Friday, December 27, 2019

Bikram Choudhury: yogi or baddie?

Bikram Choudhury photoThis yoga guru, an American citizen of Indian origin, has been accused of megalomania, sexual harassment, rape, and abusive behaviour. Is this evident on his hand? Can the hand tell us the inside story?

Bikram Choudhury has a fleshy hand with well-developed mounts of Venus and Moon, a broad palm and shortish fingers. The base of the hand is developed. His hand shape would fall into the “practical” hand type. His fingers are more or less straight except for the Jupiter (index) finger. The first phalanges are developed but so are the third, particularly those of Jupiter and Mercury. The lines of his palm
are long and thick and the thumb is fleshy too and he has a short first phalange of the thumb.

You can check out his hand photo here and here. Unfortunately, the photos of his hand available on the net are not too good so the reading done here is a limited one.

His basic temperament is a practical one, with the material and the sensual dominating his consciousness. That doesn't quite sit well with spiritualism, but not all yogis are spiritual. Bikram Chowdhury's hands tell us that he is not the "spiritual" type of guru. His goals would always fall in the realm of the practical and the material.

Health, concentration and a clear mind are shown on his hand. Expressive powers are also shown although he is the kind who would be blunt and direct.

His hand shows that he is controlling but it doesn’t show megalomania as such, because megalomania implies high regard for oneself. This he does not have. His hand shows insecurities about the self and also a great and almost irrational fear about what others think of him. He did project a grandiose version of himself to the outside world, but his hands tell us that he never really believed this fantastic version of himself. He knows who he really is; his mind is very clear and focused; he knows what he wants. He also has an excellent memory.

That Bikram feared public opinion to an extreme is evident because there are numerous articles where his accusers have claimed that they were forced to keep silent because of their feelings of obligation to him and in some cases because they feared financial loss. He created an environment where people became afraid of speaking out, according to the new Netflix documentary on him. Now that his reputation has been tarnished, it must be Bikram’s worst nightmare come true because he would be feeling that he has been “found out.” His reputation was his most precious commodity because despite all the wealth he generated, money was never as important to him as his image. Probably that is why he is trying to build it again.

Although his hands show great capability and organisation skills, they do not show high intelligence. This could have been a factor in his downfall. Also, his hand shows almost no leadership skills and poor impulse control. It is surprising he reached where he did, before his downfall.

When it comes to rape allegations, whether a person is a rapist cannot always be seen from the hand. However, his hand shows a coarse nature and a high sex drive. It is likely that sex is always on his mind and as his hand shows that he is not very high on self-control, anything can happen. 

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(Bikram's Photo by yanivnord [CC BY 2.0 (]


  1. I just finished watching the Netflix documentary on him yesterday and was amazed to see this post on him the next day. A lot of what you wrote about him reflected my initial thoughts on him after viewing the documentary - especially on him being blunt. Interesting that he finds his image more important than money, and again, as you wrote, why that might be one reason he is trying his best to salvage it.

    1. Yes the fleshy thumb is an indication of it and it is not contradicted by any other sign. His image matters to him more than anything else...I guess that is why he made himself out to be a demi-god in the first place. Apparently he has a lot of charisma and cast a spell over people. I tried to see if I could see this on his hand but the hand photos are not of the right angle. I did not want to say something I could not verify.


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