Monday, September 13, 2021

Jeon Jung-kook - a sweet and vulnerable persona

No doubt that Jeon Jung-kook has nice hands, with his slim fingers, a wide broad palm and a low-set thumb. He is the youngest member of the famous South Korean boy band – BTS – and from what one reads on the internet, he is probably the most popular of them all. What is it about his personality that makes him so popular? Hand reading can throw up some insights.

Jungkook's hand shows a pronounced Moon mount and well, the Venus mount is developed too. His heartline is low-set and dips down to touch the headline and the Mercury (pinkie/little) finger is held apart in many of the photos. Jungkook has a good Apollo (ring) finger, and it is probably the strongest finger on his hand. The first phalanges of the hand are long, significantly long, and the second phalanges are a good length too. The third phalanges are the shortest and slimmest.

The three main lines of any hand: the headline, the heartline and the lifeline are prominent. Unfortunately, I could not see either the Saturn (Fate) line or the Apollo (Sunline) on the hand

despite numerous photos of Jungkook's hands available on the internet. I do not know if this is because the palm has been deliberately kept out of focus or because these lines are faint. Therefore, it is best not to draw any conclusion from this.

You can check out his hand photos here and here.

What do these other hand features mean? For one thing, they reveal awesome artistic talent, bordering on brilliance, and there is great ambition shown on the hand as well. It is not possible to pinpoint the artistic field by just looking at the hand, but then we already know that Jungkook is a music star. His talent is not an ordinary one, it’s a superior talent, and one can say that this boy can accomplish much more than what he has already. However, whether he will reach his full potential or not can only be surmised if one can get to examine a high-resolution photo of his hand.

This hand shows an unselfish, giving nature, and also intellectualism, the ability to maintain discipline, and self-control. There is an analytical, investigative mindset and Jungkook is a thinker. His hand also shows moodiness, some sense of solitariness, and this is often seen in the personalities of very talented artistes.

Jungkook is brilliant, but he is also very vulnerable and sensitive inside. He can overthink issues at times. To have achieved so much fame at such a young age tends to create pressure. It is likely that he hides his true emotions for this very reason.

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(Photo credit: Samsung Saudi Arabia, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons)


  1. Oh I was wondering when you'd get around to BTS members' palm readings. Jungkook is definitely the most famous K-pop Idol right now I believe and recently in Pakistan an 8-year old girl got her dad to sponsor a billboard of him in her city which was taken down the next day after complaints!

    1. I had no idea that BTS was popular in Pakistan! BTS is very famous in East Asia and I guess internationally too!

  2. Oh yes. I remember even when I was in Dubai my Pakistani classmate at my uni was a die-hard fan. BTW Nita, the first phalanges of Jungkook's fingers being pronounced means he is highly intellectual? Great analysis as always!

    1. Yes long first phalanges such as his do suggest intellectualism. This is different from intelligence. One has to find out whether the fingers are long or short because it applies less to shorter fingers. It is also best to see if any other part of the hand is developed because thick third phalanges, very broad first phalanges, and a thick base of the hand can reduce the significance of long first phalanges.

    2. From your question I get a sense that you want one particular sign to mean something. That makes me uneasy. It can lead to errors.


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