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Jose Mourinho's hand analysis

Silhouette of man playing football
Not all successful people’s hands are impressive (if one takes into account the whole personality) but Jose Mourinho's (he is a famous Portuguese football coach) is an exception. His personality is very well-balanced, telling us that he is an objective thinker, pragmatic and a very reasonable man. The latter trait is present to a high degree and it makes this man quite exceptional, especially when one takes into account his other personality characteristics, like a superior leadership ability. Mourinho will not be biased during decision-making and he has a remarkably cool head and neutrality to be envied. There are several signs on his hand that point to this.

These qualities are a boon in most professions but it is unlikely that Jose Mourinho would have been equally successful as
say, the CEO of Coca-Cola.

Jose Mourinho speaking
What is striking is the large area of his palm, although it is fleshy as well. The fingers seem perfectly balanced with the size of his palm, giving his hand something near to a square shape, although the tips of the fingers are rounded, not square. The hand also is quite large. The thumb is a little low-set and really long and his heart and head lines are balanced with each other in length and depth and seem to be of similar shape as well.The fingers are straight, with the Jupiter (index) finger a little shorter than normal, and the Apollo (ring) and Mercury (little) fingers are a little longer than normal. 

The Venus mount on his hand is developed, and the Mars mounts are limited in their development. The Jupiter (mount below the index finger) and the Moon mount (opposite the thumb, on the edge of the hand) is well developed. Both the first and second knots (seen on the back of the hand) are well formed.

Check out a hand photo of his, here and here.  

His hand shows a personality that has a breadth of vision, a high level of energy and plenty of common sense. Mourinho is a man who does not let emotions or self-interest cloud his judgment. His hand shows significant altruism, and a desire to do good. When combined with superior leadership ability, it shows a man who will lead with a specific purpose – to do something for his team, not for his own personal aggrandisement.

Skill, ambition and a strong will are seen on his hand as well as capability. He can get things done and this is a quality that all managers need to possess. What goes in Mourinho's favour is that he is a natural leader and plus, he can think fast, take quick decisions, and has the ability to execute his plans. He always will have big plans because that is how he thinks, but being a no-nonsense type of person, and also action-oriented, he is not going to build castles in the air.

Mourinho's hands show impulsiveness and some impressionability but these qualities are not present in the extreme. His ability to think before he acts, and a thoughtful approach overall, keep his personality in balance. He has the ability to pick things to pieces, investigate and analyse and this by itself keeps in check impulsivity. 

He is a cool guy, not too idealistic, and more realistic. He has a certain humility to him which would make him able to see his own faults and make the best of them. He may not have a deep inner confidence, but his pragmatism will help keep this insecurity in check.
He has good expressive ability and an understanding of people and can be diplomatic when need be. He will be a good communicator and will know what to say at the right time. Mourinho's personality is such that he will use facts and figures to convince, not rhetoric. 

A clue to Mourinho's tremendous success is the profession he chose. He is unsuited to a desk job as he is active and energetic and likes to get things done himself. Number crunching of any sort is not his forte. Besides, he is a bit of a do-gooder, and people with this type of leadership style do best in developing teams.

Choosing the right job makes the difference between reaching the top and just being very good. Mourinho's ability to see issues and people (and himself) objectively, probably enabled him to choose the right profession.

This does not mean that Jose Mourinho does not want fame and name – he certainly does. It is just that he is not petty or mean, and is able to see issues from a bird’s eye view and also in the larger context and larger good. 

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(Free Silhouette Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay) and Jose Mourinho's photo is another free image by Steffen Prößdorf, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)


  1. Well I know you don't watch football...but everything you have said is correct... :) He is even considered as a Genius by some :)

  2. Thanks Vishesh. It's interesting to read the hands of those I know little about. It ensures that I am objective, in the sense that I don't search on the hand for known traits. The genius word you used in interesting. I think that when any good quality is present in a high or extreme degree it gives the owner the quality of genius.

  3. Hi Nita

    Lalit Modi needs to be the next personality..There is simply too many things about him that needs to be seen in the light of his palm.

  4. Lalit Modi has been on my mind too. I've collected some of his hand pictures though none are really satisfactory. Lets see what I can come up with. Maybe I can do a limited reading.

  5. Hi Nita
    I am enjoying your website very much ☺
    This palm reading is very interesting and I think it’s spot on!
    Do you know, that many people call Jose Mourinho arrogant? Yet, his palm says that he is able to see his own faults and is without self-interest!

    I agree with this reading, and I disagree that Mourinho is arrogant (though he is very confident), because I’ve read interviews with Mourinho, and read what his players have said about him… but for many people, he has this arrogant public image that he gets from the things he says to the media, and from how he is in press conferences. He does indeed have a very strong personality and can cause controversy, and is sometimes accused of “provoking” other coaches, players, referees, etc. Also he is sometimes called “cold” by the media, but his players describe him as “warm”, “close”, “friendly”, etc. He seems to come off differently as a coach, and to the public, than he does to people who actually know him, and to his players. But also, perhaps it is part of being a cunning diplomat (some people say that he plays “mind games”). He does seem to rub some people the wrong way--people tend to either love or hate him, and I think that this is due to having a magnetic personality like you said. He has the type of personality that makes him hard to ignore, whether one hates him or loves him. Personally I find him hard to hate though ☺
    Hopefully I am not rambling too much and what I say is of interest… in any case, thanks for doing this reading! It makes a lot of sense ☺

  6. Thanks Margie. A public image is often something that can be misleading and it is the palm which reveals the inner workings of the mind. You are not rambling at all. Feedback is great to get!

  7. Thanks, I agree, knowing the inner workings of the mind of someone is very helpful to understand them and see past their public image... whether that public image is created by the public or by themselves--in the case of politicians, for example, I think they themselves often try to create a favorable public image of themselves... so I think that your palm readings of politicians are very revealing because of this.

  8. Nita, I am not a regular follower of sport related activities, so for ppl like me it would be helpful if you can give a small introduction (2-3 lines) before you do the hand analysis :)

    Also, can you do the hand analysis of Matt Mullenweg (Founder of WP) , Sergie Brin/ Larry Page (Founders of Google) - these guys and what they have done at a very young age is highly impressive!

    Destination Infinity

  9. DI, this old post was sent to the subscribers by feedburner by mistake. I checked on the net and found out that feedburner has this glitch and has had it for years. You are a new subscriber and so you did not realise it. If any old subscriber is reading this again, they are going to be quite bugged!
    And yes you are right about the introduction. I at times realise it and then go back and write it. I think with Jose Morino, which Vishesh had asked me to analyse, I forgot to do it completely.
    And yeah, I will keep the names you have mentioned in mind and search for their photos. If I get decent ones I will surely analyse them.

  10. Hi Nita, I am curious, if you can find Mourinho's weaknesses, because seeing as said this: "I only have strengths. And when I have a weakness I try to hide it.", well, I can't help but wonder (lol)! Does he have any that you could find? ;)

  11. Margie, I have mentioned his weaknesses, subtly. He is lucky in the sense that he has self-control and a sense of balance in his personality which keeps his weaknesses in check. When I wrote he has "cunning diplomacy" you can read much into that phrase. He is a smooth character alright and it is likely that he plays mind games as you mentioned in an earlier comment. People don't like to be played and those who feel that they have been played will naturally dislike him.

  12. Aha, thank you! I thought that might be it! I still love him though :)

    Although, I think that all football managers have a tendency to play mind games. They also tend to say that a player is fine when they are actually not, etc., or to be hypocrites... So, I don't think that his career helps him be any less cunning. In fact, compared to other coaches I see him as much more direct and honest.

  13. Also, when you describe personality traits, are people born with them or do people feel the need to be this way? For example, is Mourinho simply a cunning person or does he feel the need to be that way for some reason, or did he develop this trait due to something else? I mean, do some traits grow out of something else, or are all the personality traits you describe inherent, traits that you are born with? (I hope that makes sense)

  14. Margie, that's an interesting question. I studied his hands again and found out that it is not an inherited trait. He developed it. Usually personality changes happen when people are very young. They usually happen due to family circumstances. They develop because the child feels that it is necessary for survival. It is not necessary a bad trait and does not show a bad person. A lot of clever successful people have some amount of cunning or some would call it shrewdness. Such a trait is only bad on bad people but Mourinho is a good person.

  15. Thank you very much, and I agree he's a good person! Now that I think of it, cunning diplomacy probably only helps him more than hurts him in terms of worldly success. Maybe a perfect person would find it hard to be successful in this world.


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