have much love for her family,especially the mother's sie.
    Hence everything depends uponher mother's will.She will have more interests in her relatives and if he husband restricts in such affairs there is apossibility that this may end in divorce.It all depends upon the bearing capacity of her lovable husband to have compromise in this affair.But if her mariageline sows a break or branch of deviation then there isevery possibility for a divorce.Under this shadow her marriage and private life is not likely to be fortunate asshe will always opposed by Saturn wavs.Sometimes shefeels that "thre is a destiny that shapes out ends,rough hew them as we may"
    With best wishes,
    Sankravelyudhan Nandakumar,Oxford astrogeneticist,uk.

  4. Hullo Sankravelydhan. Thank you for your comment. I do not know Numerology and it is interesting what you say. However it seems to be that the reading from numerology is different from that of palmistry. An example: Her Jupiter finger is not well shaped or straight, and her thumb is supple and will phalange too long. Plus she has a sloping headline. These signs together denote a person who is impulsive, wilful, egoistic, romantic and at times impractical. Her Mercury first phalange shows average communication ability.

  5. please do the hands of eminem

  6. OK, he goes on my list of to do's.


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