Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hand Reading of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga* is well-known for her philanthropy as well as her singing, and the philanthropy part is clearly marked on her hand. Her left hand (she is left-handed) clearly shows that this feeling (of wanting to help the underprivileged) comes from deep within her. She may not come across as immediately warm or
Lady Gaga

loving but has a strong humanitarian streak.

She has a long, low-set thumb, with slim phalanges, and the first phalange is a little long. She has plump, conic-tipped fingers and the Apollo (ring) finger is dominant. The other features of Gaga’s hands are her slightly longish hand with fine lines and fine texture of the palm. The Venus mount is restricted and the palm is on the narrower side, but the quadrangle is wide. The Moon and Jupiter mounts are high.

Check out a picture of her hands here, and another of her left hand can be seen here.

Her hand is unusual, because a certain type of selfishness or rather, self-centeredness, exists side by side with humanitarianism. Sensitive people are often self-centered, easily hurt, and nurse their wounds. Gaga is in this category, according to her hands, and her penchant for paying too much attention to her feelings can make her appear mean at times. She is likely to be particular about how people behave and notice small slights. Gaga’s hands show her to be emotionally sensitive and vulnerable and suspicious, even to the extent of being hypersensitive to the environment and people around her.

As often is the case with such types of people, her basic constitution is delicate. It is almost as if the stretched nerves drain such people of energy that could be put to use more productively. Interestingly, if Gaga manages her health till about the age of 45, then it will improve significantly and she is likely to become calmer as well.

She thinks a lot, and analyses and plans. This may make her appear slow to react. She is idealistic, quite righteous, and very shrewd. Her righteousness can become a problem at times.

Lady Gaga's hands show that she craves fame and she was born this way. She will be restless and unhappy without fame and attention, and money is not what she wants. She does have talent but other qualities appear to dominate. Her talent or rather, her work is not her driving force.

*(Lady Gaga {Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta} is an American singer and songwriter).

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(Photo credit: Carlos M. Vazquez II, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons)


  1. I think she is quite a weirdo. Does it show on her hands?

  2. TN, well I think she is just a little flamboyant. I could not really find anything that would point to this characteristic of weirdness except her love for attention. But then many people have this love for attention but they don't dress in such a weird way! I guess different people have different ways of trying to get attention!

  3. Can some people only want fame and not bother much about money? I thought both of them go hand in hand.

    Destination Infinity

  4. Well, in a way you are right. Both do go hand in hand but one is always more important than the other, for many people. For example there are businessmen who do care much more for the money. The power they get from the money is more heady for them than fame or attention.

  5. Hi, Nita

    Lady Gaga to me seems to be too showy & at times exaggerate her code of conducts. I am not sure what in her palm compels her to do so. Is it Apollo phallanges! And a question does venus supports creativty if yes she has a restricted venus isn't it. What you have to say. Also please notify what if by restricted you mean venus is large and semi - developed.

  6. Yes it could be partly her Apollo phalanges but even as I say it I know it's wrong. I never read any characteristic by just one sign because it will be invariably wrong. A close look at her palm and hand would give a better clue. As of now I do not know what sign shows this aspect of her.
    By a restricted Venus I mean semi-developed and a developed Venus is an additional sign of a creative mind, but is not the main sign.

  7. There's one more thing. You said "I am not sure what in her palm compels her to do so"
    I want to make it clear that nothing in our palm compels us to do anything. Our palm is a reflection of our brain, you can say a mirror to our brain. Therefore the only thing that can compel anyone to do anything is our brain. The palm is a symbolic representation of it and it is up to us to try and interpret what we see.

  8. Hi, Nita

    Yes I agree to that brain is the master that adopts imprints from various incidents to shape our outlook also do compel or have a say in our every emoiton. Will look forward to your next post. Thanks for your reply.

  9. Can you do a reading of Taylor Swift and Britney Spears? Excellent reading of Lady gaga:)


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