Monday, October 6, 2014

Can Lindsay Lohan's addictive behaviour be seen on her hand?

Addictions can be of any kind, and famous stars like Lindsay Lohan (alcohol addiction), Philip Hoffman (drug addiction), David Duchovny (sex addiction), and Chris Brown (anger management) are just some examples of celebs who have been in rehab for addictive behaviours. Are there any signs on the hand which can give us a clue as to the root cause of their addictive personalities?

Lindsay Lohan, for example, has plump, conic shaped fingers, with the third phalanges noticeably thick. The
top phalange of her thumb is also a little thick (though long), and her palm lines are fairly thin. All this on a soft hand with well-developed mounts. Besides, there is a slightly large gap between her head and lifeline. These signs give us a clue as to why she is one of those unlucky people who keeps going in and out of rehab. Lohan’s hand shows a love for the sensual/physical pleasures of life, and also impulsivity and stubbornness with not sufficient mental control. However at the same time, she has strong willpower and common sense, and these characteristics can always pull her back from the brink – if she decides to exert her will.

Check out a photograph of her hand here. The photograph below is a free photo.

Lindsay Lohan
Psychologists believe that certain character traits (and attitudes) predispose a person to addictions. Impulsivity and lack of self-control definitely figure in the list of these traits. Other personality traits like emotional insecurity and low self-esteem; anxiety and poor coping skills all also put people at high risk for addictive behaviour, although these personality issues are not seen on Lohan's hand. But if a person has these traits, along with attitudes/feelings of social alienation, non-conformity, and obsessive behaviour, it can make a person even more vulnerable.

If one studies the hands of famous people who are known to be have had issues with addictions, they do not exhibit all these high-risk personality traits in an extreme form, and certainly not all together. Or even if some specific high-risk traits are seen, these are counterbalanced by personality strengths as in Lindsay Lohan’s case.

The high-risk traits as mentioned by psychologists refer to serious long-term addiction which would make it difficult for the person to function in real life, let alone work hard and be focused enough to become world famous.

(Lindsay Lohan is an American actor, singer and model)

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  1. What about people who can overcome addiction? Do hands show that?

    Destination Infinity

  2. Yes of course. People with strong will power. Lindsay Lohan has that too and she is capable of over coming it. However this does not mean that she will. Being capable of something and actually doing is very different.

  3. Hello Neeta madam,
    Hope you are doing well. Do you charge for reading of common people like me?

  4. Hello Shashank. Yes, I charge for all private readings. That is my profession.


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