Saturday, July 29, 2023

Taylor Swift - a unique combo of talent, balance of personality, and drive

Taylor Swift Sketch
Taylor Swift is quite the phenomenon in 2023, being the most streamed woman on Spotify! She also has 12 Grammy awards under her belt and is one of the best-selling musicians in the world. 

Her hand tells us why. She is a genius. This is not just about her talent. Usually, the word genius is used for someone with immense brainpower. In Taylor Swift's case, she can be considered a genius because of an extraordinary combo of creative talent +

marketing ability + an even temperament + a desire for the limelight + pragmatism + shrewdness.

You can check out her hand photo here.

Taylor’s hands show good Moon mounts, and some other mounts like Mercury, Jupiter and Lower Mars are developed as well, although not excessively. Overall, her mounts are developed in a normal way. The palm is long and the fingers are neither short nor long. The Mercury (little) finger is long relatively speaking, and so is the Apollo (ring) finger. The Jupiter (index) finger is a little low-set but normal length and the Saturn (middle) finger could be a wee bit short. First knots (the knots between the first phalange and the second) are not present on the back of her fingers, but the second knots (between the second and third phalanges) are quite good. Overall, the second phalanges are long but the first cannot be deemed as short. The third phalanges are not long, but the Saturn third phalange could well be a little plump.

The lines on her palm are not that clear from photos, but they appear to be medium-length, slightly curved; possibly there is some unevenness and waviness present but cannot confirm this. Both the head and heart lines are stronger than other lines and are fairly clear and slightly joined at the start.

Taylor Swift in black strappy dress
All these hand features when read together tell us of a personality which is driven by a desire for fame and name, and a personality brimming with energy and drive. It also tells us of a person with a balanced temperament. Not too excitable, not cold, not too aggressive but not passive by a long shot. The hand shows shrewdness, but not cunning. She has willpower, but not stubbornness. She has a highly developed imagination and creative talent and can also be reasonable and practical. Taylor Swift may not be an intellectual but her analytical abilities are very well developed. She has a pragmatic, almost scientific mindset, and a very good understanding of money and marketing. She has business sense and is able to take risks. She thinks very independently and likes to do things her own way. Taylor has an uncanny sense of what will work, and what will not. Besides, her hand shows humility. She can acknowledge her mistakes and make amends. That makes her likeable.

There is a melancholy side to her that only she knows about.

She can understand people really well, and yes, she can also be manipulative and controlling. Add to this her charm, a sunny persona, and oodles and oodles of talent…and you have a person who can rule the world.

Guitar photograph closeup

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All free to use images used in this post. Photo by Cosmopolitan UK, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons; sketch by Ondrej PipĂ­s, & Guitar by Foundry Co from Pixabay.


  1. Hi! Can you do an updated Srk reading? And if possible can you do one on his son, aryan?

    1. An updated reading can happen if the lines have changed. Usually, major lines do not change and that is what one sees in photos on the internet. It is not possible to see the minor lines on unclear photos. I am sure that SRK's major lines have changed as well, but for that, I need to have a photo of his hand before he became famous as the lines have likely changed since then. Regarding, his son Aaryan, I will keep that in mind.

  2. Can you also do nick and priyanka compatability? Or maybe just a reading on nick?

    1. I will check and see if there are any decent photos of Nick's hands. If yes, then will put him on the list of hands to read.


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