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Sachin Tendulkar's hands tell us who he is

Sachin Tendulkar and Cristiano Ronaldo are two successful sportsmen, both stars in their own right, but their temperaments couldn’t be more different. True, both men are simple at heart, but Sachin is more so.

It is interesting to see how the hand corroborates Sachin's “known” character traits, although this post might reveal some additional aspects of his persona. It could also explain why Sachin is the way he is. In other words, what makes him tick.

A few days ago on television, Sachin said something he has said several times in the past. That money is not that important to him, that it is his passion for the game and love for India which drives him. His hands and the shape of his fingers show that he is a straightforward person and is unlikely to lie. But we will still examine his hand to check whether a love for money is shown on his hand. Check out a hand photo of his here.

Sachin wants a good name
His hand shows that money or material things do not drive Sachin. This is because idealism and belief in a higher cause (in Sachin's case it would be playing for India) can be seen from his Jupiter (index) finger and three conic tips, including that of his thumb. The reading that Sachin is not money-minded is confirmed by other signs. The shape of Sachin's Head Line shows that he is not a materialist. Plus, he has an average Mercury Finger with a limited middle phalange, and this confirms his lack of talent or interest in gathering wealth. The limited length and thickness of his lower phalanges overall show a person who has simple tastes and can lead a frugal life, if he wishes to.

The very shape of his hand shows a practical down to earth person, and this means that money would be important to a certain extent, but only as much as would be required for a comfortable life and secure future. Greed doesn't figure in his hand. And money would never be the major motivator for any activity he does.

Sustainability, resilience, coolness and willpower
Sachin has played consistently over twenty years in international cricket, and has now made it clear that his intention is to play for India in the World Cup in 2011. Some people might feel he is too old, being in the late thirties by then. Looking at it objectively, from the point of view of a palmist, I would say that if anyone can do it, it’s Sachin Tendulkar. It is not for nothing that he has lasted for so long. I looked for a sign that I felt must be there in his hand. His Upper Mount of Mars is well developed. This shows a good amount of resistance to adversity, and also a mental strength that enables him to remain calm and gives him the ability to not get easily discouraged. This is a quality essential for long-term success because talent is never enough. Sure, Sachin is talented, but what is important is that he able to sustain himself, unlike a lot of other talented superstars. This quality is what makes any star eternal.

This is not the only personality characteristic which has made Sachin last this long and remain at the top for so many years. Sachin has a good thumb and from the phalanges, it’s clear that his willpower is not an ordinary willpower. He has more than his fair share of it and with his strong determination can do whatever he sets his mind to do. At the same time, his willpower is not so strong as to make him lose his reasoning abilities. He has that too. An examination of both his hands shows that at one time Sachin was more stubborn but over the years mellowed.

Perhaps it is his practical common sense (shape of the hand) that has helped him overcome any weakness he perceives in himself. 

Sachin has his weaknesses
Like all human beings Sachin has his flaws.

He could be a little quick to jump to conclusions, and while he has an action-oriented nature, he could at times be impulsive. He personally hates it when he does anything on impulse, because at heart he is a cautious person and will not take any major decisions in his life without thought.

He may be determined and resistant to adversity, but he does have some insecurity about himself, but in his case, we have seen that it has been a driver. He is never satisfied with himself, and keeps pushing himself. Failure does not discourage him but on the contrary, motivates him to do better and better. He is not the type to get easily discouraged.

One wonders why he gave up his captaincy when it was handed over to him on a platter. This is primarily because Sachin does not have the ambition to lead, and this must be so partly because he is more interested in the game of cricket than wielding power or earning more money.

While he is confident of his cricketing ability, possibly Sachin is less confident of his leadership skills. Sachin is a pragmatic person who doesn’t have a bloated ego, and can thus see his weaknesses. He is probably aware that his communication ability is average (Mercury Finger) although he has developed this trait in himself to some extent. The shape of his fingers give him impatience and the eagerness to be up and doing, at times not taking into account the other person's limitations. Although the shape of Sachin’s hand and slightly low set thumb show that he has breadth of vision and an unselfish approach to his game and to his teammates (which are also important qualities in a captain) he lacks qualities like an understanding of players' strengths and weaknesses, the ability to handle their moods, and is not very strong on communication skills. At times other signs on the hand can compensate for these weaknesses but I do not see them on Sachin's hand.

Another problem is that Sachin lacks cunning and the ability to manipulate, and these are traits very useful for a leader.

If Sachin had decided early on that this is what he wanted, being India’s best Captain, he could have done it. If he had wanted the power and the money he would have worked towards it. He has the mental strength and flexibility to adapt, and he has the ability to push himself. In fact, his hands show that many of his fixed ideas have changed over time.

Other qualities
Sachin is not completely open and often keeps his counsel to himself. He is a serious guy, but he has the ability to enjoy himself and is basically a happy person. He has good taste but he prefers useful things around him rather than just “arty” stuff.

Overall Sachin is a reserved person but he is not arrogant or egoistic. He would make a good, thoughtful husband.

Note: Primarily, it was Sachin Tendulkar’s left hand which was taken into consideration for the hand reading as his left hand shows his current state of mind as he writes with his left hand.

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(The photo is from Bollywoodsargam which has free images of Sachin)


  1. Nita, you are bang on. I agree with all that you have said and it is borne out by my knowledge of Sachin Tendulkar by a reading of his talks and batting!

  2. I remember how it used to be when I was a kid..I think I even did a fancy dress as him..

    When I used to go for cricket coaching, we had a chance on tele, to comment on various players' performance and I remember I was the only who criticized him..and well the next match he scored 242(in Aus)..Well those were days, when I was a cricket fan..

    But I did read his interview in sports star(mainly because it was a special edition about him)..And yes he confirms most of what you say..

    All I can say it is amazing..and inspiring for anyone(whether cricketer/cricket fan or not)..20 years is no joke..and to still have the quality...There are a few in Football too and it is their fitness and character which stands out along with their game...

  3. Sudhir, good to know that. Some things about Sachin are well known but it was fun to try and see whether his hand matched what was known about him.

    Vishesh, I agree that to last so long needs something more than just talent. It takes not just a lot of hard work, but also a certain temperament because there are ups and downs in everyone's career.

  4. hi nita
    didn't know you were a palmist. woww this is great man !! let me know when you start reading palms of general public... i sure would want to enroll.
    and your note about "What palmistry cannot do" was pretty interesting. however it makes me wonder as to how so many palmists claim to tell all of it from the palm. what a fraud !!


  5. Hi Minal, good to see you here! Glad to know that you are interesed. I will soon start reading palms of the general public, maybe in a few months. I want to first have a good number of readings of people on this blog, at least 10 in each category so that I get good traffic from search engines. Then I shall start reading the palms of say you! :)
    And yeah, I find that many palmist mislead people. Sad!

  6. this really wonderful Nita... Always liked Sachin and watched him closely in matches... and what you have said is really true..

    a good captain needs to make bowling changes well.. but I have never seen Sachin done that.. that is because his jumping into decisions soon.. which he might have regretted later..

    and I myself want my palm to be read.. hope you start reading general public's palm soon :)

    and I like you to read Ganguly's palm because he is exact opposite to Sachin.. aggressive as captain and more than that I am a great fan of him :)

  7. kanagu, thanks. I will read ganguly's palm. Thanks for the suggestion! He is an interesting character isn't he! I always wondered though whether he is as bad as the media painted him out to be. His hands will reveal it!

  8. Don't you think this seems to be closer to an ideal hand - I mean, he has his disadvantages, but it doesn't really affect him - Captaincy for example. Still, you say that if he was determined enough, he could have become the best captain of India! But I think he is more selfish than what is portrayed of him - he seems to look at every thing only from his point of view. One more thing is he may not be able to take or digest failure. Sure, this is a good thing and drives people to be successful and in his case its made him super-successful, but maybe because of that he is not able to think or even consider a life outside playing in cricket? How long can he keep playing? Do you think he can manage his 'post retirement' period?

    Destination Infinity

    Destination Infinity

  9. I think his mental strength is to be admired and the focus as well. However he does not have leadership ability and nor is philanthropy shown on his hand. However his hand does not show selfishness or seeing things from his own point of view, even if that is the perception about him. He just lacks strong leadership ability, but he is very good in a team and is known to be sort of a mentor to the younger ones. Selfish people are not team players. In fact Sachin's hand shows broadmindedness and unselfishness. However I do not think of this as an ideal hand. To my mind an ideal hand is one which encompasses humanity as a whole and that is a very rare trait.

  10. Hey Nita,

    One question: In palmistry, how do you determine whether your partner would be younger or older than you?

  11. Anonymous, there is no way you can make that out. I am wondering why you think this can be done. It is absolutely impossible to tell this.


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