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Lalit Modi's hand analysis

Lalit Modi’s* hands reveal that he is a proud and ambitious personality with a strong desire for power. Desiring power is a common trait in successful people and when people possess leadership qualities the outcome is usually a good one. But when the hunger for power is not accompanied by leadership qualities it can lead to not such a good outcome.

If one looks at Modi's hand features, he has a long, closely-held, slightly high-set thumb, and strong mounts of Moon, Jupiter and Mars. The mount of Venus is not well developed but the lines on his palm are deep and strong. The quadrangle (the space between the head and heart lines) is narrow. 

The fingers are medium-length with the Jupiter (index) finger
long and slightly bent. This finger is also pointed and the Saturn (middle) finger is a little short. The first phalanges are long on his hand, except for the first phalange of the middle or Saturn finger.

His hands show that he is selfish, and working for the team is not natural for him. This means leadership qualities are missing as it means doing things more for his own personal benefit rather than for others' benefit. Yes, he has a strong will and he is pushy and aggressive with drive and determination. But how this determination is the important factor. The strong determination in this case, along with a secretiveness of personality can do harm rather than good.

Check out Lalit Modi's hand photograph here.

Modi at IPL Players AuctionThere is also an innate coldness of nature present. Combine this with his great shrewdness and manipulative ability and these hands point to a person who one needs to be wary of because he is only thinking of himself. 

Although his business sense is average (surprising as he comes from a business family!), he has a high risk-taking ability which without business sense can lead to problems.

Perhaps wisdom is missing, or the desire for fame and name is too high and beyond his actual capability. It can lead to errors in judgment. As pride and ego are present in plenty, it can become difficult to go back on decisions.

As a result, Lalit Modi could become unresponsive to people, difficult to approach, and possibly may not give himself a reality check. Narrow-mindedness is also shown on the hand.

Sure, he has some good qualities. He can get things done, but he is not a thinker. He has good powers of expression and at times can be quite versatile and brilliant. 

*(Lalit Modi is a cricket administrator from India and was the chairman of the Indian Premier League (IPL) until he was suspended. He is from a prominent Indian business family and is the President and Managing Director of Modi Enterprises and the Executive Director of Godfrey Phillips India.)

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  1. Interesting analysis Nita! I guess you should become a consultant for big companies before they hire someone...LOL.

    Are you sure about his strong will though...He seems to be a smoker (may be he his just marketing the cigratte brand for the Tobacco company he is associated with) and I read somewhere that he has criminal conviction posessing and selling narcotic drugs. Perhaps he uses his will to control others more than he uses for self-development.

  2. You said it Kannan!:) I really think that organisations should pay some attention to the person's hand. Unfortunately there are too many palmists who lack the ability to read hands accurately and it is the palmist who markets himself/herself best who will get on the corporate roll! And ofcourse mess it all up and ensure that corporates keep away from all palmists! :) Anyway I am writing a book which will be ready in a year or so, and anyone with that book will be able to use it and make accurate judgments.
    About Modi, well, smoking can be a hard habit to kick. It all depends on one's motivation.
    One of the strongest signs on his hand is the lack of wisdom and prudence and sufficient gravity of personality, and these qualities lead a person to dabble in many things without thinking of consequences. I am not at all surprised that he was into drugs and a wild life. This fits perfectly with the signs on his hand. But this does not mean that he will not be able to step back when he wants to.

  3. Excellent analysis Nita..Does his palm also say anything about him being true at heart despite all the brashness and coldness that you have described?

    I've felt he is being a scapegoat in all the scandal that has followed IPL..

  4. Anand, knowing the politics of our country I too believe that he is being made a scapegoat. Sharad Pawar is probably more guilty! At least Modi created something. I feel the evil guy here is Sharad Pawar. As to whether Modi's hands show that he has some integrity, well, his hands certainly do not tell us that he is straightforward. But they do tell us that he is very able and fairly competent. So in that sense he is true. He has some kind of talent alright and he wants to do a job well. I doubt whether Sharad Pawar has this quality. But whether Modi did a good job or not becomes irrelevant if he did some dubious things alongwith it. I think finally he might be saved (although not reinstated) because otherwise he will drag Pawar down with him. So in a way I think Modi should count himself lucky because in any other country he would be in prison. So would Pawar actually.

  5. Hey thats great that you are coming out with a book! I am sure it will be a big hit! I will definitely get one for my younger sister, who like palmistry.

    Yes, inspite of his brashness, it does seem like there is something fishy going on in IPL, and that he (Modi) might have been made a scape goat. But as they say-- birds of feather, flock to gather. Politics and powergame attracts people who are into that as well.

  6. Kannan, In a way its true that he is being made a scapegoat because others are guilty too. Modi is equally guilty however. His basic nature is that of an autocrat and such people are never anybody's puppets.

  7. Hi Nita,

    Nice to see this website of yours being frequently updated - And nice to see the passion you have for reading hands. But don't you think it is sometimes difficult to read hands through photo's taken by media etc?

    Your other blog was a phenomenon!! I think you should consider updating it atleast once a month! But I am also not updating my personal blog as I don't have much time now. All the best in this and all your future ventures... do consider self-hosted wordpress edition - its great!!

    Destination Infinity

  8. Thanks DI and good to see you here. Most of my readers are not from my other blog and I guess that's because this is such a different topic. As for palmistry, it is more than a passion for me. It is a part-time profession which I enjoy very much.

    And yes it is difficult to read hands from the web pictures but I only do it if I see the shape of the hands and fingers. In palmistry the shape of the hand and fingers is more important than the lines, although if I have the lines it gives a more comprehensive picture. In my book I intend to explain it properly. In the readings here I only give a hint as to how I reached the conclusions. The real thing I have reserved for my book.

    About self hosted wordpress I think blogger is a different experience. No complaints so far. Posting is easier here although the designs etc are not that great.

    I do miss my old blog but I doubt whether people realised the effort I put into it. I do plan to go back but I think once in a month is too little. When I go back I will post every 10 days or so. But before that I need to complete two of my books, one of palmistry and the other a novel.

  9. Hi its nice to see the case studies.. if possible please post the case study of sonia Ghandi.. and i am still confused which hand to study right or left.. for example my right hand lines are strong but my left hand lines are not clear that too my left hand fate line is short and broken and not clear while my right hand fate line is strong and clear and not broken any where.. i am puzzled.
    Any ways thanks for this post.

  10. Anonymous, I have analysed Sonia Gandhi's hand here:
    but when it comes to case studies, in the sense of details as to how I reached the conclusions, these I will be publishing in a book and not on this blog.
    The writing hand reflects one's current state of mind, and the left non-writing the past.

    1. Dear Nitaji , What will be the name of your book and How can I buy it online?

    2. Shivam, I have not yet published the book. I am collating a lot of research I have done, and it is going to be some more years before I publish it.


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