Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Swami Nithyananda's hand analysis

Swami Nithyananda's hand is not very good if one compares it to the hands of other famous (or successful) people and really bad if one compares it to other gurus. His hand shows average, if not weak, willpower. In addition, his hand shows that he is more than ordinarily selfish, although not narrow-minded. 

Of late he has been embroiled in scandals and the question is: Is this type of behaviour shown on his hand?

The answer is a resounding
yes! Even though there are few decent photographs of Nityananda's hand available on the internet, some aspects stand out.
Swami Nithyananda in robe
The Mount of Venus on Nithyananda’s hand is developed but more so the Mount of Moon. Ordinarily, these are not bad signs as they show strong passion, a love for people, a sense of music, and a restless, imaginative mind. However, when these signs are combined with others the result can be bad.

This is the case with Nithyananda.

Check out a hand photograph of his here and here.

His hand has broad fingers, with thick third phalanges, conic tips to the fingers, and a long palm. The fingers seem relatively short. The lines on the palm are dark and a little thick and the heartline is long and curving up to the base of the fingers (almost) and the headline is sloping downwards. The thumb is a little high set and closely held, nearer the palm.

His hands show a love of luxury, comfort and seeking pleasure; the physical self is important. These characteristics in themselves do not necessarily make a person's behaviour questionable as long as the hand also shows a strong will and high integrity. 

Unfortunately, Nithyananda’s hands do not show a strong character. Instead, it shows subjective thinking and idealism which would make it him stick to his own point of view. His hand shows a vivid imagination as well and yes, creative thinking But it also shows narrow-mindedness shown on his hand as well as secretiveness. Inherent selfishness is also shown.

While the hand cannot show events or actions, it can show the potential to do dodgy things. This does not mean that he is evil although his hands show self-seeking behaviour and less control. People with this kind of hand often live normal lives and do normal things. Why did Nithyananda do things are another level? Well, he does have some charm and charisma and he used this in an opportunistic manner as he was ambitious. Finally, it depends on one's opportunities.

It is said that Nityananda has helped many people with his lectures and guidance. Well, his heartline is good, in the sense it's fairly long and curving and deep. This shows the capacity to love. And he does like people. However, whether he is a wise and kind man or not, the factor that drives him is not altruism of any kind. And for a guru, this aspect of character is important.

Read the hand analysis of other Spiritual Leaders on this blog and also see comparisons of the hands of different gurus, particularly that of the ancient saints and the modern godmen. 

Photo credit: Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons


  1. Why do people even believe in such people?

  2. I guess people are desperate and confused! They need some type of 'solace.' It's socially acceptable to go to a guru but not to a counselor!

  3. Hi Nita, Thanks for the reading. It is an interesting analysis!

    I have attended a about 3 workshops by Swami Nithyananda in the past. I felt there were two sides to the coin. On one side he had great healing energy and presence, charming personality and wit, ability to express himself clearly etc. But on the other hand, like many other gurus like Osho, Sri Sri Ravishankar etc, he seemed to crave fame/recognition/attention, money, power etc. Also I noticed several instances where he told small small lies to build up his self-image. So I decided that he couldn't be a Jnani (like Ramana Maharshi who didn't give a damn for money or fame), but was more likely an advanced yogi like others with good business acumen. So I moved on.

    One of the things he said during the workshop was he had absolutely no attraction for anybody or anything, and it was one of the "symptoms" of enlightenment. Even after these fresh allegations, he claims that he has no chakra below the third chakra and that he has absolutely "zero" lust, and that he is neither man nor woman. It's interesting to note that your reading says otherwise. Either he is a good liar, or may be there are two sides to the coin (yogi with some siddhis, but still a materialist or bhogi at heart). But definitely he is not a Jnani.

    I am providing a better picture here, if that should help for more insights

    best wishes and may god bless you,

  4. What a creep! Have you watched him on utube? What a sick whacko. I almost puked.

  5. Kannan, I know little of Nithyananda except what I read about this sexual escapades. From what you say I think he is also a charlatan. If he has said that he has no desires etc then it is a lie. If someone tells blatant lies like this then certainly this person is not to be trusted. I've seen that photo which you have linked to but even that one is not that clear in the sense that the exact shape of the fingers is not evident.
    I think Sri Sri is a better person that Nithyananda, although he has a materialistic streak. I do not know any guru today who does not desire money or fame. Some begin that way but change afterwards. Sad isn't it.

    Padmini, sicko is the word! If a person doesn't have integrity he has no business to be in the guru business!

  6. Nita, you make a very interesting point "Some begin that way but change afterwards". I wonder if getting adulation from and mixing with several materialistic people turns a "guru" into a materialist as well by inflating their egos. I suspect even Swami Nithyananda began with a humble beginning (he used to let people stay for free for one year in his ashram and seemed more compassionate) but changed later?

    However, that said, I know of a few authentic Gurus who have neither desire for money nor fame/recognition. I have had the honor to associate with them; they didn't charge me a single pie and they are in the hiding, and asked me to keep their names secret. A person with a sincere spiritual yearning will find them. However many of us just want our worldly problems solved, and not necessary interested in true liberation, so the market demand for materialistic "gurus" is more.

    One other authentic Gnani that I know who is serving public is Deepakbhai Desai. Their organization of Akram vignan serves for free, and have no desire for money or fame. Deepakbhai in my personal opinion is an example for param vinay (absolute humility). Very rare to see in these day. I wont mention the names of other authentic gurus, as they are not in public. But am providing link of Akram Vignani if anyone is interested (if you don't mind). Dada (founder of akram vignan) used to say "There should be religion in business, but absolutely no business in religion"


  7. Kannan, it is quite likely that Nithyananda changed, in the sense thought he could get away with anything! His hand does not show him to be a bad person in any case. Rajneesh's hand is a prime example of how people change drastically (I have clear photos of both his hands). He began as a very good man but his hands show that later became not only a power maniac, but there are traces of evil on his hand.
    I agree with you that true authentic gurus will not be known to others, at least until they have passed away. I am glad you have found such people and I wish that more people would go to them.

  8. Hi Kannan,
    I think a guru (say Ravi Shankar)could generate wealth for charitable and noble purposes and since some gurus are generating wealth, it does not mean they are not enlightened or saints. You see Swami Vivekananda generated much wealth from the west and this was used for constructive purposes in India. Vivekananda once said to the Western audience that what India needs is wealth and not metaphysics (or vedanta). So if Mata Amritanandamayi or Sri Ravi Shankar etc. generates wealth and invests it in India or elsewhere for the betterment of people, I feel it is a noble deed and that need not be considered as a desire for wealth or fame. I personally know many charitable activities these gurus are engaged in like prison rehabilitation, teaching and supporting many poor people in villages, free yoga courses for those who cannot afford, etc. Its just my views, but you are welcome to have your own perspectives about these gurus.

  9. i heard from my friends that he was very close to girls while he visited one of women college in our place.
    Interesting Analysis

  10. Sorry, but his heart resides in his libido.

    Only one thing to know about these so called gurus of India... nothing but a mishmash of dualism.

    Friends. Don't be confused what gurus tell you. When one understands dualism, one has found the absolute. Read... the evidence is abundant.

    In all fairness, Gurus who don't attract public attention or praise are the ones to aspire to, for this reason their egos are very light indeed.

  11. Dont compare anyone with Swamy Vivekananda.Sri Sri is waiting for more fame and a Nobel prize.He is absolutely thirsty of fame.I dont know about wealth but he is craving for endless fame.He might be doing charity at the expense of others money. All these commercial gurus are doing what they can but they are not Swamy Vivekanandas

  12. Hi,

    I love your post on the comparison of the palms of the spiritual leaders. Would you be so kind to analyze Swami Vivekananda's palms? His palm prints are available online.

    Thank you :)

  13. Hmm, true, someone has sent them to me. They do appear to be genuine but after studying the hand print I realised that the signature of the Swami on the print appears to be forged. This disturbed me a little although I do feel the prints are genuine. That is why I have not analysed his hand photo until now. Maybe one day I will, once I can reconcile myself to the fact that the hand photo may not be genuine.

  14. It is normal to me and if you donot believe it will that is your point of view ,i believe that god decided to give this gift to a special someone because that person has faith in him and is a godlike person ,keep up the work and donot study what people say

  15. hi nita.......
    i always think...is there a sex line on the palm of any of the famous indian sanyasi?
    any famous saffron clad swami ji who say they never had sex in ther life..have u seen a sex line on such a persons palm?
    plz share with us..

  16. There is no such line as the sex line on the palm. All that the palm shows is whether a person is highly sexed or not and such people invariably have sex early in their life in some form or the other. In my readings of people I always mention it if a person is highly sexed.

  17. thanks nita for replying.....

    what do u have u say about baba ramdev?i have read his analysis which u have done.
    but u havent mentioned anything whether he is highly sexed or not.
    what does his lines say about his sex life.

  18. His hand does not show that he is highly sexed, otherwise I would have mentioned it. However, nor is he undersexed! His hand also shows good discipline and control.
    And about a person's sex life, from the hand one can only conjecture. For example a highly sexed person who is impressionable and with average or below average will power is likely to be promiscuous. With will power even a highly sexed person can lead a monogamous life.

  19. that means baba ramdev is a true sanyasi.he doesnt have a sex life......he is not a fraud sanyasi.

  20. Nita,

    Very interesting analysis.

    I had the opportunity to meditate with Swami Nithyananda a few times. I had the most astonishing meditational experiences. On one occasion, he was able to transmit energy from thousands of miles away. I will describe my experience sometime later (just to clear any notions about hallucinations or placebo effects etc.).

    Now I am not claiming him to be a true or false saint. He could be either. I really don't know. I am just stating my experience.

    A lot of statements that Swami Nithyananda makes in his workshops definitely come off as extremely cocky or self-boasting (interestingly I have observed the same with other Indian Spiritual leaders as well including Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev).

    I have one question regarding his will-power.

    Since the scandal broke out, he has had to suffer extreme disgrace. Slippers were thrown at him. He was ridiculed in public (during Satya Sai Baba's cremation). He was arrested and then released. Several popular leaders spoke against him. He was ridiculed in several films etc. Media only has extreme negative things to say about him.

    And yet, he continues to conduct workshops as before as if nothing has happened. Wouldn't a man with weak will power capitulated under such extreme public persecution? At the least, he would have shied away from the public for a few years or changed his profession.

    But how can Swami Nithyananda continue to do what he did before the scandal as if nothing has happened? Are his morals so abysmally low compared to normal human standards (that is, he just does not have any concept of shame)? Can you tell this from his palm?

    I do personally know a lady who is NOT his devotee who had a very off-beat experience in his temple. I put her experience in my blog (link below). It is a long but interesting read.

    Again, it is not necessary to believe or disbelieve the lady's experiences (not my intention to prove anything).

    Just sometimes amazes me how law-abiding, seemingly nice people can have such contrasting views about the same person.


  21. All gurus who were born in this plannet are human and bound to show all human traits. Even Lord Krishna could/did not stop many or all unwanted incidents happened during his period. Human life is just to lead a good one and probably to move to a higher consciousness oneself not to run behind guru's fames ! Only the path or the message (example message of Bhagavat Geetha not Krishna himself) is important not the guru in person himself/herself should not become the centre of attraction/life. Is the following verses point to the external guru or to the internal guru or guru everywhere "twameva matha cha pitha twameva, Twameva Bandhuscha sakha twameva, twameva vidya dravinam twameva, tvameva sarvam mamadeva deva".!!


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