Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How much better is Mohamed Morsi as compared to Hosni Mubarak?

Mohamed Morsi picMohamed Morsi’s hand can give us some clues about the developments in Egypt and also tell us what kind of person he is. His hands reveal an energetic person, but this energy is not being directed in a positive or productive manner. As a result, there is excitability and unpredictability, changeability and emotional behaviour in the personality. Not good qualities for a leader to have, especially as some unreasonableness is also shown.

Morsi has a large fleshy palm, with medium-length fingers, some of which are bent, and the Jupiter (index) and Mercury (little) fingers are conic and the thumb is thick. The headline is weak and uneven and the heartline is dark and curved. Most of the mounts are well-developed.

Check out a hand photograph of Morsi's here and also here.

His hands also show idealism and this quality combined with the other traits does not result in anything very good. Besides, his hand also shows a great desire for power and also manipulative tendencies. Morsi's right active hand, which shows his current self is not a hand belonging to a straightforward and rational person. He rules by his heart to an extreme degree. Oddly enough this is not seen on his left passive hand. He was a better and more rational thinker – that is what he had inherited, but it's strange that he changed. Usually, successful people become better and more stable. 

Hosni Mubarak has a better hand in one sense because of his hand stability of ideas. But the thick, slightly high-set thumb, and the excessively developed mount of Moon, and the fleshy hand tell us of somebody who is stronger, but also headstrong, and quite unreasonable, and also more selfish. In Mubarak's case, the head dominates the heart and he is secretive and ruthless if he deems it necessary. His hand also shows materialism to the end of his days. Not the hand belonging to a benevolent dictator. 

A hand photograph of his can be seen here.

Mohamed Morsi’s hand shows a greater humanitarian approach at an older age. Materialism also decreases. However, unfortunately, his hand shows that his thinking is not very clear and one cannot be sure if it can enable him to carry out his ideas. His hand does not show him to be an evil man but one cannot help but wonder whether this hand belongs to someone who is mentally strong enough or rational enough to take on the mantle of Egypt’s leader.

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(Mohamed Morsi is the fifth and current President of Egypt)

(Photo by Wilson Dias/ABr, CC BY 3.0 BR , via Wikimedia Commons)


  1. So, is he better? I have developed healthy disregards for so-called leaders. We always talk in terms of is this leader less-worser than the other one, rather than is this leader good. A very bad judging-scale for selecting a leader, really!

    Destination Infinity

  2. We live in the modern world but yet civilized people are unable to get elected! And then it comes down to who is the lesser evil, unfortunately.


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