Thursday, July 28, 2011

Salva Kiir Mayardit's hand reading

A good statesman needs to have the qualities of compassion, a strong sense of justice, leadership abilities, integrity, and of course good administrative ability and vision. Do Salva Kiir Mayardit's (President of South Sudan) hands show these personality characteristics?

The significant features of Kiir's hands are the longish shape of the hand, deeply etched lines, a few conic fingers or normal length, a very wide mount of Venus, a high-set and sloping headline, large supple thumb and a comparatively clean hand, with not too many lines crisscrossing each other. Either that or the finer lines are not visible on the hand.

No doubt that Salva Kiir’s hand is that of
a leader. His thumb, Mount of Venus and Heartline speaks volumes for his compassion, sympathy, willingness to help others, and his generosity. He is a warm, loving human being with strong sympathy for the underdog. He is also fairly simple at heart, and with strong ideals, which he will not compromise for anything. His strong principles and compassionate nature are the strongest aspects of his hand.

He has a good thumb, a little low-set, and the first and second phalanges are well balanced, although the digit does seem to be a little too supple. The lines are also a little thick and there is a significant gap between his head and life lines. The headline starts are the base of the mount of Jupiter. The palm is longish and the fingers are medium-length.

Check out his hand photo here

He has a capacity for leadership although impulsivity is one of his weaknesses. He is bold but can be rash, and when he takes decisions he may not think them through. He can act on impulse and can get a little carried away and in such circumstances, he may not be amenable to taking advice from anyone. 

The good aspects of his character are that he is the type who is able to get along well with people and handle them with ease, or rather, control them with ease. He is able to get his way without seeming to. He is people-oriented. And also quite confident, almost daring.

His quality of self-confidence and self-reliance helps him greatly in leading others. He is a very independent and original thinker, and thus will always be a leader, not a follower. 

His highly individualistic and unique nature shows fearlessness in taking decisions and he is not hampered by what others think.  Often, this unwillingness to heed advise is not always present. Kiir is not unreasonable, he is able to listen to others. And he is not a selfish man. He has the interest of his people on his mind. He can be quite open-minded when he stops to think, and there is strong desire to help others. He values independence and freedom (of speech, action, life) not just for himself - he values it as a principle.

Also, despite his determination and ability to control others, he is not adamant or stubborn. His wonderful quality of imagination and liberal thinking is enhanced by the fact that he lacks a huge ego. This means he is flexible and can back down when he deems it fit. 

He has a melancholy and moody side to him, however.

Make no mistake, where his principles are concerned he does not like to compromise. This can be a weakness as at times because he tends to be impulsive. Also, at times he can see the details of an issue all too clearly, but miss the bigger picture, but yes he does have vision.

Materialism is shown on his hand only initially, as it reduces significantly as he grows older.

He does not score very highly on administrative ability because of his impressionability and impulsivity. This weakness can be offset if he chooses the right people to govern for him. He has to be very wary of whom to trust as there are signs that he can trust the wrong people. To sum up one can say that he certainly is a visionary, that too of a unique kind and an original thinker.

(The sketch has been made by me on Photoshop)

Note: Salva Kiir Mayardit is the President of South Sudan, a new country born in July 2011 after Sudan was divided into half into North and South.

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  1. /* Despite his determination and ability to control others, he is not adamant or stubborn */ - Very difficult combination to achieve! These kind of people are generally firm and stubborn. Looks like South Sudan is relatively luckier, for a new nation.

    Destination Infinity

  2. I had not heard of Kiir before. Certainly an increase in my general knowledge!

  3. I guess that is really very great leadership ability which is rarely found! I think a lack of a big ego enables him to be back down when necessary.

  4. hi nita
    why dont you post some basic level information that teaches us little bit about palmistry, little knowledge for us to understand ....That should be fun and interactive...

  5. Anonymous, there have been others who have asked me. But this will take away from the book I am writing. My knowledge is self-learned, and the way I reach conclusions are through my own experience. If I write it here, before you know it, someone will have copied it and published it in their own book! The internet is the most dangerous place to publish your own research!
    When it comes to basic level information there are a lot of palmistry books which give it.

  6. Good to read that your knowledge is self-learned Nita, thats very difficult to achieve, but once achieved self-learning makes people exceptional.

    I remember going through palmistry books when I was young, but there were too many technical terms involved for me to properly grasp what was written! I hope your book will be simple to understand.

    Destination Infinity

  7. Thanks DI. And yes my book will be simple to understand and it will make it easy for anyone to read their own hands. I have developed templates and glossaries. For example if a person has say charisma, there will be five signs on the hand to look for. Each sign is different and so is its significance. So the signs will be given in the order of their importance and it will also be told how many signs the person needs to have to have that particular characteristic. This will help the reader make the right judgement. The judgment required to weigh different signs takes years to master.

  8. Base how you look at Salva kiir hands, do you see him as capable, determine and visionary leader? And if he has weakness, which is it?

  9. Anonymous, I am not sure of your question. I have already said he has leadership qualities and already mentioned his weaknesses.


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