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Asaram Bapu's Hand Reading

Asaramji Bapu's hands tell us of a strong and wilful personality with a high level of alertness, tact, intuition and shrewdness. He would also possesses good judgement of people and he is action-orientated and quick as well. Is he a good Guru? Palmistry can have a few answers for us.
He has strongly etched lines, well-developed mounts like that of Venus and Mercury, and a long thumb with a long first phalange. The finger of Mercury (little) is also long and the heartline is deep and well etches, ending on the Mount of Jupiter in both hands. His head and heart lines are both good. The heartline is straight, touching the Jupiter mount and possibly has a short parallel supporting line at its end. The headline is widely forked, the top fork going upwards. The thumb is slightly low-set.

Check out his hand photo here.

Asaram Bapu photograph
It was not possible to confirm whether he writes with his right or left hand as no photos of this were available on the net although there are photos of him holding things with his right hand Thus, I have used my own judgment to come to the conclusion that he is right-handed. It is very likely as the headline on his right hand is better suited to the profession he is in, rather than the headline on the left. His head and lifelines are joined considerably at the start, on both hands. The lifeline is more outwards on the right hand, sweeping across the Mount of Venus, increasing the width of the mount. 

What his hands show is that he is a self-made man who managed to develop the qualities he believed necessary to fulfil his goals in life. His hand shows increased concentration and focus (probably due to meditation). Clearly, Asaram Bapu developed his mental qualities from what he had inherited. He has deep feelings, although at heart he is diffident and introverted. He also reached out to people in a big way as he grew older. He does have a humanitarian approach, and he likes people and has the ability to understand and connect with them, but his hand also shows a person with a strong desire to get his way at all costs.

The worrisome aspect is that his hand shows that he is the kind of person who shows a different face to the public, very different from what he is inside. It is a kind of “professional front” that people often have – two personalities, one for the office and one for the personal life. Often, inner feelings are disconnected from the outward facade, making the person almost believe he is also the other.

This kind of personality usually means that there is suppression of one's personal needs and deepest feelings. It’s hard to know such people’s deep and inner feelings and at times it could mean that they are struggling to know themselves, and know who they really are. Yes, this can mean some element of confusion. Certainly, a dichotomous nature is present. And his hand also shows someone who could behave illogically if emotions are aroused and he can be manipulative as well.

To sum up, from the shape of Asaram Bapu’s hands and fingers one can say that he has an idealistic, imaginative, and philosophical bent of mind. There is a liking for the comforts of life. He has compassion and love to give, and this can make him a believable guru, but the problem can be self-control, in addition to the other weaknesses of character.

Note: Seventy-one-year-old Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu or Bapuji is an Indian Guru. This post is a result of a reader's request and his directing me to some good photos of Asaram Bapu's hands.

Update on 28th August 2013: After the rape charges against him a reader wrote to me asking me whether he raped the young girl. This cannot be told by the hand, although whether he is of a criminal mindset can be said. Asaram does not have a criminal mindset, nor does his hand show a high sex drive. Sensualism is shown though, and also a very wilful personality. When it comes to the crunch he is capable of doing anything. This is a man who will do something if he feels like it, even if rational thought demands that he should not. This does not mean that he would rape. That cannot be seen from the hand. But his hand does not rule it out.

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(Free photo of Asaram Bapu on this post from the wiki: by Unique Trooper / CC0)


  1. I had not heard of Asaramji Bapu before. Thanks for the analysis.Happy New Year to you and your family!

  2. A very happy new year to you too! :)

  3. I did not know about him before. But since there is non dearth of spiritual guru's in India, perhaps its not possible to know everyone either!

    Your reading seems to be positive. Idealistic, imaginative and philosophical - Interesting combination! :)

    Destination Infinity

  4. Thanks for this Nita. So you were working on New Year's too? Happy New Year.

  5. DI, yep you are right, there are gurus at every corner! And lots of people who think they are infallible. I hope these hand readings make people realise that gurus are human beings too, even if they are virtuous ones.

    TN, thanks and same to you. And well, often I work on the posts in advance and schedule them.

  6. there are many criminal cases pending against Asaram...he manages to muffle them...

  7. Anonymous, whether he is guilty of criminal conduct or not cannot be seen from the hand as this article says:
    But certainly his hands do not show a criminal mind-set although a line rising from the Headline towards Mercury is a sign that he could behave in ways that defy logic.
    However, not everyone who does wrong has a criminal mind-set so the hands cannot rule that out. The large fork on the Headline makes this person a little suspect but as a hand reader I cannot claim this man to be guilty of criminal conduct unless his hand shows him to have that type of mind-set.
    What his hands do show however is a kind of double personality, one for the public, and one inner one. This would make it hard for the public to read the man.

  8. In the light of the new statements by Asaram Bapu regarding the Delhi gangrape victim, how do you see his attitude collaborated by the hand? Does his hand show his narrow thinking?

  9. TN, Asaram's Bapu's hand does not show narrow thinking at all. If he has made that stupid statement about the Delhi gangrape victim it is because his Headline is not balanced. I have hinted at that in the reading. People with unbalanced Headlines are unpredictable.

  10. How about a reading on Maharishi Ramana? That would be a genuine spiritual leader.

  11. If hand photos are available, then this is possible. It is usually difficult with the older gurus though.

  12. sensitive....unbalanced individuals..often take the route of achieve more peace within themselves...gurus or sadhus....are no different...whatever be the case..desire,emotions would always pose a conflict...and at times logic can fail....whatever be the case..humans are fallible creatures...whats that people like asaram or for that matter any other guru can go to any protect an image...and can get carried away...i dont blame the guy..i dont even want to judge him...but a coping mechanism that was control can..dupe the mind at think highly of itself...

  13. Good work . ice to Know about reading. I am also a palm reader but not full timeer due to having job in MNC.Palmistry is my hobby and always want to see an new hand with some feed back.

  14. I think he has been trapped in some sort of conspiracy.It's my judgement based on case facts.Media is acting insane in its attempt to put him behind bars and hiding some important facts(that i came across).
    I am not his follower but have read his numerous books. His thoughts are really powerful.

    Anyway a good analysis !

  15. Hello Nita,
    Will it possible for you to do palm analysis of Shrimad Rajchandraji? He was a great saint around 125 years ago and a spiritual mentor to Mahatma Gandhi in early days.

    His palm images can be available from his images on below link. You can download image #8, 9, 10 or 11 in High Resolution.


  16. Niket, I will certainly take a look. Its very difficult to say something from just one photograph (all of them are the same photo in different colours) but let me see, maybe I can write a few lines.

  17. U didnt talk abt the many smaller lines and unclear net like lines on the palm of asharam. Again there is fragmented life line and double life line which is not its full track on right hand. There is big cross in area of saturn on left palm what does it signify?

    1. Dr. Bishal Joshi, there is a broken life line but I do not see a double life line. I see it as an influence line.
      There does seem to be a large cross on the saturn mount on the left hand and possibly on the right too.
      A clear cross on the saturn mount (and this does not include the saturn line as one of the lines of the cross) is usually a sign of some serious trouble if the line of Saturn does not continue. In his case it does seem to continue. However if it is only on the left hand, and he is right handed, I would not mull on this much. It has no relevance to his future and events of his life. It is trouble averted.
      The reason why I do not analyse the lines in detail when I study the hands of famous people is because I am not confident of what the lines will look like from another angle. I do most of my work from photographs and I have seen that at times the light and shadows plays tricks.


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