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Nelson Mandela's hand reading

Nelson Mandela graphicWhen one sees the hand of a legendary figure like Nelson Mandela, one expects his hand to be a certain way, a hand which corroborates his known personality. Knowing his character to be that of a humanitarian, and of a great leader, someone who stood steadfast during his years of incarceration by the apartheid government of South Africa, one expects a large thumb, a broad hand, and deep lines. These signs are present, but I found something more, some of which were a little surprising.

Nelson Mandela was born with a good intellect and equally good concentration abilities although his heart was always a little
stronger than his head. As he grew older, however, the tendency of the heart to lead was enhanced. His emotions and feelings dominated his persona. 

Mandela's mounts are well developed, in particular the mounts of Moon, Venus and Jupiter and Mars. The lines are dark and strong, particularly the heartline which is curved and ends on the mount of Jupiter. The headline is a little sloping and weaker than the heartline. It is in two parts; broken. The headline on his right active hand is weaker than on his left passive hand. 

The palm is rectangular but likely to be a little spatulate in shape, and the fingers are short and broad. The fingers are also mostly straight, with rounded tips and long first and second phalanges. The thumb is good and supple as well. 

A link to Nelson Mandela's right hand is here and for the left passive hand, check here). 

From these signs, it is clear that Nelson Mandela's personality is not exactly well balanced. His heart totally dominates his head and interestingly, this is not the case on this left, passive hand. This means that he became this way, due to circumstances. 

Usually, when the heart dominates decision-making, it can lead to mistakes and perhaps that is why he finally landed up in prison. 

His hand also shows that he is very large-hearted, compassionate and righteous and there is not a shred of materialism in his personality. This is very rare. Plus, his broad and unselfish outlook on life and original, creative thinking shows his understanding of issues without thinking of narrow interests. His hand also shows unflinching energy and drive and it is intellectual in nature.

No doubt his hands show that he is a man with a cause and even though his heart dominates, his ability to think and intellectualism elevates him from the common man. The qualities of honour and idealism are present in good amounts and combined with high thinking it can result in someone with very strong beliefs. His heart would definitely create a situation where no one would be able to reason with him when it comes to beliefs. It shows a person who can go to extremes as we know he was willing to die for his cause.
It can mean of course that he may not be easy to get along with personally, but as his hand also shows humility, it can counterbalance his idealism and strong passionate feelings.

Humility along with idealism is a great combination and this too would set him apart from the average idealistic person. He can be idealistic and righteous without being arrogant, and this points to superior leadership qualities. The quality of righteousness (in the hands of some other famous people I have seen) is usually accompanied by some arrogance, but this is not the case with Mandela. Righteousness exists without hypocrisy, and without ego.

Another unusual characteristic is that his hand does not show him to be controlling or manipulative in any way. Again, a rare quality in a leader. He can in fact be fairly simplistic. Today, almost all leaders have this trait – of being manipulative in some manner! Perhaps the world has changed and they wouldn't get anywhere without being so!

If his ideals made him spend 27 years in prison, it was Mandela's mental strength and stubbornness which enabled him to survive, strength that he has in plenty. Perhaps it was his prison experience which changed him, made him into a more emotional man, a man who relied on his heart and soul to show him the way. Or maybe it was his emotions which finally led him to make some decisions that made him a prisoner.

Another trait of his which could make him a difficult man to live with would be his tendency to be entirely without pretence or diplomacy, almost brutally frank and direct. That, and the fact that it was the heart which dictates.

Overall, the hand of Nelson Mandela is the hand of an unusual human being. His idealism could have thrown any other off-balance, but these qualities have done him and others a great good.

(Nelson Mandela is first elected South African president. Earlier, he was an anti-apartheid activist).

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(Above Image by John Hain from Pixabay)


  1. often find that the sun sign description match the palm readings.cancerian mandela as emotional,taurean sachin as humble,scorpion bill gates as clever and charitable-describe their individual sun signs with slight variations.
    sunsigns have a say in palmistry too?

  2. Anonymous, a lot of people who are not "cancerians" are very emotional. Also "Taureans"are not necessarily humble, in fact Nelson Mandela's hand shows a lot of humility, more than that of Sachin's. Also one of the most humble people whose hands I have read is Anna Hazare, and he is not a Taurean! Also a lot of clever and charitable people are from all sun signs. What I am trying to say is that the qualities of being emotional, clever, humble, or charitable are almost equally distributed amongst all sun signs.
    Sun signs or astrology has absolutely nothing to do with Palmistry or Hand Reading. In fact, I personally think sun signs or moon signs are rubbish.

  3. In today's world of selfish pursuits, I wish the world had more people like this. Period.

    Do you really think that sun signs and moon signs are rubbish, Nita? It was interesting because the whole country of India is fueled by it. :)

    Every auspicious occasion is begun after looking at the astrological aspects of the day and people involved. Some of the mundane astrological stuff I find funny too. People tend to rely on it on a daily basis which is never a positive thing.

    I do know that some astrologers indulge in some pretty intense mathematical calculations to arrive at conclusions about people and their lives. I'm sure you have tried to understand more about it, so I ask this. Is there no possibility of astrology being a reliable method of understanding human nature, to forsee the future, given that it is called an ancient science and all?

  4. Sneha, you have asked me a difficult question. True, I can say with confidence that sun signs and moon signs are rubbish, because I firmly believe they are. They reflect a simplistic and immature aspect of Astrology. When it comes to actual Astrology, I cannot condemn it unequivocally. However I do not believe we have a fixed future so therefore if any Astrologer claims to tell the exact future I certainly think he is a fraud and the kind of Astrology he practices a fraud. When it comes to understanding human nature via Astrology I find it difficult to understand how two people born at the exact same place at the same time (as it happens in hospitals) can have the same nature. It is impossible. Our nature is dependent on our genes and the environment and our future depends on how our nature interacts with the environment. Therefore I cannot see how Astrology can be true.

  5. Replying to the above - If our nature is dependent on our genes and environment, then how can the shape of a hand or the lines predict the qualities in a person? How is that a person with a thick thumb and broad hand always having a certain quality? Don't you think that these features depend more on body physiology (and perhaps genes) than any generalization of human character?

    And what do you think about good time/ bad time predictions of astrology?

    Destination Infinity

  6. DI, the hand and lines are part of the body and the maximum nerves connect the hand to the brain. It is really quite logical. Our brain decides our personality, not the stars or the moon. And in any case the sign you mentioned, like thick thumb does not necessarily mean a particular quality. That is what I keep saying. Human beings are complex and these traits are often contradicted by others. One has to read the importance of each sign.
    And about the good and bad times of Astrology, as I mentioned in the above comment, I cannot condemn the whole of Astrology because I genuinely do not know.

  7. A reader wrote to me asking me why I call palm lines and mounts by Astrology names if they are not connected. The answer to him is already given on this blog very clearly. Maybe he has not read that. So I will repeat. Ancient palmists believed they were connected and named these places. I do not want to re-name them like Line A, Line B, or Line C. I am not interested in doing that! :)
    Also, it is important to respect other people's beliefs. I do not believe in Astrology and I think I am entitled to my opinion, just like I respect the opinion of anyone who does not believe in Palmistry!

  8. Hi Nita, I was waiting for you to read Mr. Mandelas hands, appreciate it.
    But you dint mention anything about his thumb.
    I would like to know more,

    And in my opinion Astology should be left to astrologers and Palmistry to palmists, they are 2 completely different domains,

  9. Mr. Curious, Nelson Mandela has a large thumb and it shows his leadership qualities as well as will power and determination. I did mention it in the first paragraph. If there is anything specific you want to know?
    And yeah, I agree. I know next to nothing about Astrology and whatever little I know does not excite me! :)

  10. I have myself come across a couple of astrologers who have predicted things quite accurately, atleast for me! There is this jathakam (i think its called panchang in the North) and they use that to predict things. That's why we are not able to disbelieve in astrology.

    BTW what do you think about Signature analysis? Is that science?

    Destination Infinity

  11. I know what you mean. I do believe that Astrological predictions come true about 50% of the time. That is my experience with people around me (not me personally).
    About handwriting analysis, I do believe it is a science.

  12. Dear Nita,

    I'm sorry to say this, but your analyses of the personalities here are from hindsight and seemed like fitting the evidence to the outcome.

  13. Justin, I am sorry that you feel this way. Yes I do look for evidence that will confirm a personality trait and I do not see anything wrong in it. Let me assure you it is quite impossible to keep apart what I know about the person when I write, unless I stop reading and absorbing the world around me. I do tend to look for signs confirming a known personality trait of a famous person. If the signs are not present, either I say so (if it is a well known trait) or I do not mention it at all. There are various well known traits of famous people which I have clearly said do not exist and that is also interesting because you can find out if the celeb is a fake. In fact I find that doing this is fascinating. But then all of the reading is not about this. More often than not, I also see things which are not known, some underlying trait that is a surprise to me.
    Overall though I should be flattered by your comment because it means that my hand reading is brilliant.

  14. Hi Nita, what about Mandela's fate line. Anything interesting? Though I must say that this post is quite old so you might not recall a lot. I was just curious. :)

    1. His fateline is close to his lifeline and starts a little late. One will have to co-relate it to his life events.


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