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Deepak Chopra's hand reading

Dr Deepak Chopra is a world-famous "guru" who has written as many as 65 books but his hands don't appear to match! What is his real-life persona all about? The hands can tell us something about who Deepak Chopra really is. 

His hand tells us that he has a warm and outgoing nature but delve a little deeper and a clearer picture emerges, although still a little different from what one would expect from someone like Dr Deepak Chopra.
Deepak ChopraDr Chopra has slightly thick fingers which are on the shorter side, the palm is broad and Mercury (little) finger is low-set but long, and conic-tipped and he has well-developed mounts of Moon and Venus. Some other features of his hand are the long heartline and a conic Jupiter (index) finger. He has a good, long thumb, and a strong Saturn finger too. The Mount of Moon is quite prominent and the third phalanges of his fingers are developed. The headline is not as strongly etched as the other main lines.

Check out photos of his hands here or here.

All of this suggests that this hand belongs to someone whose heart dominates his head, and also someone who enjoys his luxuries and comforts, and in this sense, it does not go with what one imagines a guru to be. An emotional person who takes major decisions based on his emotions and idealistic beliefs is not an ideal guru. Spiritual people are supposed to be cool-headed and objective and this is what I have seen on the hands of ascetics like Sai Baba

His hands also show him to be a serious, strong-willed personality, a trifle flashy. In addition, as he is someone to whom feelings are most important, it seems at odds with the intellectual and spiritual persona which has been projected. 

Chopra's communication ability is good and he would be able to channel emotions and ideas effectively. In other words, he would be able to use the heart qualities in a productive way. In addition, Chopra is a quick thinker and doer and has superior planning ability. No doubt, he is a person with superior creative and expressive abilities. There is also an understanding of people and a high level of perceptive ability. 

Chopra's hands do not show a desire to amass money or gain power through riches although a slight stingy streak is shown. 

The less palatable side of his personality is that Chopra tends to be rather dominating and controlling, and as is also very shrewd, with a desire for attention and fame, he may do things which may be in his self-interest. He may not be entirely straightforward. 

This does not take away from his belief in his message. At times these tactics are necessary marketing tactics. Overall, Dr Deepak Chopra's hand show him to be an effective leader, more so because he believes in a cause, and he can communicate very well, in an emotional way, and thus be even more effective. Maybe this is what modern gurus are all about – Communication and Marketing.

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  1. I don't know who this is, as I am not acquainted with the names of religious leaders! Is he popular in the west or in India? Writing 65 books is no mean task, I guess.

    Destination Infinity

  2. He is very famous internationally, one of the many modern gurus. He is an Indian American and more popular in the west.

  3. I just love this guy and make sure I catch him on TV or read his books whenever I can. That said, sometimes it feels like in his attempt to communicate the topic under discussion or to effectively make his point, he kinda has these tips that are supposed to help you remember. At this point, it falls under the self help guru kinda of feel, if you know what I mean...How much can one remember anyway? However, I would love to have a one on one chat with him sometime...

  4. He is very famous in the US, that I realised although not many in India have heard of him. It is interesting that you say he is a kind of self-help guru. I was not sure what type he was. Just saw him on an Oprah show once.

  5. so is he a humanitarian,a doctor,in true sense of the word?
    not close to being spiritual.Not everyone who speaks from the heart is spiritual.
    can you examine palm of an existentialist,say kafka?
    or one of the thakrey clan?
    or a person who very early on has lost his will to live?
    were you ever astonished,seeing someone's hand?

  6. In one sense, yes, I am always astonished because the hand reveals deeper layers of a person that is one is not conscious of. For example when I became an expert on hand reading, I was astonished to see certain things on my own hand. Reading strangers' hands is less astonishing because one is prepared for anything. :)
    I could not see signs of a true humanitarian on Chpora's hands, but often people do humanitarian acts nonetheless. In fact doctors are not usually humanitarians, but I have seen that at times businessmen are, like Bill Gates for example. At the same time a person who might be less of a humanitarian might do more humanitarian work so its best not to judge people.
    And I am willing to read anyone's hands, as long as I get decent hand photos of the person.

  7. heloo mam
    even though i acknowledge the effort u put in on doing the work that u kinda makes us think about wht makes the so called successful or any person tick in this world..but i seriously doubt that people understand the magnitude of this science or wht u lay out before us ..i am not a cynical person but i now know that to truely know thyself is a gift that only few of us wuld be endowed with in real sense..i read ur previous post emphasising this fact ..and i guess it instilled in me a greater need to put this point into notice..i know the work or the service u provide for people might help them know few truths to their character that they never believed existed ..but for someone to really go inward ignite the journey takes a mind which is naturally be really aware is to be really conscious at each moment..few have the wiring or the energy to do preety sure u were inquistive about knowing urself..before u took up palmistry.. so in a sense its not palmistry that could ignite the fire within..but the very need to know urself...i know this for a fact because i see many palmists picking up this subject and all the while being so oblivious to wht the truth is...on top of that they go on futher to write books about it..only a few came close kinda makes me think about how the world wuld ever end in a truce ..when palmistry clearly teaches us the very subtlety of human nature...being so interwoven in desires and vanity..with the occasional few blessed coming out of the circus..sorry for being over the top..but had to say wht i had to...

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts atlantis. You are right, it is the journey towards self knowledge that led me into hand reading. I was just 14 years old when it started. The nerd that I was, it was a time when I devoured all books, particularly those pertaining to philosophy, palmistry, numerology, hand writing analysis, psychic sciences and so on. Out of all these I found that palmistry is the most authentic and reliable.It's been a long journey and I think I am the wiser for it.

  9. What does the strong life line indicate on his palm? That he is well off health-wise?

    1. A strong lifeline shows vitality and energy and natural health. It will not necessarily show lack of disease, just that the basic biological force is strong.


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