Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The hand analysis of music star Maddona

Madonna's hands tell us that she is a private person, rather secretive, suspicious and difficult to approach. Perhaps that is why there is a mysterious aura about her. One never really knows what is behind that steady smile of hers, what she is really thinking. The way she holds her fingers tell us this and more. The Mount of Venus and heart line confirms that she doesn’t reach out to others easily and could even considered as somewhat lacking in warmth. She has a good heart yes, but it is reserved.

As a person she is driven by some sort of nervous
energy. A comparison of her lines with the overall size and shape of her hand shows an imbalance. She has more will than the energy her body can provide her with. As a result she could burn herself out, if she hasn’t done so already. I’ve read that she follows a strict health regimen and well, she needs it. If she didn't, then with the level of activity she has enforced upon herself, she could quite likely collapse.

You can check out her hand here.

Her amazing discipline (shown by her normal third phalanges and thumb) shows that she can prevent herself from excesses if she wants to. However this doesn’t mean she will not go to an extreme if she believes she needs to. Her strong will, shown by her thumb and its phalanges, alongwith her burning ambition, shown not just by her Jupiter finger but also by her fate line, is something that will drive her on forever, till the very end of her life. She will never give up, although she could take things too far.

A talented star
And does she also have the talent that matches her strong drive and ambition? Ofcourse, all too clear from her Upper Mount of Moon which shows a high level of creativity, and also her Mercury finger and fine head line. Her talent is multi-faceted. Her assets are her ability to work hard and her brilliant tact. What goes in her favour, what makes her a true artiste is her flexibility and the ability to take in impressions and make them a part of herself. The shape of her thumb, the flexibility of her hand and fingers, the quadrangle, the texture of her hands as well as her fingers all tell us this about her. She absorbs ideas quickly, makes decisions quickly, and is in a hurry to execute her ideas. The square tips on her Sun and Saturn fingers show an ability to be quite practical in her career decisions, even if some of them may be taken seemingly hastily.

Impulsiveness is a trait accentuated by the start of her head and life lines as well as her supple and impressionable thumb, and it can lead her to take many bold and sudden decisions. One of the reasons she does what she does is that she is an original thinker, very independent emotionally and psychologically, and is clear about her goals.

Her impressionability, her tendency to get carried away, and jumping to conclusions can be an asset to her as an artiste, but it can affect her personal life.

The knots on her fingers, her first phalanges, as well as her fate line tells us that she has a plan and knows what her goals are. In fact, she is a thinker, however strange her decisions might seem to others. She knows what she is doing.

That she is individualistic everyone knows. It is collaborated by her hand, the way she holds her fingers. Such people carve out their own life by the dint of their strong focus and tenacity, they have an uniqueness that comes from being independent thinkers who are not afraid to tread unknown paths.

Steady and steadfast
She is a calm lady. None of her Mars Mounts are developed and her Plain of Mars is hollow. Plus her hand shows refinement and tact. This means that her aggression towards others is well in control. She prefers to drive herself rather than drive others.

She often gets too engrossed in her dreams to pay much attention to the rules of society.

Emotionally she can be rather distant, and it is partly because she doesn't love people in general, and partly because she is very self sufficient. This is in a way not a weakness but a strength. It's how you look at it.

However calm she appears, her thoughts are not pure, in the sense that she is  rather negative, and critical of everything and of people as well. This is shown by her Saturn finger as well as the development of her Lower Mount of Moon. She would never be entirely satisfied with anything. Her thoughts could turn morbid on occasion. She would definitely think thoughts of death, and failure, and could become disturbed. However nothing of it will show on her face.

Overall, Madonna’s hand texture, the fineness of her lines, the shape of her thumb and mounts all point to the fact that she is very talented, and is a person of delicate sensibility. She is certainly someone who could be considered a superior human being in this sense although living with her would not be easy. One cannot not help comparing her hand with that of another music star, Michael Jackson. There is one remarkable similarity in their hands. More talent and intensity that the body can bear.

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  1. guess that's what separates the super stars from the stars and when they leave us, they leave a big black hole :)

  2. Yep, something really unique about them, and the fearlessness they have to be themselves.


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