Friday, October 25, 2013

Why Robert Mugabe is who he is

Robert Mugabe, the current President of Zimbabwe, is known to be a dictator wanting to hang on to power at all costs, a person who has brought Zimbabwe to economic ruin. What is the reason behind his seemingly irrational behaviour that is evident in his personality? His hand explains it all too clearly.

The aspects of his hand which stand out are wavy Fate and Headlines, short, poor quality heartline, a branch of which droops down to touch the headline, either a missing or poor quality fateline on the mount, a weak Jupiter or index finger, a short sunline cut by a deep bar on the mount, a long supple thumb, and a high-set, forked unsteady headline distinctly apart from the Lifeline. This is the type of hand which can send a chill up one’s spine.

The combination of signs shows an unbalanced and irrational personality. This is the hand of a person who is cold-hearted and controlling but at the same time a person who is at the mercy of his emotions and feelings, a person who will act before he thinks. That may sound contradictory. How can a person be cold-hearted and also a slave to his emotions? Mugabe is so because it is his own feelings which matter to him the most, and not that of others.

Check out his right hand here and hand photos of his left passive hand here.

The worst aspect of his hand is that he lacks the clarity of thinking. Add to that heady cocktail of personality traits - an inferiority complex, a very materialistic and ambitious mindset, and a strong will, and you have a personality that will go to any extent to alleviate those feelings of inadequacy. A person who can do immense damage if given power.

One cannot help but wonder: How did such a man come to power? The answer probably lies in the fact that Robert Mugabe did not start out being like this. His passive hand is better, and although it shows a widely forked headline, and a drooping Heartline, these lines are better than on the right active hand. The left hand does not show the large gap between the Head and Lifelines and this means cautiousness. Possibly Robert Mugabe was meant to be a broadminded, and warm-hearted leader. One can never know. What we know is that Mugabe alienated himself from the world, and also from a large section of his own people. Power they say corrupts, and this is true of Robert Mugabe. However, power does not corrupt everyone. The seeds of the weakness of personality were present, as seen on the left hand, and power simply enhanced them.

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(Free image by Koen Suyk / Anefo, CC BY-SA 3.0 NL , via Wikimedia Commons) 


  1. It's difficult for people who are like this to 'hold on' to power. They'll probably have to work overtime in order to 'retain' all that power. 'Power' will suck all their energies out, sooner or later.

    Destination Infinity

  2. nice photos which you have uploaded ,able to see almost all the traits you have mentioned above .overall nice reading ! i liked it , but i never heard about him.

  3. I didn't know about Mugabe until I read your reading. He has been a lot in the news lately due to his passing. What do you mean by his fate line weakening on his active hand as opposed to his non-active one? Does it mean he lost his way?

    1. I haven't gone back to the hand to make sure what I meant but yes generally speaking it does mean that. Mugabe was before your time, that's probably why you hadn't heard of it. He was very much in the news about 15-20 years ago.


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