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Adele is sensitive and emotional by nature

Adele 2016
Adele, the talented British singer-songwriter, made a name for herself at a young age. She is known as a compassionate and idealistic person.

This is not contradicted by her hands. The skin of Adele’s palms seems soft. The ridges of her hand are refined and the lines fine. The mounts are developed though not excessively. The mount of Upper Mars is underdeveloped. The fingers, evenly set, are a good length, neither short not long and have conic tips. The thumb is long with a long will phalange but not thick. The palm is a broad one but neither too broad not too long.

From the point of view of palmistry, there is a good balance if one examines just the shape of her hand and fingers. Evenly set, straight fingers are not as common
as one would think, but Adele has them. However, the Upper Mars mount is not developed and the skin and lines are a little too fine, so this aspect is not quite perfect.

You can check out her hand photos here and here.

The headline is a good shape and long, sloping a little and ending in the realm of Upper Moon. I wouldn't be too surprised if she has some sort of Girdle of Venus on her hand as it would match with the rest of the hand features but the lines on her palm lines are not clear enough for me to see whether this is actually there. The presence of the girdle would have confirmed her sensitivity and emotional nature, or rather it would have enhanced these qualities, which are already present. Her hand shows sensitivity and emotionalism and a giving nature, even without the girdle. There is also a tendency too brood. And there is less mental resistance/mental strength which means that in times of trouble she would need the support of loved ones more than the average person.

As a strong streak of idealism is also a part of her personality, this means that she would rationalise any weakness she has, clinging to it because of the principles she holds dear. This makes it more difficult for her to tide over difficult times and come to terms with certain things.

Yet, what keeps her in balance is her thinking prowess. Adele is not just a bundle of emotions, not at all. She is a clear thinker and nor is she the impulsive type. The only issue with her would be the constant effort she would have to make to keep herself on an even keel. Perhaps this is why her hand shows a tendency to nervousness. However, mental strength can be developed, and she has the mental capacity and the will power to be able to do it if she makes up her mind.

Creativity and imagination are both present. No doubt she is a true artist, both in temperament and talent.

(The photo of Adele is by Marc E.)

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  1. Thats awesome! Thanks so much for this, I love and admire Adele. She's my favorite artist in our generation. I just love that she is herself. Every artist sexualises their image, but she has kept it strictly music! And I like how relatable she is.

    1. Yes, she is a genuine person, very straightforward.

  2. This goes to show you don't have to be perfect or selfish to be a star 🙂

    1. Stars are as varied as they come but we don't get to see who they really are.

  3. Usually some of the palms you have read show the person's personality being different from their appearance. But I have to say Adele looks as sensitive as she is from the inside.

    Also, what does the head line ending on upper moon mean in her case?

    1. The headline ending inside the moon mount enhances a person's creativity.

    2. Or to put it more correctly, it shows a person's creativity. One of the strongest signs to reveal this aspect of a personality.

  4. Replies
    1. Good suggestion. She is a good actor. Will look for photos of her hand.


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