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Chester Bennington - Suicide and Hand Reading

Linkin Park-Rock im Park 2014- by 2eight 3SC0327Chester Bennington, a famous musician, died by suicide at 41, leaving fans shocked. Was there any indication on Chester Bennington’s hand which could have given a hint as to why he did it? Is there a clue in his personality?

Famous palmists like Cheiro have written about suicidal hands and such hands were mostly of people incapable of living a normal life due to their precarious mental state, unable to function in real life. It was rare for successful and famous people to kill themselves at the time.

Today it is more common. It may flummox ordinary people as to why a successful and famous person would want to die, but the pressures they face are high, and if their self-esteem is tied to continued success, it can lead to depression. Today, in modern times, success is transient, competition ruthless, the public fickle, and drugs and alcohol freely available and used without social stigma, particularly by the rich and famous. Whether related to this or not, the suicide rate amongst famous and successful people is rising, and some of these celebs have been known to suffer from depression and addiction issues.

It is known that Chester Bennington suffered from depression off and on from a young age, and also battled issues with addiction. Is this visible on his hand?

Chester Bennington has a broad palm, a long low-set thumb, and a very highly developed Lower Mars and Jupiter mounts as well as bent fingers, but the Jupiter (index) finger is a little short and the top phalange of the thumb bent. The Apollo (ring) finger is dominant.

Check out a photo of his hand here or here. (as he was left-handed, a link to his left hand photograph is provided)

The fingers are a little bent, similar to that of Kurt Cobain (who is also believed to have died by suicide) but Bennington's fingers were not as bent as Cobain's. The Moon mount is as prominent though and the Upper Moon mount is underdeveloped. Like in the case of Cobain, Bennington too would have likely had a critical, negative attitude towards life, with less staying power, and he would not have been be easy to get along with. There would have been self-esteem issues. However, these characteristics do not fully explain his suicide. 

Sure, all the signs point to feelings of solitariness, moodiness and these can lead to feelings of discouragement and insecurity. Maybe it was the mind. In Bennington’s case, the headline seems stable enough but is not clearly visible in photographs on the internet. If one has to guess from a blurred photo, the line is not deeply etched, the heartline is deeper, stronger, on both his hands. This points to someone who was driven by his emotions and could be delicate mentally, a person who found it difficult to handle pressure. And his ambition was high as well as his drive for fame. He was an aggressive, strong man, outwardly. A lot of his energy would be going into projecting this image. It can be exhausting if one is not really like that inside.

In his heart, he was a moody, imaginative, lonely and talented person, and also very sensitive and compassionate, under confident and vulnerable.

His suicide was not planned and while this makes one wonder if it was an impulsive act, it is likely that it was probably something he had mulled over in his head several times. 

People kill themselves when they feel they have no hope, and it is difficult to know what ultimately drives them over the edge. My theory after studying his hand is that he killed himself because his temperament was at odds with itself, unable to handle the ups and downs that success brings with it in the modern world. He was not mentally strong enough.

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The photo of CB is a free photo from the wiki: Foto: Stefan Brending


  1. Thank you very much for that post!

    "he wanted success like no other"
    But he had greatest success, it's hard to imagine, what more could he gain in his career.

    We can only wonder, why it wasn't enough for him.

    1. One can never know what was going on in his mind.

  2. Interestingly right after his suicide I showed my aunt his palm without telling his identity and as she only says 1 or 2 lines about a palm as she has quit palmistry for religious reasons she just said this hand looks it belongs to a body builder. I think that correlates with the outward strength you wrote about in your article.

    1. By that I did not mean physical strength. I meant outwardly he was projecting an image of strength, mental strength. Without seeing his lines I cannot say anything about his physical strength. One thing I can say definitely. His temperament and his mind was most unsuitable to being a body builder or excel in any sporting activity. To be a successful sports person you have to be mentally tough. Sports people go through ups and downs more than most people and unless they are strong mentally they cannot make it.


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